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2023.05.28 04:47 adi_00_ First $CONE listing- if my New Fur sells for 30M, I’m adding 10% of it (3M) to liquidity pool

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2023.05.28 04:45 jlyn289 The most dangerous character on the show right now...

...is undoubtedly Walter, and it all goes back to his line to Misty, "Maybe I'm just a bored Moriarty looking for his Sherlock." When Walter said this, he definitely seemed more like the Sherlock of the pair. At that time from what we knew, he was just some random citizen detective investigating Adam Martin who got caught up in helping Misty find Nat. But the fact that he chose to say he's Moriarty, the villain, is very telling.
Moriarty was the greatest criminal mastermind of his time, considered to be Sherlock's intellectual equal. He was incredibly intelligent, calculated, and methodical. He specialized in plotting organized crime and planning criminal cover ups, using his position in these activities to collect information that he could use to extort and control people to do his bidding and to get whatever he wanted, and he always made sure to be 10 steps ahead of everyone around him. We've just seen Walter help the Yellowjackets cover up their crimes so if he's truly their Moriarty, he'll find a way to use this against them and if they try to kill him, he'll make sure it backfires on them and they'll be exposed regardless.
I mean I'm sure a lot of us feel like everything about Walter is just a little too convenient, to the point he definitely seems to be ahead of the Yellowjackets on their own messes considering he manages to swoop in and fix everything for them at the last minute. We know he was already investigating Adam's disappearance but how did he know about Jessica Roberts and have evidence to pin both Adam and Jessica on Kevyn? Even if Misty told him about Jessica when he found her in Lottie's quarters, he wouldn't have had the time to collect and manipulate the evidence about her and Adam against Kevyn. On top of that, how did he know Kevyn and Saracusa would show up at Lottie's compound looking for Shauna? They followed Jeff and Callie but even Shauna didn't know they were coming. Misty and Walter called for a crisis team which would've likely brought cops but most likely not the exact cops investigating Adam's murder, especially considering Lottie's compound is in upstate New York and Adam was murdered in New Jersey. He managed to be ahead of literally everybody in the finale and yet he's the biggest outsider.
He was able to figure out Misty's name, the town she lived, where she worked, and what lunchbox was hers, as well as the motel Nat was staying at, and was able to get information about Randy staying there all before he had ever spoke to Misty face to face, all just somehow from her posting on the Citizen Detectives page. I'm not convinced that it's just because she was downvoting his Adam posts or because he thought she was involved in Adam's death, I think he was tracking her longer than that and for other reasons, and it's possible he's been tracking the other Yellowjackets as well. If he was at all interested in solving Adam's case, what reason would he have to shift the blame from the Yellowjackets to Kevyn? What motive does he have for helping the Yellowjackets cover up multiple murders? What does he want from them in exchange? So the question we end this season with is, who the fuck is Walter Tattersall?
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2023.05.28 04:44 smolbbboii every doctor agrees something wrong and no one knows what it is anymore...

So I 27F, have had pain since late teens/early 20s and everything just keeps getting worse and worse for years and new and new symptoms. I got referred to endo surgery (after 2.5 years on lupron) and they found nothing. But that's not even my worst symptom anymore.
Current meds: luvox, lamotrigine, lyrica, repivocaine injections, merina IUD, plus tylenol and naproxen as needed, as well as Vit D (2500 as of last week). Previous: lots but most notably lupron for 2.5 years.
I've bounced from GP to hand specialist to ENT to Rheum. And everyone kinda has gone.. um yeah thats not my area.
Main symptoms are: general pain, fatigue, weakness, slow healing/bruising easily, lots of infections (e.g., ear infections, tonsil infections), dizzy, joint pain, bone pain, photosensitivity, rashes, dry eyes, insomnia+extreme fatigue, flu like symptoms, pelvic pain, brain fog, forgetfulness, flu like symptoms after exercising.
I saw a new rheum who was... awful. Ran some blood tests but overall wasn't super great as a human being. I'm going to continue seeing him but very dismissive of pelvic pain as a "girly issue."
My minimal blood test from Feb showed elevated ESR, but not a lot (like 40) and elevated platelet count (470.. but thats normal for me it seems). But my most recent blood test showed the follow abnormal things (I think they were looking for lupus but I def don't think i have lupus)
My most recent blood test from a month ago was... whacky. WBC was 11.5, Platelet was 520, ESR was 76, Trace blood in urine (... I don't get a period so idk what thats about... normal eGFR), FSH 5.6 (normal I think?), estradoil 101 (normal I think?) C reactive 8.6, Complement C3 2.14 g/L (normal C4), dRVVT ratio 1.38 and dRVVT positive interpretation with the note that borderline positive Lupus anticoagulant (I know its not related to lupus but what an awful name) as well as elevated INR.
The other big thing they found was extremely low Vit D (10 nmol/L).
All my immunology was normal, negative ANA, ENA, DNA Double strand, 1- rheumatoid factor.
I'm wondering if I had an infection at the time of the blood test that I wasn't aware of. I'm really worried this guy is gonna dismiss me but clearly somethings wrong.. if only just that my VIT D was scarily low.
I guess like where do I go from these results when the doc is so dismissive? Are these tests gonna have any leads or am I in for another disaster appoitnment next week?
were these blood tests whacky or am I over exaggerating?
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2023.05.28 04:40 kristencaroll Moving

Looking at relocating from New Orleans to myrtle beach to be closer to my boyfriend. Any bartenders in myrtle beach that can tell me what to expect for season vs off season and any high volume bartending gigs they’d recommend?
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2023.05.28 04:37 Raunchey Pre-S30 gossip that might give context during rewatches?

Found myself doing a Real World/The Challenge binge on Paramount+ and have been looking up discussions on the sub, and the little pieces of gossip here and there have been wild!
A lot of it seems to have been buried with time/distance from the original season, and I was wondering if anyone had some BTS info/gossip/hearsay that might have been lost recently. Especially from vevmo.
Some examples of gossip I found from posts from 7-8 years ago. Some of it was completely new to me, and some I’m just sharing in case others haven’t heard of it. Some are confirmed, some are to be taken with a grain of salt:
• During S23, Battle of the Seasons 2, Team San Diego cheated at sudoku during the final. This isn’t even necessarily gossip, they showed it on screen. They just flipped their rocks and went on their way. However, I never would have noticed it if someone hadn’t brought it up in an old post.
• Part of the reason Zach and Jonna broke up between BOTS2 and Rivals was that Zach’s parents found out that Jonna was half-Black.
• The reason Bananas and Cara Maria had a rivalry from Rivals 2 to Final Reckoning was because Cara let it leak on an MTV special that Johnny took Camila’s virginity.
• After Coral and Evan got sent home on Fresh Meat, they slept together.
• The reason the Gauntlet 2 final was so lame was because the Veterans were walking around outside the house and saw production setting it up. They didn’t want them to have the advantage of seeing it before everyone else, so they changed it last minute.
• Nany and Adam R (from RW Back to Vegas) we’re supposed to be partners on Exes, but he didn’t pass the psych test
• No matter what card Wes pulled for his elimination against Derrick on The Duel, it was going to be Pole Wrestle. Production made sure that was the only option by having it be on every card.
• Robin was 3 months pregnant during The Duel 2
• On the "Push Me" Duel on Duel 1 there really was no "you lose if you rip the flag rule." The producers just made it up because they liked Svetlana and because they wanted to get a reaction out of Beth. The producers debated for several minutes before declaring Svetlana the winner.
• Ryan and Davis were supposed to be the same sex team that balanced out Aneesa and Rachel on Exes but one of them declined.
• Shane Landrum supposedly gave CT a blowjob back in the day.
• Apparently cast members used to sneak cell phones and other forbidden items into the house in their luggage and would cut their mattresses and hide things in there.
• Frank Sweeney said on a podcast that Bananas would steal duster from the crew and huff it out of boredom. Others did too, it was sort of a rite of passage.
• Bananas was cheating on his girlfriend Hannah (the Olympic snowboarder) with a producer for several seasons
• For the Fresh Meat draft production gave Danny’s ball some sort of a tell so he would get the first pick because they wanted to set him up to be the new star of the show.
• The Ruins elimination between Casey and Susie was rigged. Casey had to lose because production did NOT want an all guys team in the final after how horrible they were to the women. There was one stick that was literally impossible to get down.
• Production knew that Jordan was going to flip all the cards on Free Agents so set up wrecking wall to try and dissuade him from going though with it due to him being at an obvious disadvantage, but underestimated just how confident Jordan is.
Feel free to contribute anything, no matter how obvious or scandalous! 🥴
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2023.05.28 04:33 LemonadeArcade I'm between two options...

I'm between two options...

I live in a split level condo in Iowa, which is 1600 sqft. I am looking into replacing the original, now 25 year old, AC and furnace. Current AC is a York H2DB024206B unit. Furnace is a York Diamond 80. Both have been reliable units in the 10 years I have been here with minimal service required. The AC has a small leak, I just had 1 lb Freon replaced last week, that is after it's last fill 8 years ago. So far this season it seems like it hasn't quite been cooling as fast as it could so I got a couple estimates for new units. This is what I'm between (prices in pics if interested)...

Option 1:
• Bryant 800SA36070E14 Furnace
• Bryant 115SAN02400W Condenser
• Bryant CVPVA2414XMC Coil
• Reuse NEST Thermostat

Option 2:
• Bryant 820TA36070V14 Furnace
• Bryant 115SAN02400W Condenser
• Bryant CVPVA2414XMC Coil
• Reuse NEST Thermostat

The AC is the same in both options, Bryant 115SAN02400W. The difference being the furnace. Either a Bryant Legacy 80% Single Stage ECM Motor 70,000 BTU or a Bryant Preferred 80% 2 Stage Variable Speed 70,000 BTU. I plan to keep my Nest Learning Thermostat (Third Gen) unit as I have really enjoyed over the past 5 years.
My question is, do you think I would benefit at all going with the 2 Stage Variable Speed furnace over the single stage which is similar to what I have now? Will my 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat be able to take advantage of it? The comfort consultant stated that that fan could run at low speeds 24/7 if I wanted to to help move air and improve comfort. In the winters I prefer to keep it on the cooler side (65 degrees) and in the summers I keep it around 74.
Looking for any insight or opinions on this that could sway me in the right direction. I'm open to give any other information if it would be beneficial. Thank you so much to all who can help. I really do appreciate it.

Option 1

Option 2
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2023.05.28 04:33 PlushtrapChaser24519 Last night I got to play with my favorite Fortnite youtuber/streamer! The one and only Tabor Hill!!

Last night I got to play with my favorite Fortnite youtubestreamer! The one and only Tabor Hill!!
I'm the Miles Morales skin on the left btw
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2023.05.28 04:31 3ye3m3L Season 4

Y’all think Mahoney, Mecca’s rival in season 2 can show up and be Tariq and Brayden’s new connect?
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2023.05.28 04:31 _ForeverGames Me without V-Bucks

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2023.05.28 04:25 _ForeverGames Just My luck

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2023.05.28 04:25 Migeckos So many new babies hatching this season! 🔥🤌🏽👌🏽🦎👽

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2023.05.28 04:25 micahclaw In your opinion….

In your opinion….
Bout to have 3k again. Should I get Stature, MODOK, or Hit Monkey?
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2023.05.28 04:21 Migeckos So many new babies hatching this season! 🔥🤌🏽👌🏽🦎👽

So many new babies hatching this season! 🔥🤌🏽👌🏽🦎👽
A couple beebs that were literally born lastnight! This is a temporary enclosure, waiting for more bark & foliage to arrive Monday! Once they reach 5 grams they’ll be separated & put into upgraded tanks. Thanks for watching 🫶🏽🦎😊
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2023.05.28 04:20 Junior_Button5882 Why Did Kitchen Nightmares End? The Show's Cancelation Explained

Why Did Kitchen Nightmares End? The Show's Cancelation Explained
Gordon Ramsay's reality show Kitchen Nightmares was immensely popular when it debuted in 2007, so it came as a surprise when it wasn't renewed for season 8. The British celebrity chef received a lot of recognition for his intense approach to cooking and unmatched passion for his craft. Gordon's heated attitude in the kitchen brought an undeniable level of entertainment to the screen, as he used his expertise to help restaurants struggling to keep their doors open.
SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAYClosePauseUnmuteCurrent Time 0:03/Duration 1:30Loaded: 9.32%Fullscreen
While Gordon has a multitude of successful shows, Kitchen Nightmares featured restaurants that needed a makeover in terms of their menu, service, and staff. Instead of focusing on specific cooking techniques or ingredients, the award-winning chef used his knowledge to help eateries turn their businesses around. Attempting to save establishments from closing and living to see another day was Chef Ramsay's mission, but his goal was cut short when it all came to an end in 2014.
RELATED:5 Reasons Why Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare Is Iconic (5 Reasons Why It's Not)

Gordon Ramsay Axed Kitchen Nightmares

It may come as a surprise, but Gordon himself is the one who decided to put Kitchen Nightmares on the chopping block. Typically, television networks dictate whether a show will be renewed based on ratings and viewership, but in this case, it was entirely up to the chef, and he had his reasons. According to Delish, Gordon reached his boiling point after one of the restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares made him want to walk away from the show entirely, and he realized he was done.
Gordon didn't reveal which particular restaurant made him quit, but he did explain that he and the restaurant owner didn't see eye-to-eye, and he felt that the owner was taking advantage of customers at his ski resort. Dealing with someone in that capacity who wasn't listening to anything he had to say influenced his decision to cancel the show. They filmed for a week, and at the end of it, that was when the chef had his show-altering epiphany.

The Revival Of Kitchen Nightmares Has The Potential To Be Perfection

Kitchen Nightmares will be returning after almost a decade off the air, but the long hiatus may be the recipe for its future success. When the brutal chef decided to close the door on the popular show, he took a break for three years and came back with another hit show, 24 Hours to Hell and Back. If history is set to repeat itself, that means the revival of Kitchen Nightmares has the potential to be better than ever after taking nearly ten years to whip up a new take on an old classic. Of course, Gordon won't be without his signature attitude and brazen authority in the kitchen.
At the time, canceling Kitchen Nightmares felt like the right thing to do, and it couldn't be coming back at a better time. Unlike Gordon's other reality shows, it won't be focused on the element of competition, which will be a great change of pace. Seeing restaurants struggling in these economically difficult times will give Kitchen Nightmares a fresh perspective, as Gordon tries to get them back on track.

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2023.05.28 04:19 femaleweezy_24 Ethan’s dad

Ethan’s dad
I really want to know Ethan’s dad thinks of this lolol
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2023.05.28 04:17 beachsalmon Seeking Feedback - Quiver Boards

Hey shredders,
I'm after a new quiver board for the upcoming season. I'm based in Australia but looking at a trip over to Japan. I've got a Burton Antler (my first board) which is a few years old and has been a great board for all mountain conditions, but I'm after something a bit stiffer and quicker. For context, I weigh between 80 - 85Kg and am about 5' 11". I like the idea of a board with a swallow tail but if there is something that is worth giving a closer look I'm all ears.
Some options that I'm considering are:
  1. Jones Ultracraft
  2. Jones Stratos
  3. Bataleon Camel Two
  4. Korua Pencil
Would love to hear any feedback or experience you've got with any of the above. Cheers!
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2023.05.28 04:16 kristencaroll Moving

Considering moving there because my boyfriend is living there. I’m currently a bartender in New Orleans and concerned I won’t be making anywhere near what I make now. What would an average week of tips during season vs off season look like there? And what are good high volume bars? Any information would be helpful.
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2023.05.28 04:16 DinklanThomas This new seasons lineup.

Is sooo fucking good.
I think #4 is my favorite, but 1-7 are absolute dynamite! Also #9 is so refreshingly unique. Brutal. But really shiny at #9.
Choke down #8 as usual.
I back pedaled into #2 for a cool down.
One of the best lineups I've ever had.
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2023.05.28 04:15 CarlWeezer567 What does Xivu Arath have to do with Ghosts of the Deep?

I am but a lowly student of the lore, but to my knowledge Xivu is still in service of The Witness, and the Lucent Brood are not. I was under the impression that the Lucent Brood served Savathun, even in her absence (death?), so... it sort-of makes sense why Savathun (and thus her brood), whom had a shrine to Oryx on her throne world, would want to grant her brother the light.
What doesn't make sense is Xivu's involvement in the matter. Sure, her wrathborn are the focus this season (again) and she is involved in the conflict on Titan, but then again her forces seem inexplicably absent from the Arcology during the dungeon. Why is this? Could they be working together? Some of the dialogue in the collectibles seem to suggest that Xivu is at odds/denounces her sister, so... what exactly is going on here? What are the collectibles and why are Xivu's words present in this dungeon at all? P.s. she seems to be losing her shit, what is up with that? Is the deep driving her mad? Perhaps the loss of her sister has sewn internal conflict within Xivu's philosophy/loyalty to the darkness.
Edit: bonus question, why are the hive acolytes in the new seasonal activity red? Did bungie forget that the Hive that were already on Titan were not part of the Scarlet Brood or did Xivu take control of them after we defeated Hashladun?
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2023.05.28 04:14 DudetheGuy03 Just started AUS Survivor...

With 44 at its close, I need to fill my Survivor kick for a couple months, and I finally came around and found a way to watch Australian Survivor
And I just have to say I am WAY more invested in the first few episodes than I have been with most of the New Era.
FTR, I'm starting with the "reboot" of 2016 season, and it is already blowing my mind. The first challenge alone with the fire vs. resources race is so interesting. The characters all have their quirks, and rootable or not, I like to watch them. Maybe new Survivor has just lowered my standards of the game, but after starting this season, it just brought back the excitement I had for Survivor that I just haven't felt in the post-WAW seasons.
Please no spoilers below (still want to ride this high) but I do want to know if it stays generally exciting? Like comparing the AUS. season to American seasons, which ones do you think are the closest in terms of excitement?
I just wanted to talk about how much I enjoy this and if you have the opportunity to watch AUS. Survivor, I totally recommend :D
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2023.05.28 04:14 Voyyagr What should I be doing 40 games into a season?

I’m very new to the game and playing as GM only. What should I be doing in the early/ mid point of the season?
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2023.05.28 04:12 gummykage Jellyfin artwork files location behavior

When you scrape with jellyfin and artwork in folders is turned on it creates a metadata folder and places the artwork in it. TMM places the artwork next to the video files.
Is there a way to specify that artwork downloaded through tmm for tv shows is automatically organized into a folder called “metadata” in the season folder to be seamlessly compatible with jellyfin’s scraper and not require manual changes.
Sometimes jellyfins scraper fixes issues with pulling artwork wrong or writing bad nfo files through tmm that renames a tc show “Season 1” replacing the name of a tv show. So a rescrape through jellyfin creates the metadata folder while trying to fix the name of the show.
I generally stopped scraping images for tv shows and let jellyfin complete this task to have a cleaner better organized tv season show folder.
Did just buy the 1 year license a few weeks ago and love all the new features. Thanx for any help!
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