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This animated series from Matt Groening (The Simpsons, Futurama) follows the misadventures of a hard-drinking princess, her feisty elf companion and her personal demon. Netflix original.

2023.05.28 05:58 Morsellion An analysis of potentially Byronic-coded characters

Hello. Some of you may know that many characters in media are autistic-coded, ADHD-coded, and so on... but the problem is that they sometimes have inadequate representation, because of ignorance simply put. Many YouTube commentators have poured out reviews and their own thoughts about neurodivergent "rep" in media. I have thought quite a bit about the possibilities of the "Byronic" phenotype being prominent in some fictional well-known characters.
When I mean Byronic, I don't intend to imply the 19th century archetype but the theoretical personality phenotype.
Warning: Overanalyzing characters.
I give you at least 3 characters which I speculate to show at least some Byronic-coded tendency:
Number 1: Linus van Pelt
This is surprising as you may not expect a Peanuts character to be on this list. But trust me, anyone who knows enough about Linus knows how precociously insightful, philosophical he is for a 6 or 7 year old, yet in other aspects he has not grown so much. Especially when it comes to going outside of his comfort zone concerning his safety blanket, which may reflect a delay in adapting to emotional independence. He uses the safety blanket as a shield from stress and potentially the terrifying outside world, yet at the same time he is quite the old soul and knows a lot about the outside world. I know that many Byronic-like persons are very prone to addiction. Linus went through severe withdrawal symptoms after his blanket was removed from him.
In one comic strip, Linus gives a speech that threatens to change the educational system in a particularly terrifying and politically educated way. At such a young age, he is already so disillusioned, yet is also deluded by his childhood imagination with an inflexible belief that a Great Pumpkin being will one day arrive to him. This plus the blanket is the triad that defines Linus's byronic traits. He mentors Charlie Brown, and also mentors other characters. He and his sister both have the quality of being able to give "advice" often, yet Lucy's tends to be.... unpractical.
Linus is capable of reciprocal relationships but he also has this annoying byronic tendency of attempting to recruit as a primary mode of relating at times, as in, recruiting Great Pumpkin believers.
Linus is definitely not the edgy, meanie type of Byronesque personality. He even once said he'd rather not have a warped personality. He's more of the ideological-philosophical variant.
Number 2: Daria Morgendorffer
I watched all of Daria episodes, so I know exactly how she's like. She is not only sardonic and an angsty teen, she is more than that stereotype of the unpopular brainy chick; she's riddled by her profound disillusionment of society, the matrix, the system, 1984 and everything. This is one of the most classic Byronic traits; severe disillusionment from a young age, which amplifies other traits.
Her disillusionment creates serious chronic angst, which makes her deeply unsatisfied and unhappy with her circumstances. As she said, she has low esteem for everyone else. She even was meta-edgy by once defining the word edgy as a corporate marketing master plan. This angst, and her disillusionment affect so many aspects of her life, and she is deliberately blunt and honest about what she really thinks. Unlike what autistic people typically do (unintentional brutal honesty), Daria deliberately shocks others by stating the raw truth.
Daria is also known for hiding her emotions, and keeps a muted or flat affect, and a monotone voice. This may be also part of her own byronic traits, as she simply doesn't care about emulating fake emotions. Daria knows what she is supposed to emulate, but chooses not to do it. She proves this by 1. mocking how social situations are scripted or expected to be in the matrix (such as the "we were born here" dialogue in the party episode) and 2. once faking Brittany's perky voice with a very monotonous change in intonation.
Daria possibly learned to define herself in a rigid, narrow idea of herself thanks to the constant reminders of how much of a "brain" she is.
Daria seems more like a "reactive byronic" - she developed as a defense mechanism from years of ostracization, yet as with most Byronic individuals, she always had predispositions.
Number 3: Garfield
Ah, what can I say about this feline.... a foodie, Monday-hater, dog-kicker, mouse-friend, and mailman-catcher. The internet's lore has metamorphosed and corrupted him into a monstrous beast, and although this is not canon, it could very well be a reflection of what fans perceive subconsciously about him - his deep, profound unsatisfaction with life, as in fatigue, addiction, and many believe he is in fact chronically depressed. Or even, bipolar - he does have episodes of inflated sense of self, especially when he does stand-up comedy (he is blind to how much his jokes suck), or constant irritability.
Garfield definitely has mood swings and has strong antipathic states. It also was said about him by his creator Jim Davis that he is not very good with politics. He also uses a lot of sarcasm as a coping tool, to deal with his Groundhog day, unfunny, uncreative life that Mr. Davis has made him to live until the strip is no longer updated.
Garfield is also a strongly oppositional, rebellious cat, defying everything Jon says, and pranks him many times. Jon Arbuckle also displays some obvious signs of very odd autistic-coded behavior and thought patterns, to the point where fans have portrayed him as a schizophrenic (Garfield minus Garfield). The sneaky cat always seems to manipulate and torment Jon.
He has a very vivid imagination which can often fool him.
Garfield is a very intelligent feline - yet he is also quite insecure, especially around his birthdays. Aside that, I do not see too much proof that he may in fact be Byronic-coded but there are some mild substantial evidence or hinting.
With Linus, and Garfield, I do not see much dysfunction within their respective love lifes, strangely.
P.S. I also speculate Wednesday is on the more Byronic side, but I haven't watched sufficient content from the Addams Family or Wednesday to verify my theory. Many fans suspect she is autistic, but I think she really just is intentionally edgy and brutal, and just has an overly selective mind accompanying that.
I also see strong verbal skills in a few characters.
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2023.05.28 05:57 ImAYokster Can't Host Grand Wedding Because "Can No Longer Attend As Spouse"

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2023.05.28 05:56 KassieSaturn Contracts questions about express conditions and condition precedent

Two Themis questions about express conditions or condition precedent have me confused. What is the distinction? One answer explanation says an express condition needs words like "on the condition that" or "provided that" to be an express condition. Then another problem doesn't have those "magic" words but the conditions was considered a condition precedent that was expressly indicated. Can someone explain the difference?
A wheat farmer contacted an agricultural services company in May to inquire about hiring workers for a five-day period toward the beginning of the summer-long harvest season to assist the farmer in harvesting his wheat crop. After some negotiations, the farmer entered into a written contract with the company "to provide five workers for a five-day period starting in the first week of June for a cost of $5,000." On May 31, the company's workers went on strike. On June 9, the strike ended, and the company's workers began harvesting wheat on the farmer's farm for the next five days. The farmer subsequently refused to pay the company, claiming that the company's delay in performance excused his obligation to pay.
Is the farmer's obligation to pay excused?
However, substantial performance will not suffice for express conditions in a contract. Such conditions must be performed in full. Words in the contract such as "on the condition that" or "provided that" are typical indicators of express conditions. The contract at issue here does not contain these words, so starting the harvest in the first week of June was not an express condition (Choice B). This means that substantial performance would be sufficient.
The other question and its explanation that seems to conflict with this or I don't get the distinction:
An independent trucker and a manufacturer entered a written contract for the delivery of a farming implement from the manufacturer to a farmer. Under the terms of the contract, the trucker promised "to deliver a farming implement from the manufacturer to the farmer," and in exchange, the manufacturer promised "to pay the trucker if the trucker delivers the implement directly to the farmer after picking it up." The trucker picked up the implement but, instead of driving directly to the farmer, drove 100 miles out of his way to pick up another item from a third party before delivering the implement to the farmer. The manufacturer, unaware that the trucker had failed to deliver the implement directly to the farmer, refused to pay the trucker.
Who has breached this contract?
Here, the trucker fully performed his promise to deliver a farming implement from the manufacturer to the farmer, so the trucker has not breached the contract (Choices A & B). However, the manufacturer's duty to pay the trucker was expressly predicated on the trucker's direct delivery of the implement to the farmer. The trucker did not fully satisfy this condition precedent because he took a 100-mile detour, so the manufacturer's performance is not due (Choice C). Therefore, neither party has breached the contract.*
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2023.05.28 05:56 blirney I (25F) was groped by a friend of friend last night. How do I move on?

Last night, after an office party, I left with a friend from work and we went to his apartment. There we hung out with his roommate. My friend and I were decently drunk and the roommate also had a few drinks after we came.
In the early hours of the morning, we went on a drive in my friend's car. My friend was driving, I was sitting shotgun and the roommate at the back. At this point I was still a little drunk. During the drive, I felt the roommate's hand slide under my shirt, from the back. I called it out and that stopped. After we came back home, my friend asked me again and I explained to the best of my abilities and he apologized and said he'll confront his roommate. I came back home and haven't stopped thinking about it. I called the friend again and told him that I wasn't feeling okay, he offered to meet up and spend some time with me but I just wanted to be alone.
I haven't told my boyfriend any of this, because he's not in the city and he would worry about me. I don't want him to go through that. I only told another mutual friend about this and they offered to talk, if I wanted to.
It's confusing. I want to be alone, I want to be with company. I don't want to talk about it, I can't stop thinking about it. The more I think about it, the blurrier it gets. I don't know how to deal with this??
TLDR: I was groped by a friend of friend and now I don't know how to deal with it.
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2023.05.28 05:55 ChronoCastle What am I supposed about my current relationship :/?

Me and my girlfriend both 21 have been together for 6 months. We met each other at a work party and things kicked off from there and we really clicked. We both had a bunch of issues but despite them we both were so similar. As time went by we stopped being intimate, she stopped being romantic, everything kinda stopped and slowed down gradually to nothing over time and she stopped going out and inviting me out. Recently we were supposed to have our 6 month anniversary and she ended up going to watch movies with someone and I took it as her making different plans for the day and got upset. We had a argument that night and she asked for a week break to think about things and us and what to do. I tried to give her the no contact she wanted but couldn’t fully do it. I wanted to talk things out and work on things and she didn’t seem like she wanted to and was mad that I didn’t give her the full break. She agreed to work on things but it’s been several days and she’s just distant and not there. Barely talking to me but maybe once a day or less and not contact me really with any interest in me. Like i’m no longer her boyfriend. i got upset about it and wanted to come over today to talk and what not since we hadn’t seen each other in 2 weeks and she told me she wasn’t even ready to see me yet. I don’t know what to do and need some outside advice on what might be the next step I should take. I really like her and she’s really unique and I don’t want things to fall apart but at the same time she seems like she’s checkout and told me things aren’t gonna snap back to normal or anything like it.
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2023.05.28 05:54 che_palle13 Drank alcohol too soon and now I think its ruined for life 🤢

Yikes. I wasn't a big drinker before anyway. Like, once or twice a year. I just can't do hangovers so I just don't bother.
But last weekend we had a going away party for a friend at a brewery, so I figured why not. this was 2.5wpo. Hooooly shit, I didn't even make it to a hangover. Barely an hour after a drink I felt like I was going to vomit from the nausea.
Then tonight, I went to a bar with a friend before we caught a movie. Same thing. One drink, and we're 10 minutes into the movie when I start feeling 🤢🤢🤢 like am I gonna get sick in the middle of this theater?!?!
I definitely drank too soon after surgery and that's on me 🤣 but just the thought of alcohol ever again is giving me a visceral reaction, and I can't see myself drinking ever again!
Lol you all stay safe out there and remember to listen to your body!
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2023.05.28 05:53 RosalyneTheFairLady1 If signora wasn't a pyro/cryo catalyst

If Signora wasn't a Cryo Catalyst, Pryo Catalyst, or duel element (main pyro since cryo will 100% be tsaritsa) what ideas would you all give her? I'd say by likelyhood Pyro catalyst is the most likely, then cryo catalyst, then a duel with main element being pyro, then an anemo sword, then a dendro catalyst, then a electro catalyst, with geo/hydro being the least likely. Reasoning: Crimson witch of FLAMES, flame = Pyro, and although she needed the cold to sustain herself genshin has said the party setup isn't canon, so for all we know signora could stay dead in the story while getting a banner. not like Lisa beat the raiden shogun in canon you know? Cryo catalyst would be the most likely if it wasn't for the pattern of the archon being the first 5-star to use that element/weapon combo. I say then the duel element since it's likely for end-game content, but i don't see it realistically. Now, to the reasoning for the others: Anemo sword reason: Signora's dead lover was a knight of favonius who INVENTED the favonius bladework the knight's use now. Signora being anemo wouldn't be too farfetched since anemo = freedom = freedom from the control the Delusion is implied to have on her. sword because of her lover being a knight. Dendro catalyst reason: Studied in sumeru, probably one of the smartest graduates since we don't know the time-span between her depart and the cataclysm. if short she'd be like lisa, who got a sumeru outfit. electro catalyst reason: hoyo's a troll and would make her an electro catalyst simply to remind us of her death. geo = 2nd least likely since her domain is in liyue, but that's about it. hydro isn't happening. Anyway, what do you guys think her element/weapon would be if she wasn't a cryo/pyro catalyst
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2023.05.28 05:53 pigsqueakz my aunts neighbor ran over her dog and bragged about it

even though these people are complete assholes i'm not going to namedrop them, we'll call these girls briana (mom) and layla (daughter). i was friends with layla for almost a year until i noticed she was acting terrible towards her dogs and also disrespecting her family. she would kick her dogs, hit her dogs, yell and swear at her family (mind you, this child was 9 at the time) and i just didn't want to be friends with someone like that. i still seen her when i went to my aunts and stuff like that, and we knew how she treated her dogs and her dogs stayed around my aunt and i for a while. her dogs were kobe (pomeranian) and michael (hound dog x dachshund mix). kobe is about 9-10 years old and michael is a little over a year old. since michael is a puppy, he isn't trained, and never really listened. well, he listened to me and my aunt, but not briana and layla. last time i went to my aunts house was 3 or 4 days ago and kobe stayed with us the entire time and michael kinda just laid in front of their garage and we gave them some treats. my aunt (different aunt than the one that lives next to briana and layla, we'll call her lisa) went to help my other aunt with their flowers and decorations out front, and briana was pulling out. mind you, michael had to be tied up to a stake because he liked to run off, but the stake was so long he could still get behind cars and almost reach my aunts house. michael wasn't on the stake and he was sitting right behind briana's car despite her getting ready to pull out, he ran out from behind the car, then ran back, briana knew he was there and just ran right over him. she jumped out of the car and stared while my aunt lisa ran over and asked what was wrong, and briana yelled "i just ran over that fucking dog to teach him a fucking lesson" and my aunt lisa walked back to my aunt and told her to call animal control, because briana wasn't even helping michael when he was spinning in circles and yelping pretty loud. as my aunt lisa walked off we could hear her laughing. layla wasn't there i don't think but briana's husband was. they did absolutely fucking nothing about it. they called animal control and i don't know if they took the dogs or not, i hope so. because people like that do not deserve animals. especially with how sweet both of those dogs were. i swear to god i would have taken both of those dogs if i was allowed.
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2023.05.28 05:52 SillyObsessions [S] [USA-WA] Canon RF 24-70 f/2.8 L

Hi all,
Long-time lurker, first time poster :) I have an RF 24-70 f2.8 L for sale, including the original box, hood, and bag. Purchased new in early 2021. It's in great condition, minimally used, with no scuffs or visible wear that I can see. I just prefer my prime lenses, so it's spent most of its life sitting on a shelf.
Hoping for $1900 net to me, but may be open to negotiate. I'm willing to ship, but I'll favor local buyers in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Please reach out if interested.
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2023.05.28 05:49 ActivityDistinctVG Visiting clubs before Defqon.1

Friends and I will be landing in Amsterdam on the 20th and need nightclub and/or pre-party recommendations, before arriving to the Defqon.1 campgrounds on Thursday. What's the best way to find out more about this? Thanks!
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2023.05.28 05:48 Competitive-Study-65 I accidentally Farted right next to him

We were at an end of the school year party at my friend‘s house, me and him were on the couch talking, I felt a fart coming and I thought it was going to be silent, it wasn’t. He heard it and ignored it, I WAS SO EMBARRASSED. will he tell his friends?! does he think I’m weird?! DO I EVER HAVE A CHANCE WITH HIM NOW?!
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2023.05.28 05:48 NefariousnessStock89 I know the shelf is a bit uneven but I still think it looks pretty cool still have some alot more boxes to turn into posters and gundam to put up but after the 00 exploded on the ground a putting it backtogether I'm done for today

I know the shelf is a bit uneven but I still think it looks pretty cool still have some alot more boxes to turn into posters and gundam to put up but after the 00 exploded on the ground a putting it backtogether I'm done for today submitted by NefariousnessStock89 to Gunpla [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 05:47 Ose_93 Great Pick Ups From Mangaswap!

Great Pick Ups From Mangaswap!
I saw my mailman struggle when he dropped this package off today. XD
I had been wanting to pick up the Vagabond singles but many of the volumes are out of stock so I was happy to get this bundle for a great deal.
And while I had planned on hunting the Shounen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh singles, the new artwork for this release is lovely. I only wish the postcard type pages in each volume were removable. They'd be cute decorations!
At least both series came with a freebie :)
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2023.05.28 05:46 Jcook_14 Interchain Security and Eigen Layer: comparing the anatomy of two systems of shared security

Two systems of shared security have peaked my interest lately, as they are somewhat reminiscent of each other, as the Ethereum ecosystems looks for the best way to scale out its network. While Ethereum attempts to scale its network out as much as possible, the Cosmos ecosystem is looking to eliminate the fragmented security issue it deals with, throughout its rapidly growing ecosystem.
Let’s discuss the fundamentals of both models:
Interchain Security:
Interchain Security allows for new or existing blockchains, to skip the line of finding validators and let’s them hook into the existing ATOM validator set. This means that projects can retain sovereignty, have fees on chain paid in their native currency and lease the Cosmos Hubs economic security.
The Hub validators, in the scenario of running a new ICS consumer chain, will need to run a new node to validate this new network. With this being the case, the validators will also have specific requirements regarding liveness, double signing and other actions that would result in a slashing/jailing. However, rather than this slashing or jailing happening on the consumer chain, it will be their ATOM stake, that is at risk of a slash or jailing, making the economic security linked to ATOM’s economic security.
What does it take from the protocol to be added to ICS? The chain has to be approved via ATOM Governance.
In this approval process they need to show as much info as possible to ensure this addition to the validator set will be worth the extra work a validator will have to do. But while this provides more work, it could show even more profit for ATOM validators and stakers.
These chains that lease ATOMs validator set, will be paying the ATOM validators and stakers in their native currency. Or they could pay fees in any fee token, that the consumer chain utilizes (so this could mean ATOM or another IBC native currency, could be used rather than the consumer chain having its own token). This additional yield will be on top of the staking rewards from ATOM (20% at time of writing).
Eigen Layer
Eigen Layer is a fascinating project, being built on Ethereum to allow for outside projects and chains to utilize Ethereum Validators in a way by which Ethereum validators can opt-in to validate a specific outside chain, and they will have specific requirements to meet, in order to not result in a slashing event. Essentially, under the Eigen Layer, it acts as a sort of middleman to execute slashing events, in the case of a misbehaving validator, and on behalf of a blockchain. However, instead of being a blockchain in itself, Eigen Layer is a smart contract on both Ethereum, and the new blockchain which each validator is responsible for validating.
Let me explain alittle more in depth
In the Eigen Layer model, an Ethereum validator will be able to opt-in to validating a new blockchain, utilizing the stake they ready have locked in their mainnet Ethereum stake. This process is called Restaking. The act of restaking, your stake, towards a new blockchain.
When these Validators opt-in, they have to spin up a new node running the specific code of the new blockchain, as well as the Eigen Layer smart contract on both chains. This new node, will communicate with the Eigen Layer contract, about the parameters required for the Validator to run this new node, as well as the slashing conditions for this new chain.
If a blockchain finds a Validator performing a malicious act, such as a double sign, for example, this blockchain will send a message to the smart contract on its chain, which will relay a message to the Ethereum mainnet contract, which will then unbond the Ethereum stake, slash the stake and send the remaining stake, to the validators receiving address.
This slashing mechanism, provided by the Eigen Layer smart contract, acts as a mechanism to keep the validator honest while validating the new Blockchain. It also means that Validators that opt-in to validate new chains, will likely find various new forms of revenue coming from chains seeking Ethereum’s economic Security.
Comparisons and conclusion:
Interchain Security and Eigen layer have very many similarities, in fact, Eigen layer actually tends to have many more direct similarities to Interchain Security V2, aka, Opt-in Security. This model makes it possible for Cosmos Hub validators to opt-in to specific blockchain that they may want to validate. In which case they have the exact same risk/reward set as V1 has.
However, the differences lay in the fundamentals of the base protocol of the security source. For example, the Cosmos Hub is built with IBC enabled. This makes general message passing, such as a message from a consumer chain to the Hub, regarding a slashable event seamless and wit no central trusted party performing such this task of message passing, as the functionality is built directly into the base protocol.
Eigen layer does not have this specific base layer functionality, and will have to rely on a seperate form of message passing, to inform the Eigen layer on Ethereum mainnet to slash a validator. In my research, it had not become totally apparent what method will be used for message passing, however, if there is a multisig used in it, then there is a general risk associated that is not associated with how Interchain Security is designed. However, it would be welcome to hear that the general message passing of slashing packets from Eigen layer is fully decentralized and trustless.
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2023.05.28 05:46 BlackShadow2804 Does buying Blu-Ray branded discs matter?

I was looking to get the 3D Avatar as I've heard its a great 3D movie and I wanted to try out the 3D mode on my projector, however when I went to Amazon I was hit with a predicament.
This is the Blu-Ray branded disc and it does for $50 and this is the "third-party" Blu-Ray disc (also 3D) and it goes for $22, which is a pretty big difference
Am I just paying for the name with the branded one or is there actually a difference in quality?
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2023.05.28 05:45 pizzeriaplayboy Do NPCs (not premade townies) progress on their own?

Idk if this is a stupid question but I was wondering if the game lets them progress skills/career advancement on their own? Most of my sim's friends were randomly spawned NPCs that I dressed up, but I didn't have them in active households (they weren't even placed in the world). I decided to play one of them today and saw that he had completed a Computer Science degree and even had a high level in skills related to his degree (Programming, Robotics). It just fascinated me, I guess+made me happy my original sim's friends are actually leading lives of their own and aren't just sims I use to fill up his keg parties lol. I have neighborhood stories off btw (bc I find it annoying)
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2023.05.28 05:45 dog3-890 Need advice because I don’t know who to ask… am I becoming an alcoholic?

I am 22(f) who only started drinking at 21. I enjoy going out to drinks with friends but only recently started taking it too far. I would have blacked out the past 3 times I drank with friends. Mimosa morning, friend’s bday party, and a casual drink after dinner. I am only 120lbs and get drunk very quickly. At home, I try my best to drink only to drink on weekend, sometimes on Thursday’s. I do drink alone. 4 white claws usually gets the job done and I play my video games or watch tik tok after my class work is completed. I typically don’t feel completed until I drink 4 and sometimes I’ll drink more or take a shot or two. It’s not affecting my school work or personal life. I just feel like I’m inappropriately binge drinking alone. Is that considered alcoholism? It helps with my stress but I usually feel guilty after. (Today I ended things with my toxic situation-ship. And have already started drinking 3 seltzers. Purely out of being sad and stressed out. ) Just need someone to tell me if I should be worried about developing something worse. Or it this is normal.
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2023.05.28 05:45 That_Honey_5033 The Case Against Rachel Notley: Why I Am Not Voting for Her

In the political landscape of Alberta, Rachel Notley has emerged as a prominent figure. As a former premier and leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP), she has garnered support from many for her progressive policies and promises of change. However, as an informed voter, I have carefully assessed her track record and positions, and I find myself unable to support her candidacy. I will outline the reasons why I am not voting for Rachel Notley.
Economic Mismanagement:
During Rachel Notley's tenure as premier from 2015 to 2019, Alberta experienced a severe economic downturn. Notley's policies, such as implementing a carbon tax, raising corporate taxes, and increasing government spending, hindered the growth of the province's economy. Under her leadership, Alberta lost over 50,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate soared to its highest level in decades. Notley's mismanagement of the economy raises serious concerns about her ability to effectively steer Alberta toward prosperity.
Lack of Fiscal Responsibility:
Notley's government ran huge budget deficits, accumulating a substantial amount of debt. Despite the economic challenges Alberta faced, she failed to rein in spending and continued to increase the province's debt burden. The lack of fiscal responsibility exhibited by her administration leaves me skeptical about her ability to make sound financial decisions and prioritize the long-term stability of Alberta's economy.
Opposition to Key Industries:
Rachel Notley has taken a stance against key industries that are vital to Alberta's prosperity, particularly the oil and gas sector. She implemented policies that hampered the growth of the industry, such as introducing a higher corporate tax rate, imposing regulatory burdens, and advocating for stricter environmental regulations. Notley's approach directly undermined an industry that plays a significant role in Alberta's economy, causing job losses and stifling investment. Her position on these industries demonstrates a lack of understanding of the province's economic realities and raises concerns about her ability to promote Alberta's interests effectively.
Energy Policies at Odds with Alberta's Interests:
Despite being an advocate for renewable energy, Notley's approach seemed to prioritize other provinces' interests over those of Alberta. She supported the federal government's imposition of a national carbon pricing scheme, which disproportionately affected the province due to its heavy reliance on fossil fuels. Notley's alignment with policies that negatively impact the oil and gas sector, while pursuing a contradictory renewable energy agenda, raises questions about her commitment to representing Alberta's best interests.
Broken Promises:
Throughout her tenure, Rachel Notley made promises to the people of Alberta, but many of them were left unfulfilled. She pledged to balance the budget by 2018 but failed to do so, leaving future generations burdened with debt. Additionally, she promised to consult with Albertans on key issues, such as implementing major policy changes, but often disregarded public opinion and pushed forward with her agenda despite widespread opposition. These broken promises erode trust in Notley's leadership and raise doubts about her ability to deliver on future commitments.
As a concerned voter, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the records, policies, and positions of political candidates. In the case of Rachel Notley, her track record of economic mismanagement, lack of fiscal responsibility, opposition to key industries, energy policies at odds with Alberta's interests, and broken promises present compelling reasons to withhold support. Alberta deserves a leader who prioritizes the province's economic growth, respects its industries, and demonstrates fiscal responsibility. Regrettably, Rachel Notley's past performance and policy positions do not align with these essential qualities, and that is why I am not voting for her.
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2023.05.28 05:43 anadyomenaiad 48 [TF4TF] - Kaohsiung, Taiwan / anywhere - semi-retired humanities professor in search of a kind-hearted woman for friendship/possible intimate relationship

Hello! I am a bespectacled femme lesbian with a doctorate in the humanities who studies languages and lives abroad in Asia, studying the Chinese language, and working from time to time on the side as a volunteer for animals and pro bono as a community organiser and English tutor for marginalised (and, often, flat broke) queer people in this part of the world.
Physical things: my hair is a slowly greying dusty blonde curly thing; I am diminutive in stature (162cm/5’3” and 63kg/139lbs) but spirited in manner, though as I continue this life I find I have mellowed out a lot, and have grown quite content, in many ways, with my own company — I used to be quite the party monster, and sometimes still am, though I feel this isn’t often enough!
I am fine with an LDR, at least for a while, and by a “while” I mean, perhaps years, for the right connection — I would expect this, in fact, given the fact I’m only in the United States once a year for a week at a time for my VA healthcare checkup. I tend to date fellow femmes, whether cisgender or transgender. I have been on hormone replacement therapy for long enough that, at this point in my life, being trans is not all that huge a part of my life, if I’m being perfectly honest. I always did exist in a world composed socially almost entirely of women, and felt most comfortable around women, and this decade of my life has been no different. I do guard the most private aspects of my life very vigilantly in what has grown to be an intensely dangerous world for queer people, but I find it easy to open up to others, once given the assurances of the passage of enough time and of the establishment of a good reservoir of mutual trust.
I seek a compassionate woman who is committed to minority rights, particularly progressive and intersectional politics, the rights of transgender, non-binary, and other queer marginalised communities, who wouldn’t balk at the prospect of being in an intimate relationship with a slowly aging, visibly queer femme. (That said — in my defence — I may not be as young or as supple a person anymore, but I definitely take cracking care of my health, and I eat well and walk anywhere from 8-20km a day, so I’d say I’m doing okay!)
A little about me: I did my undergrad in classical philology at a “southern Ivy” in the USA and at a university in the UK before "going on" in English literature. In my work, I help people learn to perform strong readings of literary texts and to master the finer points of English, Spanish, and Latin grammar: my main portfolio involves IELTS training at the upper levels and something called “English for Academic Purposes,” in our community referred to as “EAP”. My academic specialisation is in late-Victorian poetry and most of my published work is in the literary translation of poetry and Victorian and Edwardian women poets. (I am currently translating a major Victorian narrative poem for publication, which if I identified would definitely doxx me — that’s how small my scholarly field is.) I translate and study languages very often, like every single day. I’m vegan because I care deeply about all the nonhuman animal suffering not less than all the human animal suffering in this world, and I see the health benefits (which have been considerable) as being just a side blessing. I try and do the best I can simply to be a good person in this life. I seek meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships, in whatever form they should come my way.
Before sort of semi-retiring from my nearly 20-year teaching career at universities and high schools in the USA, I was a certified Spanish, English, and Latin teacher, and I still work in literary translation for various scholarly/academic societies on a commission basis. I'm also ex-Navy and I am a survivor who has been through a lot but I work hard to ensure that the things I’ve endured no longer get the privilege of defining who I am. It's been "a long, strange trip"; that's for sure.
I enjoy all kinds of stuff: history, literature (obviously, since it's what I do professionally — right now I’m enjoying a nonfiction book about the varieties of contemporary devotional polytheism), ambient music and darkwave (my favourite band has always been the Cocteau Twins), grammalanguages. I enjoy binge-watching romances, "human-drama" narratives, historical fictional narratives, C-dramas -- that sort of thing. I enjoy yoga and travel, and I absolutely love to cook bright, spicy vegan dishes packed to the brim with nutrition and vivid colours. Politically speaking, I am fairly left-wing, but I am easy to get along with — I don’t exactly live for “discourse” the way I used to do when I was younger and more willing to engage people who refuse to be reasoned with. I vote every single election, every two years, dropping my blue-state ballot into the international mailbox with the pert attitude of any confident and indomitable progressive.
Languages: as mentioned above, my Chinese is still decidedly elementary, but I am working diligently on the problem. I state this outright for honesty's sake. I also lived in Vietnam for a couple of years, and I have no business claiming Vietnamese either, although I'm probably at CEFR A1+/A2 or so. I speak Spanish fluently, from the cradle, as I am Latina. My French is decent, and I can read ancient Greek and classical Latin, the latter of which I still teach to this day. And yes, I have read Sappho in the original Aeolic Greek. (She’s actually one of my very favourite poets, for many reasons that are probably more boring than the ones you’d imagine.)Re: the whole monogamy/polyamory matter: so, I have been in both arrangements and would consider either for the right connection. I was in a monogamous marriage for 13 years and we are still close friends today, though, so if that bothers you I'm possibly not your jam. Jealousy has cast a dark shadow in my life in the past, and I respect the autonomy of others, and demand it in my own life, particularly in intimate relationships.
Feel free to DM me, if you would like to chat or connect. I am always just as sincerely looking for sweet people as friends, as I am hoping for (a) possible relationship(s)! I crave connection that is genuine, and I am open-hearted.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post! Let’s see what happens next. :)
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2023.05.28 05:42 Dry_Breed The other side of the coin

Hi Reddit. I’ve seen quite a few posts on this sub talk about how it’s especially hard for men to be vulnerable and get help because of toxic masculinity and antiquated societal expectations. As a man myself, I 100% agree with this, and I think this is a problem nearly every man has faced.
But, on the other side of the coin, I think what women receive is a lot of the time, even worse than nothing at all. Although men often receive no support whatsoever, it seems like women are often just predated on and taken advantage of under the guise of support. It just seems so so horrible how widespread it is, and how many posts on this subreddit are from women who have fallen victim to these disgusting predators. Joining this subreddit really opened my eyes to it. I honestly believe that if I was a woman, my trauma would have been much much worse because of this. At one point I was receiving emotional support from a cocaine addict, which just shows my complete naivety, and lack of proper boundaries and judgement as a young child. I can’t imagine what he would have done if I was a girl, and who else I would have attracted. This is something that I don’t think is often taken into account and appreciated by a lot of men.
This isn’t to say that men can’t be taken advantage of as well. It’s horrific either way, and it’s definitely something both parties and everyone in between experiences.
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2023.05.28 05:42 Amethyst23_XR Sudden urge to “put myself out there”

I’ve always been more of an introvert, but recently I’m realizing that a lot of my “introversion” is just social anxiety. I thought my social anxiety was mostly healed because I’ve gotten myself to a point where I am able to have decent interactions without being super awkward. I interact with people every day for work which has helped me a lot. I have a much longer social battery for people I feel like I can be myself around, and it’s mainly those who I feel intimidated by or feel like I have to perform for that make me crave alone time. Pretty sure I have undiagnosed autism (which would be a big reason as to why I feel like social interactions can be so performative) but that’s beside the point.
I have recently been working on letting go of having such high expectations for myself socially and allowing myself to ruminate over social “mistakes” I’ve made. Now that I’ve been doing that, I suddenly have the urge to do things that i haven’t wanted to do in years (or ever) and started to think they just weren’t for me like going to parties or hanging out with a new group of people without having someone there that I’m already close with. I’m wondering if I should take advantage of this feeling and get myself into some new activities or if this is just a phase and I’ll end up quickly overwhelming myself.
Has anyone else experienced this? I’d love some insight and advice. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 05:42 JoshAsdvgi Story of two friends


There were once in a very large Indian camp two little boys who were fast friends.
One of the boys, "Chaske" (meaning first born), was the son of a very rich family, and was always dressed in the finest of clothes of Indian costume.
The other boy, "Hake" (meaning last born), was an orphan and lived with his old grandmother, who was very destitute, and consequently could not dress the boy in fine raiment.
So poorly was the boy dressed that the boys who had good clothes always tormented him and would not play in his company.
Chaske did not look at the clothes of any boy whom he chose as a friend, but mingled with all boys regardless of how they were clad, and would study their dispositions.
The well dressed he found were vain and conceited.
The fairly well dressed he found selfish and spiteful.
The poorly clad he found to be generous and truthful, and from all of them he chose "Hake" for his "Koda" (friend).
As Chaske was the son of the leading war chief he was very much sought after by the rest of the boys, each one trying to gain the honor of being chosen for the friend and companion of the great chief's son; but, as I have before said, Chaske carefully studied them all and finally chose the orphan Hake.
It was a lucky day for Hake when he was chosen for the friend and companion of Chaske. The orphan boy was taken to the lodge of his friend's parents and dressed up in fine clothes and moccasins.
(When the Indians' sons claim any one as their friend, the friend thus chosen is adopted into the family as their own son).
Chaske and Hake were inseparable.
Where one was seen the other was not far distant.
They played, hunted, trapped, ate and slept together.
They would spend most of the long summer days hunting in the forests.
Time went on and these two fast friends grew up to be fine specimens of their tribe.
When they became the age to select a sweetheart they would go together and make love to a girl.
Each helping the other to win the affection of the one of his choice.
Chaske loved a girl who was the daughter of an old medicine man.
She was very much courted by the other young men of the tribe, and many a horse loaded with robes and fine porcupine work was tied at the medicine man's tepee in offering for the hand of his daughter, but the horses, laden as when tied there, were turned loose, signifying that the offer was not accepted.
The girl's choice was Chaske's friend Hake.
Although he had never made love to her for himself, he had always used honeyed words to her and was always loud in his praises for his friend Chaske.
One night the two friends had been to see the girl, and on their return Chaske was very quiet, having nothing to say and seemingly in deep study.
Always of a bright, jolly and amiable disposition, his silence and moody spell grieved his friend very much, and he finally spoke to Chaske, saying:
"Koda, what has come over you?
You who were always so jolly and full of fun?
Your silence makes me grieve for you and I do not know what you are feeling so downhearted about.
Has the girl said anything to you to make you feel thus?"
"Wait, friend," said Chaske, "until morning, and then I will know how to answer your inquiry. Don't ask me anything more tonight, as my heart is having a great battle with my brain."
Hake bothered his friend no more that night, but he could not sleep.
He kept wondering what "Pretty Feather" (the girl whom his friend loved) could have said to Chaske to bring such a change over him.
Hake never suspected that he himself was the cause of his friend's sorrow, for never did he have a thought that it was himself that Pretty Feather loved.
The next morning after they had eaten breakfast, Chaske proposed that they should go out on the prairies, and see if they would have the good luck to kill an antelope.
Hake went out and got the band of horses, of which there were over a hundred.
They selected the fleetest two in the herd, and taking their bows and arrows, mounted and rode away towards the south.
Hake was overjoyed to note the change in his friend. His oldtime jollity had returned.
They rode out about five miles, and scaring up a drove of antelope they started in hot pursuit, and as their horses were very fleet of foot soon caught up to the drove, and each singling out his choice quickly dispatched him with an arrow.
They could easily have killed more of the antelope, but did not want to kill them just for sport, but for food, and knowing that they had now all that their horses could pack home, they dismounted and proceeded to dress their kill.
After each had finished packing the kill on his horse, Chaske said:
"Let us sit down and have a smoke before we start back.
Besides, I have something to tell you which I can tell better sitting still than I can riding along."
Hake came and sat down opposite his friend, and while they smoked Chaske said:
"My friend, we have been together for the last twenty years and I have yet the first time to deceive you in any way, and I know I can truthfully say the same of you.
Never have I known you to deceive me nor tell me an untruth.
I have no brothers or sisters.
The only brother's love I know is yours.
The only sister's love I will know will be Pretty Feather's, for brother, last night she told me she loved none but you and would marry you and you only.
So, brother, I am going to take my antelope to my sister-in-law's tent and deposit it at her door.
Then she will know that her wish will be fulfilled.
I thought at first that you had been playing traitor to me and had been making love to her for yourself, but when she explained it all to me and begged me to intercede for her to you, I then knew that I had judged you wrongfully, and that, together with my lost love, made me so quiet and sorrowful last night.
So now, brother, take the flower of the nation for your wife, and I will be content to continue through life a lonely bachelor, as never again can I give any woman the place which Pretty Feather had in my heart."
Their pipes being smoked out they mounted their ponies and Chaske started up in a clear, deep voice the beautiful love song of Pretty Feather and his friend Hake.
Such is the love between two friends, who claim to be as brothers among the Indians. Chaske gave up his love of a beautiful woman for a man who was in fact no relation to him.
Hake said, "I will do as you say, my friend, but before I can marry the medicine man's daughter, I will have to go on the warpath and do some brave deed, and will start in ten days."
They rode towards home, planning which direction they would travel, and as it was to be their first experience on the warpath, they would seek advice from the old warriors of the tribe.
On their arrival at the village Hake took his kill to their own tent, while Chaske took his to the tent of the Medicine Man, and deposited it at the door and rode off towards home.
The mother of Pretty Feather did not know whether to take the offering or not, but Pretty Feather, seeing by this offering that her most cherished wish was to be granted, told her mother to take the meat and cook it and invite the old women of the camp to a feast in honor of the son-in-law who was soon to keep them furnished with plenty of meat.
Hake and his friend sought out all of the old warriors and gained all the information they desired.
Every evening Hake visited his intended wife and many happy evenings they spent together.
The morning of the tenth day the two friends left the village and turned their faces toward the west where the camps of the enemy are more numerous than in any other direction. They were not mounted and therefore traveled slowly, so it took about ten days of walking before they saw any signs of the enemy.
The old warriors had told them of a thickly wooded creek within the enemies' bounds.
The old men said, "That creek looks the ideal place to camp, but don't camp there by any means, because there is a ghost who haunts that creek, and any one who camps there is disturbed all through the night, and besides they never return, because the ghost is Wakan (holy), and the enemies conquer the travelers every time."
The friends had extra moccasins with them and one extra blanket, as it was late in the fall and the nights were very cold.
They broke camp early one morning and walked all day.
Along towards evening, the clouds which had been threatening all day, hurriedly opened their doors and down came the snowflakes thick and fast.
Just before it started snowing the friends had noticed a dark line about two miles in advance of them.
Chaske spoke to his friend and said: "If this storm continues we will be obliged to stay overnight at Ghost Creek, as I noticed it not far ahead of us, just before the storm set in."
"I noticed it also," said Hake. "We might as well entertain a ghost all night as to lie out on these open prairies and freeze to death."
So they decided to run the risk and stay in the sheltering woods of Ghost Creek.
When they got to the creek it seemed as if they had stepped inside a big tepee, so thick was the brush and timber that the wind could not be felt at all.
They hunted and found a place where the brush was very thick and the grass very tall.
They quickly pulled the tops of the nearest willows together and by intertwining the ends made them fast, and throwing their tent robe over this, soon had a cosy tepee in which to sleep.
They started their fire and cooked some dried buffalo meat and buffalo tallow, and were just about to eat their supper when a figure of a man came slowly in through the door and sat down near where he had entered.
Hake, being the one who was doing the cooking, poured out some tea into his own cup, and putting a piece of pounded meat and marrow into a small plate, placed it before the stranger, saying: "Eat, my friend, we are on the warpath and do not carry much of a variety of food with us, but I give you the best we have."
The stranger drew the plate towards him, and commenced eating ravenously.
He soon finished his meal and handed the dish and cup back.
He had not uttered a word so far.
Chaske filled the pipe and handed it to him.
He smoked for a few minutes, took one last draw from the pipe and handed it back to Chaske, and then he said: "Now, my friends, I am not a living man, but the wandering spirit of a once great warrior, who was killed in these woods by the enemy whom you two brave young men are now seeking to make war upon.
For years I have been roaming these woods in hopes that I might find some one brave enough to stop and listen to me, but all who have camped here in the past have run away at my approach or fired guns or shot arrows at me.
For such cowards as these I have always found a grave.
They never returned to their homes.
Now I have found two brave men whom I can tell what I want done, and if you accomplish what I tell you to do, you will return home with many horses and some scalps dangling from your belts.
Just over this range of hills north of us, a large village is encamped for the winter.
In that camp is the man who laid in ambush and shot me, killing me before I could get a chance to defend myself.
I want that man's scalp, because he has been the cause of my wanderings for a great many years.
Had he killed me on the battlefield my spirit would have at once joined my brothers in the happy hunting grounds, but being killed by a coward, my spirit is doomed to roam until I can find some brave man who will kill this coward and bring me his scalp.
This is why I have tried every party who have camped here to listen to me, but as I have said before, they were all cowards.
Now, I ask you two brave young men, will you do this for me?"
"We will," said the friends in one voice.
"Thank you, my boys. Now, I know why you came here, and that one of you came to earn his feathers by killing an enemy, before he would marry; the girl he is to marry is my granddaughter, as I am the father of the great Medicine Man.
In the morning there will pass by in plain sight of here a large party.
They will chase the buffalo over on that flat.
After they have passed an old man leading a black horse and riding a white one will come by on the trail left by the hunting party.
He will be driving about a hundred horses, which he will leave over in the next ravine.
He will then proceed to the hunting grounds and get meat from the different hunters.
After the hunters have all gone home he will come last, singing the praises of the ones who gave him the meat.
This man you must kill and scalp, as he is the one I want killed.
Then take the white and black horse and each mount and go to the hunting grounds.
There you will see two of the enemy riding about picking up empty shells.
Kill and scalp these two and each take a scalp and come over to the high knoll and I will show you where the horses are, and as soon as you hand me the old man's scalp I will disappear and you will see me no more.
As soon as I disappear, it will start in snowing.
Don't be afraid as the snow will cover your trail, but nevertheless, don't stop traveling for three days and nights, as these people will suspect that some of your tribe have done this, and they will follow you until you cross your own boundary lines."
When morning came, the two friends sat in the thick brush and watched a large party pass by their hiding place.
So near were they that the friends could hear them laughing and talking.
After the hunting party had passed, as the spirit had told them, along came the old man, driving a large band of horses and leading a fine looking coal black horse.
The horse the old man was riding was as white as snow.
The friends crawled to a little brush covered hill and watched the chase after the shooting had ceased.
The friends knew it would not be long before the return of the party, so they crawled back to their camp and hurriedly ate some pounded meat and drank some cherry tea.
Then they took down their robe and rolled it up and got everything in readiness for a hurried flight with the horses.
Scarcely had they got everything in readiness when the party came by, singing their song of the chase.
When they had all gone the friends crawled down to the trail and lay waiting for the old man.
Soon they heard him singing.
Nearer and nearer came the sounds of the song until at last at a bend in the road, the old man came into view.
The two friends arose and advanced to meet him.
On he came still singing.
No doubt he mistook them for some of his own people.
When he was very close to them they each stepped to either side of him and before he could make an outcry they pierced his cowardly old heart with two arrows.
He had hardly touched the ground when they both struck him with their bows, winning first and second honors by striking an enemy after he has fallen.
Chaske having won first honors, asked his friend to perform the scalping deed, which he did. And wanting to be sure that the spirit would get full revenge, took the whole scalp, ears and all, and tied it to his belt.
The buffalo beef which the old man had packed upon the black horse, they threw on the top of the old man.
Quickly mounting the two horses, they hastened out across the long flat towards the hunting grounds.
When they came in sight of the grounds there they saw two men riding about from place to place.
Chaske took after the one on the right, Hake the one on the left.
When the two men saw these two strange men riding like the wind towards them, they turned their horses to retreat towards the hills, but the white and the black were the swiftest of the tribe's horses, and quickly overtook the two fleeing men.
When they came close to the enemy they strung their arrows onto the bowstring and drove them through the two fleeing hunters.
As they were falling they tried to shoot, but being greatly exhausted, their bullets whistled harmlessly over the heads of the two friends.
They scalped the two enemies and took their guns and ammunition, also secured the two horses and started for the high knoll.
When they arrived at the place, there stood the spirit.
Hake presented him with the old man's scalp and then the spirit showed them the large band of horses, and saying, "Ride hard and long," disappeared and was seen no more by any war parties, as he was thus enabled to join his forefathers in the happy hunting grounds.
The friends did as the spirit had told them.
For three days and three nights they rode steadily.
On the fourth morning they came into their own boundary.
From there on they rode more slowly, and let the band of horses rest and crop the tops of long grass.
They would stop occasionally, and while one slept the other kept watch.
Thus they got fairly well rested before they came in sight of where their camp had stood when they had left.
All that they could see of the once large village was the lone tent of the great Medicine Man.
They rode up on to a high hill and farther on towards the east they saw smoke from a great many tepees.
They then knew that something had happened and that the village had moved away.
"My friend," said Chaske, "I am afraid something has happened to the Medicine Man's lodge, and rather than have you go there, I will go alone and you follow the trail of our party and go on ahead with the horses.
I will take the black and the white horses with me and I will follow on later, after I have seen what the trouble is."
"Very well, my friend, I will do as you say, but I am afraid something has happened to Pretty Feather."
Hake started on with the horses, driving them along the broad trail left by the hundreds of travois.
Chaske made slowly towards the tepee, and stopping outside, stood and listened.
Not a sound could he hear.
The only living thing he saw was Pretty Feather's spotted horse tied to the side of the tent. Then he knew that she must be dead.
He rode off into the thick brush and tied his two horses securely.
Then he came back and entered the tepee.
There on a bed of robes lay some one apparently dead.
The body was wrapped in blankets and robes and bound around and around with parfleche ropes.
These he carefully untied and unwound.
Then he unwrapped the robes and blankets and when he uncovered the face, he saw, as he had expected to, the face of his lost love, Pretty Feather.
As he sat gazing on her beautiful young face, his heart ached for his poor friend.
He himself had loved and lost this beautiful maiden, and now his friend who had won her would have to suffer the untold grief which he had suffered.
What was that? Could it have been a slight quivering of the nostrils that he had seen, or was it mad fancy playing a trick on him?
Closer he drew to her face, watching intently for another sign.
There it was again, only this time it was a long, deep drawn breath.
He arose, got some water and taking a small stick slowly forced open her mouth and poured some into it.
Then he took some sage, dipped it into the water and sprinkled a little on her head and face. There were many parfleche bags piled around the tepee, and thinking he might find some kind of medicine roots which he could use to revive her he started opening them one after the other.
He had opened three and was just opening the fourth, when a voice behind him asked: "What are you looking for?"
Turning quickly, he saw Pretty Feather looking at him.
Overjoyed, he cried, "What can I do so that you can get up and ride to the village with me? My friend and I just returned with a large band of horses and two scalps.
We saw this tent and recognized it.
My friend wanted to come, but I would not let him, as I feared if he found anything had happened to you he would do harm to himself, but now he will be anxious for my return, so if you will tell me what you need in order to revive you, I will get it, and we can then go to my friend in the village."
"At the foot of my bed you will find a piece of eagle fat.
Build a fire and melt it for me.
I will drink it and then we can go."
Chaske quickly started a fire, got out the piece of fat and melted it.
She drank it at one draught, and was about to arise when she suddenly said: "Roll me up quick and take the buffalo hair rope and tie it about my spotted horse's neck; tie his tail in a knot and tie him to the door.
Then run and hide behind the trees.
There are two of the enemy coming this way."
Chaske hurriedly obeyed her orders, and had barely concealed himself behind the trees, when there came into view two of the enemy.
They saw the horse tied to the door of the deserted tent, and knew that some dead person occupied the tepee, so through respect for the dead, they turned out and started to go through the brush and trees, so as not to pass the door.
(The Indians consider it a bad omen to pass by the door of a tepee occupied by a dead body, that is, while in the enemy's country).
So by making this detour they traveled directly towards where Chaske was concealed behind the tree.
Knowing that he would be discovered, and there being two of them, he knew the only chance he had was for him to kill one of them before they discovered him, then he stood a better chance at an even combat.
On they came, little thinking that one of them would in a few minutes be with his forefathers.
Chaske noiselessly slipped a cartridge into the chamber of his gun, threw it into action and took deliberate aim at the smaller one's breast.
A loud report rang out and the one he had aimed at threw up his arms and fell heavily forward, shot through the heart.
Reloading quickly Chaske stepped out from behind the tree.
He could easily have killed the other from his concealed position, but, being a brave young man, he wanted to give his opponent a fair chance.
The other had unslung his gun and a duel was then fought between the two lone combatants.
They would spring from side to side like two great cats.
Then advance one or two steps and fire.
Retreat a few steps, spring to one side and fire again.
The bullets whistled past their heads, tore up the earth beneath their feet, and occasionally one would hit its mark, only to cause a flesh wound.
Suddenly the enemy aimed his gun and threw it upon the ground.
His ammunition was exhausted, and slowly folding his arms he stood facing his opponent, with a fearless smile upon his face, expecting the next moment to fall dead from a bullet from the rifle of Chaske.
Not so.
Chaske was too honorable and noble to kill an unarmed man, and especially one who had put up such a brave fight as had this man.
Chaske advanced and picked up the empty gun.
The Toka (enemy) drew from a scabbard at his belt a long bowie knife, and taking it by the point handed it, handle first, to Chaske.
This signified surrender.
Chaske scalped the dead Toka and motioned for his prisoner to follow him.
In the meantime Pretty Feather had gotten up and stood looking at the duel.
When she heard the first shot she jumped up and cut a small slit in the tent from which she saw the whole proceedings.
Knowing that one or both of them must be wounded, she hurriedly got water and medicine roots, and when they came to the tent she was prepared to dress their wounds.
Chaske had a bullet through his shoulder and one through his hand.
They were very painful but not dangerous.
The prisoner had a bullet through his leg, also one through the muscle of his left arm.
Pretty Feather washed and dressed their wounds, and Chaske went and brought the black and white horses and mounting Pretty Feather upon the white horse, and the prisoner on her spotted one, the three soon rode into the village, and there was a great cry of joy when it was known that Pretty Feather had come back to them again.
Hake, who was in his tent grieving, was told that his friend had returned and with him Pretty Feather.
Hearing this good news he at once went to the Medicine Man's tent and found the Medicine Man busily dressing the wounds of his friend and a stranger.
The old Medicine Man turned to Hake and said:
"Son-in-law, take your wife home with you.
It was from grief at your absence that she went into a trance, and we, thinking she was dead, left her for such.
Hadn't it been for your friend here, she would surely have been a corpse now.
So take her and keep her with you always, and take as a present from me fifty of my best horses."
Hake and his beautiful bride went home, where his adopted mother had a fine large tent put up for them.
Presents of cooking utensils, horses, robes and finely worked shawls and moccasins came from every direction, and last of all Chaske gave as a present to his friend the Toka man whom he had taken as prisoner.
On presenting him with this gift, Chaske spoke thus:
"My friend, I present to you, that you may have him as a servant to look after your large band of horses, this man with whom I fought a two hours' duel, and had his ammunition lasted he would probably have conquered me, and who gave me the second hardest fight of my life.
The hardest fight of my life was when I gave up Pretty Feather.
You have them both.
To the Toka (enemy) be kind, and he will do all your biddings.
To Pretty Feather be a good husband."
So saying, Chaske left them, and true to his word,
lived the remainder of his days a confirmed bachelor.
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