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2023.05.28 06:38 alfhn Leveling an area close (ich) to a smal river

Leveling an area close (ich) to a smal river
I am in need off some advice. My sister and I are planning to fill in the area shown on the pictures and bind it with grass on topp, and have stones in a metal cage around it to stop it from collapsing into the smal river(creek).
But, our dad thinks that it would be way to much work because all the rocks and mass needs to be transported in by hand. He thinks that it would be better to build a wooden platform instead, and create fundament by digging holes to fill with gravel and cement. We are worried that it would be to unstable that close to the river, but he is indeed correct that transporting all the material is a massive endeavor.
What would you guys recommend us to do? To build a wooden platform, or to fill it inn and secure it with rocks? Or do you have any other suggestions?
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2023.05.28 06:38 Dumbledas Simmumah Ur-Nokru Master DPS

I want to do the Master version of GotD but Im stuck at Simmumah. In the normal dungeon, my clan used thunderlords on day 1. I haven't run it back since but I figure that won't cut it in masters so what I've been using is arbalest, mida mini, and taipan on solar titan but the DPS is always subpar. I know it's probably a skill issue on my end but I really want that increased exotic drop chance. I don't usually run master-level content but for once the dungeon had an exotic that interests me.
I really am bashing my head against a stone wall here and any advice on weapons or anything really would help.
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2023.05.28 06:36 That_Man_112358 Thoughts on Book 2

Back with another write up since we're now on to Book 3.
Book 2 - Spoken on the Song Wind (6 players through most of it)
So far I think Book 2 is the weakest of the six as it required the most plate spinning to help it make sense. My players still enjoyed it and think I did a good job of keeping everything flowing, so I’ll accept it as a success.
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2023.05.28 06:34 Thatotherguy246 Dr. Stone: Ryuusui Discussion Thread

Note: This isn't coming to Toonami, but this OVA does lead into Season 3. So if you wanna catch up to where the Stone World is now uh...go watch it on Crunchyroll or something.

Bit of a different discussion thread this time, before the 3rd round of stories from the Stone World, there was a little OVA that took place in between the events of the last season and this one.
The new season takes place after this OVA, so if something doesn't add up with this season it probably because the answer lies in it.
Anyways, here's a thread to discuss that if you decide to go watch it. It's about an hour long give or take so it won't take much of your time.
no Idk if there's any fanservice in this.
Anyways, have fun.
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2023.05.28 06:31 FindingNo2931 Side effects might cause me to stop

I started Mounjaro about 5 weeks ago and have taken 4 shots of 2.5 mg. I’ve had some constipation. After the last two shots I’ve had fairly intense epigastric pain and sulphur burps that haven’t been resolved by Pepcid, baking soda/water or digestive enzymes. The epigastric pain lasts for 2/3 days and I can hardly eat anything during that time. Now I have a rash on my trunk that I think might be related. I looked up side effects, and rash was listed as less common. I wish I was one of the many that have no/minimal side effects. I have PCOS with insulin resistance and have lost 15 lbs and 13 inches. SW: 216.1, CW 201. It’s very difficult for me to lose otherwise, but I’m worried that the epigastric pain could be early signs of pancreatitis if I continue to take this med. Has anyone else dealt with something similar? I’m worried about regaining if I stop.
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2023.05.28 06:29 HKtx My son is one week old today, and fighting viral meningitis in the NICU.

One week ago, late at night on 5/19, I finally agreed to be taken to the L&D ER to get some IV fluids and testing since me, my husband, and our 20-month-old daughter had been fighting some kind of virus for a week (fevers, chills, sore throat, body aches). I had been having strong contractions since Mother’s Day (5/14) and being sick on top of that was absolute hell on earth. I was seen in the ER on Mother’s Day, but since I didn’t dilate past 1cm in 5 hours, they sent me home.
My mom took me in to be seen while my husband stayed home with our daughter. They got me hooked up to an IV and gave me some Tylenol to bring down my fever. They swabbed me for Covid/flu which both came back negative. I was still running a fever a couple hours later, and when they rechecked my cervix, I was almost 3 cm. They called my OB, who by some miracle was still on call for a few more hours, and she told them to get me ready for a 5am c-section. It was 3:40 am. I had a c-section scheduled for 39 weeks, and I was exactly 38 weeks. I had a history of a tear where the stitches came apart and I had to have surgery to get reinforced, industrial strength stitches. I also have prolapsed hemorrhoids, so between these two factors, my OB and I thought it best to have a primary c-section this time.
My mom rushed down the street to our house to wake my husband up and stay there with our daughter. We were both in shock that it was go-time and we would shortly be meeting our boy. I was so nervous, I threw up multiple times and had a small panic attack as they prepped me to go to the OR. They got me the spinal block and slowly I felt everything go numb. After some more puking and lots of moaning from the pressure and odd sensations, our boy was born at 5:41 am, weighing 7 lbs, 6 oz, 19 inches long. I heard the doctor call out that there was meconium in the amniotic fluid, and they worked on him to the side to get him to breathe/cry. They assured me he was okay, and soon I got stitched up and held him in my arms.
The next few hours were a blur. I didn’t expect to feel the pain from the incision so quickly, and so strongly. They gave me pain medicine that kept me fading in and out of consciousness. At some point, his breathing became labored and they took him to the NICU. He appeared to be doing better after monitoring him overnight, so they released him back up to the recovery room with me. All seemed to be okay, and for the next 36-ish hours, we got to enjoy being with our sweet baby, getting cuddles and working on breastfeeding. I was alone most of the time, especially at night, because my husband and mom were taking care of my daughter and coming to see me when they could.
Tuesday morning, I woke up to get my son out of his little bed after a sleepless night for both of us. He had been unsettled and crying weakly throughout the night, which I thought was just from gas or being hungry, as he was cluster feeding throughout the night. I picked him up and he was stiff, with an arched back and head cocked to one side. I called the nurse in, but by the time she decided to come, he had seemed to relax and they assured me he was fine. Later that afternoon when my mom was visiting, he did this weird posturing again and I remember saying aloud “look, what is he doing? That doesn’t seem right. I really think something is wrong.” Again, he loosened up and everyone assured me that his tummy must be upset or something minor, and not to overthink it.
Tuesday evening they were getting ready to discharge us. The pediatrician on-call had come by and cleared him to go home. When the nurse did his vital signs ~30 minutes later, he had a fever of 102. They took him to the nursery for blood tests and a chest X-ray. After about 45 minutes, I was thinking ‘this is taking a lot longer than I expected..’ and just then three doctors came in and sat around my bed. They told me that while doing the tests, he had a seizure and was rushed down to the NICU.
My world went blurry and I called my husband frantically to get here now. The next few hours were terrifying. They went to do a lumbar puncture after drawing blood for various tests, and he had another seizure. I now knew that the stiffness I had seen previously were seizures as well. They had him hooked up to an EEG to monitor seizure activity and started him on an anti-seizure medication overnight. They also had to start a feeding tube and oxygen cannula.
My husband and I barely existed overnight as we waited for any answers. We were terrified. The next morning, they were able to successfully perform the lumbar puncture and several other tests. We were told he had enterovirus and rhinovirus, and we’re awaiting the cultures to come back for the bacterial portion of the test. A couple days later, we were hit with the news that the MRI showed viral meningitis encephalitis caused by the viruses he contracted.
At this point, he is stable for the most part: no more noted seizure activity and his fever has seem to have subsided. He is still on oxygen and an NG tube for feeding. We are taking things day by day, hour by hour as he sets the course for us to follow in his recovery. Within a couple of weeks, the goal is to see his dependence on oxygen support slowly decrease enough for him to be able to eat by mouth again, and for him to regulate his temperatures. I want him home so badly with us. I want to hold him without wearing a plastic gown, gloves, and mask and without a million wires and tubes attached to his little body. I want to nurse him.
We will have to see if there will be any long-term damage from the seizures, fevers, and brain swelling, such as hearing loss/deafness, muscle atrophy, and possibly cognitive impairments. No matter what happens, we love and support our boy with all of our hearts.
Existing right now is nearly impossible. Between recovering from the c section, postpartum hormones, bathing, eating, pumping, and taking care of our toddler, I can hardly function. I feel like I’m fumbling around in the pitch black with my arms outstretched, looking for something to guide me. I feel so empty. I just want to see progress or get some kind of encouraging news to help me keep going. One day at a time, I guess. One hour, one minute, one second at a time.
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2023.05.28 06:25 alittlealchemy Strawberry Moon Market - June 3rd

Strawberry Moon Market - June 3rd
Get ready for the Strawberry Moon Market at the Colorado Springs City Auditorium on June 3rd from 3pm to 8pm! Shop local vendors and soak up the festive atmosphere under the beautiful full moon!
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2023.05.28 06:23 CaluhmetBob Still taking account bets on Celtics losing the series. If the Celtics win, I delete my account. If they lose, you delete yours. Any of you Celtics dorks have the stones to take the challenge?

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2023.05.28 06:22 civilenginerd_99 JK O.T. Safety Toe Arrived Today! (Initial impressions and problem)

JK O.T. Safety Toe Arrived Today! (Initial impressions and problem)
Saturday April 8th I was at work and received an email from JK boots for Easter offing 50 dollar off stock boots. Just the day before I was mulling over the Builder Pros from Nicks vs the JKs.
I was leaning toward the JKs anyway. They had the boot I would custom build from Nicks for less money and less lead time. I also didnt like the lead time, which was an estimated 325 days for when I spoke to Nicks.
I have been eyeing the JK O.T. for a while. I really wanted composite toe, 8" work boots with honey vibrams. I work in a limestone mine, I have to have safety toe unfortunately.
The online fit sheet is daunting. I wear Redwing 608/2408 in 9.5. Im a 9.5 on the Braddock, D in width, but just barely. The circumference of the ball of both my feet is 9.5 inches. I also wear a 9.5 D in Thorogoods, but those boots are trash.
Their fit guide told me right off the bat I needed an 8.5, but the width was tricky. There was an option of 9 3/8 and 9 5/8 for the circumference. Even though I was buying comp toe, I sized to 9 3/8" for a couple reasons. From my research their last runs wide. Which is why I assume they call their narrow "D". I also read that the heel of their last is slightly more roomy. I also decided to just put faith in the chart that a custom bootmaker would know their product.
On Saturday April 8th I ordered the O.T.s in Redwood 8.5 D (which is narrow in JK). I got my email staying that they will reserve me a pair and ship them out within 2-6 weeks. $568.53 was the total, and I get a $250 yearly boot allowance. So 318.53 is what they will cost me after reimbursement.
I will say these boots will be abused. I work as quality control at a stone mine. They get in some nasty muck, and the lime dust dries out and cracks leather. Ive always used Obenaufs, and I will use that to aid in waterproofing. But they will be regularly cleaned and conditioned, and if I fall in love with them a second pair will be ordered to rotate them and prolong the life of them.
Wednesday 5/24/23 the boots were marked as shipped, and Saturday May 27th they arrived.
They came packaged well, and individually wrapped in bags. It came with Spenco insoles and leather laces, Obenaufs Oil, and a sticker with fit papers.
The boots are beautiful. Stitching was immaculate, and the sheer quality is like nothing ive ever had or had seen anywere.
Trying them on they were very stiff, and bordering immobilizing my ankle. My fit was perfect. 8.5 D was found using their fit chart, so trust it and measure to verify.
They fit good so I start to oil them. They really drink up oil like crazy. But be careful to not get around the eyelets, as Tim at JK said they can pull out prematurely.
PROBLEM: While oiling the second boot, I noticed two small deep slits in the leather right by a speed hook. It looks like to me it happened during or after eyelet installation, as you can see a little impact mark on the eyelet as well. I emailed the help contact provided voicing my concern about the eyelet prematurely pulling out. I will report back on what they say and what their solution is.
Wearing the boots around town today for about a mile and a half, they really started to loosen up. Ill be able to wear them for my 12 hours on Tuesday. They look decent even with the safety toe. What surprised me was how quiet and soft them were. Red Wing Iron Rangers have that "clack" on the floor and feel hard, however these feel soft and good on the knees and arches.
They are incredibly nice boots. I really wanted to put some info out on these boots as there doesnt seem to be much on JK, better yet the O.T. boots which seem amazing. A companys product is only as good as their service, so I will update all yall on the solution as I find out.
Will do a full review once I really work them.
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2023.05.28 06:22 Zephir62 Back when “video games” were an IRL social experience, even the single player ones.

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2023.05.28 06:22 tyzsupplies Can’t remember the movie

So I can’t remember the movie But i remember a scene and I think it’s a beginning scene
this girl gets these stones/ elements and puts them in her bag she either goes on a plane or a train and the elements end up touching creating this bad storm and then the main character (I can’t remember who but it’s a guy) goes up to her and separated the stones/elements
I know it’s not much to go off of But that’s all I can remember and now I want to know what movie this is
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2023.05.28 06:21 zAnubisDog9 Question ⁉️

Is it bad to have low urine output with one kidney stone on my right side or should I go to urologist?
It's been 2 years since I found out I had kidney stones, I had 3 at the time felt pain in my kidneys and groin like I passed some. Now last week, I started getting bad cramp and Sharp pain in my right kidney and after two days. I noticed I got low urine output now no Matter how much water I drink. Is this normal or should I seek help? Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 06:20 Nelden1998 [Pf1e] I'm needing help to find items and spells to boost my diplomacy skill or my charisma modifier !

In short I'm playing kingmaker atm and we are about to sign a treaty with house garess, as well open embassies with house medyved, orlovsky and in mivon. the diplomacy check is rather high but I think my charachter can pass it, however I need to find and make use of all avaible items and resources at hand. I can't spend more atm... I also need spells that can improve your diplomacy one way or another but that you can cast on other people so visualization of the mind don't work.
This is my current list of spendings for the ocasion.
6k headband of charisma.
Ioun stone Cracked magenta prism: 400 GP (we have someone that can craft this.)
Royal Clothes: 400 GP (if the realm don’t cover and its advised to buy 2 new ones.)
4 Masterwork tools (gems, and so of each house.) 200 GP
if you have any sugestions to buy another item instead or of a spell to use please don't hesitate to give then !
thanks for the help !
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2023.05.28 06:20 SirTowerDive LF Trade evo help

Need help evolving electivire
I got boxes of breedjects, 6ivs, and items like elemental stones to trade too
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2023.05.28 06:16 tiamat1968 Development of Syntactic Alignment and Verb Agreement in West Kairatan Languages

It’s been a while since I have posted my project Kairata Language family. The Kairata language family is spoken in a series of city states, their colonies and the surrounding countryside of this region of my (unnamed) conworld project called Hammiasati. This post will cover Kairata languages spoken in the city states of Kisa-Nīsar and Haptakias, Kāirl and Waptəyze Qōm respectively. However, for the sake of making it easier for me to type I will just refer to these languages as Kisa-Nisar and Haptakias.
To reintroduce this conlang project, I decided to discuss the syntactic alignments of the Kairata parent language and its children and the connected system of verbal agreement.I think it lets you get a good sense of the phonology, phonological processes, and the development of the languages. The Western Kairatan languages are some of the more divergent phonologically with grammatical conservatism varying from the more conservative Kisa-Nisar variety and the more divergent Haptakias variety.

The Original System

Kairata is fairly standard ergative absolutive language. The Agent of a transitive verb is marked with the ergative case, the patient of a transitive verb and the subject of an intransitive verb are marked with the absolutive, and the recipient or benefactor argument is marked with the dative.
Case suffix taur - "man"
Absolutive -0 taur - man.abs
Ergative -sa taursa - man.erg
Dative -ep taurep - man.dat
Kairata has three sets of personal affixes, one for the patient/intransitive subject, one for the agent, and one for the indirect object.
Absolutive agreement
Person singular plural
1st -u -(n)na
2nd -e -(m)ma
3rd Human -0 -rin
3rd NonHuman -0 -xi
Ergative agreement
Person singular plural
1st m(a)- ē-
2nd n(i)- ā-
3rd Human -0 r-
3rd NonHuman -0 x-
Person singular plural
1st u- n(a)-
2nd ē- m(a)-
3rd Human si- ī-
3rd NonHuman ku- ī-
Affix order on the verb:
Intransitive Verb: kīn-ep- - “to go (by foot)”
Person singular plural
1st kīnepu kīnepna
2nd kīnepe kīnepma
3rd Human kīnep kīneprin
3rd NonHuman kīnep kīnepxi
Transitive Verb: ŋahká- - “to hold” (conjugated with a 3rd nonhuman plural patient)
Person singular plural
1st maŋahkáxi ēŋahkáxi
2nd niŋahkáxi āŋahkáxi
3rd Human ŋahkáxi reŋahkáxi
3rd NonHuman ŋahkáxi xeŋahkáxi
Ditransitive Verb: xiā-r- - “to give” (conjugated with a 3rd person nonhuman singular patient and a first or second person agent)
Person singular plural
1st nuxiār ninaxiār
2nd mēxiār mamaxiār
3rd Human masixiār mīxiār
3rd NonHuman makuxiār mīxiār

Early destabilization

The Kairata languages have their origins in the lands to the north of Hammiasati. By the time that Kairata was first attested, the speakers had migrated southwards into the region around the city-state of Sanua. Many of these cities pre-existed the arrival of the Kairata speakers and spoke a language called Kweddia (foreshadowing future posts). Unlike Kairata Kweddia had a direct-inverse system where animacy and topicality played an important role in its agreement and alignment system.
As Kairata replaced Kweddia in the region, Kweddia’s influence helped destabilize Kairata’s system. The first way this manifested was in the introduction of greater use of topicality. The second was that inanimate objects could no longer be agents. Any sentence where an inanimate object could possibly be an agent, the passive was used and the inanimate argument was demoted to an instrumental.
\kasétsa kāhsar petārkuretxi* *kasét-sa kāhsar ptā-r-kur-t-xi *stone-erg bird "\the stone killed the birds”*
Kasétak mē kāhsar petārrukkuretxi kasét-ak mē kāhsar ptā-r-ruk-kur-t-xi stone-gen instr bird “The birds, they were killed with the stone.”

Development of the Western system

The West Central Kairata varieties underwent a couple changes that impacted its verbal agreement. The loss of unstressed vowels have led to loss of agreement with absolutive arguments in the singular. Similarly it caused a lot of agentive prefixes for the 2nd and 1st person plurals. However, West Central dialects responded to this varies quite a bit.


Kisa-Nisar mostly maintained the ancestral ergative-absolutive system with the dative being used for the recipient of a ditransitive verb.
Case suffix tawr - "man"
Absolutive -0 tawr
Ergative -s tawrs
Dative -b tawrb
As mentioned above, the phonological changes undergone by the Western Kairata Languages left them very unstable. Kisa-Nisar resolved this by eliminating number agreement for both patient and agent arguments.
Person Patient/intransitive subject Agent
1st -n m-
2nd -m n-
3rd Human -ŕń r-
3rd Nonhuman x-
Ex. čīmm- “to walk”
Person Conjugated verb
1st čimm-n > čimmən
2nd čimm-m > čimməm
3rd Human čimm-ŕń > čimməŕəń
3rd Nonhuman čimm-š > čimməš
Ex. arźr- - “to eat” (third person nonhuman patient)
Person Conjugated verb
1st m-arźr-š > marźərš
2nd n-arźr-š > narźərš
3rd Human r-arźr-š > rarźərš
3rd Nonhuman _x-arźr-š > xarźərš
While it has maintained the ancestral ergative absolutive, this is heavily complicated by the expansion of topicality. While Kairata had a topic marker, Kisa-Nisar developed its own construction using the particular ša (descended from the Kairatan copula). When an argument is topicalized it is marked with the absolutive. However, the verb is still conjugated for the topicalized argument with respect to its syntactic role.
Īźl ša, znā ərxasgəlš. īl ša znā r-xas-gl-š Merchant TOP cloth 3h-cut-pst.perf-3nh "The merchant cut the cloth."
Māžž ša, unnəs rāššərgəlš maj-š ša unn-s r-āšš-r-gl-š Red.berry-pl TOP child-erg 3h-crush-theme-pst.perf-3nh "The redberries, the child crushed them."


The Kairata passed down to its daughters a serial verb construction. This had very extensive use in the ancestral language and still does in the eastern languages. However in the west, it began to take on a more restrictive form used to express additional aspects, volition, mood, etc.
tixepkurtu ása’atep sâināni’u tix-ep-kur-t-u ása'at-ep sâin-āni-u sit-theme-perf2-pst-1sg letter-dat write-anti-passive-1sg "I sat down and wrote a letter."
tiɣbgələn azdb sāinnən tiɣ-b-gl-n azd-b sāin-n-n sit-theme-pst.perf-1 letter write-antipass-1 "I had started writing a letter."
While in Kisa Nisar, the construction stayed a serial verb construction, Haptakias took it a step further. In Haptakias, the serial verb construction developed into an auxiliary construction. In this new construction the verb that would have appeared second in the series is raised, but in the process loses all conjugation, with the exception of the antipassive suffix, which has become a construct stem suffix for verbs.
Stage 1:
wudnin ħāddin qudb wazrnin wudn-yn ħād-b-yn qud-b waz-r-n-yn child-pl fall-theme-3pl pickles-dat eat-theme-antipass-3pl "The children are accidentally eating pickles"
Stage 2:
wudnin qudb wazrn ħāddin wudn-yn qud-b waz-r-n ħad-b-yn Child-pl pickles eat-theme-con fall-them-3pl "The children are accidentally eating pickles"
The end result of this shift is that the agent is now in a nominate case and with the verb conjugated for it and the patient is in a new accusative (the role of the dative case as marking the recipient has been taken over by the preposition ra). This was subsequently generalized to all verb forms resulting in the total loss of ergativity and the loss of agent agreement prefixes.
The new case system
suffix example: wātst - "ascetic"
Nominative -0 wātst
Accusative -b wātst-b > wātsətb
When -b is added on the noun ending in a nasal the following change occurs: -N-b > -mm > -bm. When there is a consonant preceding the nasal, then the end result is -bu. However, should the nasal be preceded by a geminate or if the consonant preceding -b be a geminate, a ə is inserted before -b.
nʕām -”meat”, nʕām + b > nʕābm
wudn - “child”, wudn + b > wudbu
ħādd - “bread”, ħadd + b > ħaddəb
All other cases are governed by Haptakias Kairata’s rules for handling consonant clusters.
Unlike Kisa-Nisar Kairata, Haptakias does not try to resolve the loss of singular agreement suffixes, instead verbs only agree with plural arguments.
Person Singular Plural
1st -0 -n
2nd -0 -m
3rd Human -0 -yn
3rd Nonhuman -0
However, most spoken dialects reduce the agreement to only agreeing along lines of number with a human vs nonhuman distinction.
Person Singular Plural
Human -0 -yn
Nonhuman -0
ex. kībm - to go
Person Singular Plural
1st kībm kībm-n > kībun
2nd kībm kībm-m > kībum
3rd Human kībm kībm-yn > kībmin
3rd Nonhuman kībm kībm-ɣ > kībuɣ
Ex. wazr - “to eat”
Person Singular Plural
1st wazr wazrn
2nd wazr wazrm
3rd Human wazr wazr-yn > wazrin
3rd Nonhuman wazr wazrɣ

Sample sentences

I ran home
tuārami rekasebemtu tuāra-mi rkas-eb-m-t-u house-lat run-theme-perf1-pst-1sg
Kisa-Nisar: tāwrń sen ərgazbgələn tāwr-ń sen rgaz-b-gl-n house-prep to run-theme-pst.perf-1
mun tōrn han rʕahbəʕd mun tōr-n han rʕah-b-ʕd 1sg house-prep to run-them-pst.perf
They broke the pots
síssu repārirkuretxi síssu r-pār-ir-kur-t-xi pot
sišš ərpāŕŕəgəlš sis-š r-pār-jr-gl-š clay.pot-pl 3h-break-theme-pst.perf-3nh
sīra sihibm pāyyəʕdin sīra sih-yn-b pār-\r-ʕd-yn* clay.pot-pl-acc
Note: the Haptakias example entails a purposeful action, ħād-b- is required to denote an accident. The other examples are ambiguous on volition.
The man gives the dog meat
taursa xuemep nukâm rekuxiār taur-sa xuem-ep nukâm r-ī-xiā-r man-erg dog-dat meat
tawrs famb ngām əržārš tawr-s fam-b ngām r-žā-r-š man-erg dog-dat meat 3h-give-theme-3nh
tor fabm ra nʕābm ɣār tor fam-b ra nʕām-b ɣā-r man dog-acc to meat-acc give
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2023.05.28 06:15 Saturn_Bubblez I am fucking crazy, but I am free. /ref

I am fucking crazy, but I am free. /ref
Creating a huge art piece of every single song from the Family Tree Album, here’s the progress after a few days!
I want everyone who enjoys these Albums to have a nice huge visual tree to look at when listening to the songs.
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2023.05.28 06:15 gunsanity Is Ford GTE Worth It For New Purchase?

Just made it to class A and want to do the Puredriving Euro Sprint Series. I'm a GT racing guy mostly, so I am drawn to the Ford GTE...I really want to drive that car. However, I want to be practical with my purchase. What's the likelihood this car sticks around in a primary series? I feel like since it hasn't been raced IRL in years it's on its way out in iRacing. This leads me to pick up the P217 which would be useable in far more series and also be a good stepping stone to the Caddy when it comes out, which I know I'll want.
Any input from the peanut gallery?
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2023.05.28 06:14 robertjbrown Doge (Shiba Ino) made of solid gold, in Japanese village at sunset

Doge (Shiba Ino) made of solid gold, in Japanese village at sunset

Nothing super clever and no tiddies, sorry. I thought it came out nice and especially like the environment.
"shiba inu dog, made of smooth, shiny gold chromed metal, reflecting the surroundings. beautiful smooth polished golden chrome. in an old japanese village, sitting on old interesting stone wall next to a canal, slightly blurry background, late afternoon lighting sun coming through trees, beautiful photograph"
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2023.05.28 06:13 wobblydee 2013 Audi R8 coupé v10 plus 5.2 fsi quattro

Pi is s900 however theres room for race springs or second lightest wheels. I have stock springs because default race spring settings ruined the feel of the car and i lack spring tuning skills.
HMC 59.893 this is my fastest HMC time so far.
Car is still a bit understeering on corner exit but being light enough on the throttle to keep front diff from locking helped corner exit a lot. The wing on there greatly improved the understeering while also not being the forza wing. Also i play in automatic, standard steering no assists
If someone could help me with tuning race springs for it to improve times or give feedback on your time it would be great to know how i compare to better drivers

2013 Audi R8 Coupe V10 plus 5.2 FSI quattro - S1 900

2013 Audi R8 Coupe V10 plus 5.2 FSI quattro - S1 900

Weight 3017 lbs
Balance 45%
HP 753
Torque 553 lb-ft
Top Speed 224.7 mph
0-60 2.281s
0-100 4.625s
Share Code 168 122 790,
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Engine Stock
Drivetrain Stock
Aspiration Twin turbo
Body Kit Stock
Intake Stock
Intake Manifold Race
Fuel System Stock
Ignition Stock
Exhaust Race
Camshaft Stock
Valves Race
Displacement Race
Pistons Stock
Twin Turbo Race Anti-lag
Intercooler Stock
Oil Cooling Stock
Flywheel Race
Platform And Handling
Brakes Stock
Springs Stock
Front Arb Race
Rear Arb Race
Chassis Reinforcement Stock
Weight Reduction Race
Clutch Race
Transmission Stock
Driveline Race
Differential Drift
Tires And Rims
Compound Semi-Slick
Tire Width Front 285 mm, Rear 345 mm
Rim Style Stock
Rim Size Front Stock in, Rear Stock in
Track Width Front Third, Rear Third
Profile Size Front Stock, Rear Stock
Aero and Appearance
Front Bumper Stock
Rear Bumper N/A
Side Skirts N/A
Hood N/A


Tires bar psi
Front 1.90 27.5
Rear 1.97 28.5
Gears Ratio
Not Applicable
Alignment Camber Toe Caster
Front -1.0° 0.0° 5.0°
Rear -1.0° 0.0°
Front 10.5
Rear 49.0
Springs kgf/mm lbs/in n/mm
Not Applicable
Ride Height cm in
Damping Rebound Bump
Aero kgf lb
Not Applicable
Brakes %
Balance 50%
Pressure 100%
Differential Accel Decel
Front 7% 0%
Rear 79% 30%
Center 75%
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2023.05.28 06:12 smokingongg Best Anime to watch while stoned?

Just finished rewatching Naruto Shippuden. Looking for something that’ll really peak my interest and I trust y’all’s opinions more than anyone on an anime sub reddit because I’m not looking for all the extra shit. Just a good anime to watch while blazing.
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2023.05.28 06:11 slinkslowdown Sugar Means Ships [c. 1917-1919]

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2023.05.28 06:10 Jert01 Protection magic 101: basics

This one is admittedly an older write up that I never posted here, however I’ve worked on it so much that it's basically a different bit of text all together. I really had fun working on it. I will always stress that my words are never law! These are just my ideas, feel free to disagree with me.
In my opinion I see protection magic as a very fundamental building block to anyone trying to get into practice. This is for a few different reasons: A) its one of the easiest forms of energy manipulation. B) it is extremely difficult to harm yourself with. C) it quite literally uses basic shapes, colors, and symbols which can then be further developed into more complex workings. E) its a great first step into magic theory as a whole, in fact, I’d count it as just one step above blowing out a candle to make a wish or writing something in a journal to manifest.
It can also be one of the first steps to learning discernment. Protection magic as a starting point is just you molding your energy against a background of other collective unknown energy. Having such a simple black and white difference of “my energy” and “not my energy” is the first lesson of differentiating between subtle forms of matter(technically mental forms of matter). Simple “my energy” and “not my energy” are the bones of learning how to sense spirits, learning how to communicate spirits, how to tell spirits apart from one another, how to tell the difference between you and a spirit, and much much more.
And obviously the biggest reason for why its so great is that its- well protective. You are able to defend yourself, this builds up your confidence as a starting magician. Confidence and education are the best tools against fear.
Its funny because learning magic is like sending yourself back to kindergarten. You have to learn basic shapes, you have to learn simple visualization, you have to learn basic black and white before filling out the vast amount of complexities that exist within the occult/spiritual world. Its baby steps, and those steps are critical to someone's development as a magician. Especially if someone seeks to have the occult be a large part of their life. The occult is a marathon not a sprint. When starting out you have to treat things like learning a very new language, start simple.
While the following breakdown of protection magic is old I will vastly expand on it and break things down much more. Please remember that I am no master, I am no teacher, I am no King, I am just a Magician. My words are never law! This is just one Magician sharing their thoughts and opinions with other Magicians. That is it. Without further ado:
I am someone who stresses protection but not someone who jumps at every shadow or cries "i've been cursed" at every misfortune. I like to be as well informed as possible while being as practical as possible. Protection serves to not only defend yourself against possible threats but to ground yourself from personal thoughtforms.
With protection magic you have to understand the general concept you are working with. Protection is something primal. being kept safe, healthy, and secured away from things that wish to harm you is core to most animals. Humans are born with an innate fear of falling. we seek safety instinctually. We find the right means to protect ourselves with not matter if its physical, emotional, mental, and of course spiritual.
I am aware that some claim that protection is not needed however I would firmly disagree. Since the start of folklore and mythology there have been threats that humans wove tales about. These small rhymes, rules of thumb, and magical cures for angered spirits have become a staple in culture and collective understanding. So even if you are an atheist( or someone who doesn’t see the use or logic of protection magic) I find it interesting to at least go over the idea of spiritual protection and understand the reasons behind it.
First, you have to define what you are protecting, what you're protecting from, and how you are protecting it. You wouldn't wear deodorant to protect yourself from viruses. You don't wash your hands to protect yourself from getting robbed. The fact of the matter is that protection needs to be applied correctly against the correct threat. This is true for most magic as well.
The “what you are protecting” is simple enough. You can protect just about anything and everything but boiling it down to generals it will normally be:
1) Yourself
2) Your space
3) Your property
Things can of course be made more complicated! You can add protections on your finances. You can add protections to your job. You can ensure that your mind is protected from being swayed or influenced. You can secure your housing or living situation with protections. You can even add protections to your pets.
The “what” In protection magic is very easy to pick and is probably the easiest of steps in regards to this type of energy work.
If you feel that you’re missing some type of protection in an area of your life a good question that I generally ask is “how would I attack myself.” As outlandish as it may seem, putting yourself in the shoes of an attacking spirit can really highlight your weaknesses in defense. Think about how you would attack yourself. How would you bring you to ruin? Destabilize your mental state? Turn your vices sour? Cause arguments between your friend group? Really sit down and think about it.
If you were an enemy to you how would you take yourself down? Once you’ve written a list of your weaknesses or openings then its up to you to place protections on those weak spots. No one can ever be 100% on anything however you can get close.
But the above only applies to people who are slightly more advanced in their practice. If you are just starting in this field of energy work then focusing on the basics of Protecting Yourself, Protecting your space, or protecting your property will be enough.
No matter what the “what” is in your workings of protection magic once you have it you can move onto the next step.
Protection from What?
The way that I learned it there are three core "threats" that you'll be needing to protect yourself from:
Harmful entities
Other magicians
Negative spaces
These three core threats can again be more complex but overall most dangers can come from one of the three or a mix of them.
Protection from other magicians/ other people has two layers in it. Im sure everyone knows what the “evil eye” is. A classic tale of jealousy, hate, ignorance, and anger wrapped up into a single strong gaze that sends a nasty wave of energy aimed at one person in particular. People like this can also spread rumors which can be harmful in its own right. I would count this person as a threat just as much as I’d count another practiced magician as threat.
However if you keep to yourself magic wise and don't go around discord or reddit or Facebook occult groups then running into another magician to piss off is rather difficult. The second layer to this however is mundane people in mundane situations. The threat of robbery, toxic people, and backstabbing is equally a threat as is a magic or evil eye related one.
These layers to the threats of the “other magician/ harmful person” should be handled differently! Just as each method of attack is different, each method of protection from it needs to be different as well. This isn’t me suggesting that every protective ritual has to be miles different then another when you go to make protective items, just that each situation needs to be thought upon differently and carefully.
For all workings- not just defensive ones, I highly recommend you sit down with a type of divination and vet your ideas in regards to protection. Vet if the herbs you're adding to your protection bottle will actually align with the method of protection you want. Vet if the chants you found on the internet would actually be beneficial for the energy work you’re doing. Ask questions! And critically think. You might get a flood of inspiration with grand ideas of ancient circles or pentagrams however if it runs counter to the herbs you're adding then it will make the working muted. Everything has qualities, layers, associations, and aspects.
We all know the basic
Fire - expansion, light
Water - shrinkage, heavy
Air - light, flowing
Earth - heavy, solid
These qualities are important in magic. These qualities being used as measuring systems in the type of energy they bring to a practice are both subjective and objective. Objectively breaking down a plant like a dandelion into various qualities can tell us that its associated with the sun, strength, and air. Its associated with these qualities because of the color, it’s persistence, and the plant's natural cycle of spreading seeds. However breaking it down in a more subjective lens can tell us that its been associated with dreams, wishes, and the heart.
The basic theory behind the understanding of qualities is that nature comes in patterns and repeats. Its the simple as above so below. Learning qualities and how they relate to everything else is hard to learn at first however starting with basic elemental associations for things is a good bridge to start.
Personal associations can have more impact then objective ones in my opinion because its the filter that your energy is going through. How you understand something and how you interpret something will shape your energy. If that shape is the key to the result you want will depend and is why I suggest vetting ideas with divination.
Make sure to vet everything you do in a working. Ask if it effectively brings the change you want. See if there are ways to improve it. Above all make sure you understand the reasons for each step, each herb, each chant, and each everything.
Bringing back the focus to various threats leads me to focus on harmful entities. Harmful entities is a label that I apply to general hostile astral spirits, hostile spirits, or pissed off spirits. The core to this label is that it addresses non physical threats and more astral attacks that can bring harm to your physical body eventually. Technically if a magician were to astral project to you and attempt to cause harm, sow discord, destabilize, ect then they could fall under this label as well.
This is often the big bad that most people think about when they ask about protection magic. Horror movies show us that spirits are just itching to scam, steal, and trick us in some way or form. Setting up protections against this type of threat is good for peace of mind and can come in handy if you happen to cross paths with something thats less then happy.
The last “threat” in this section is negative spaces. This threat is something that I’ve rarely encountered but that I find important to mention. Places with “bad vibes”, spaces where intense violence occurred, some cemeteries, ect. This is where the threat is the area itself and it’s draining capabilities. Think of it like stepping into an old oil puddle that stinks. The stench clings onto your pants and soon you feel like it’s everywhere. The main danger with this type of threat is that it not only drains you but it can attract harmful spirits. These places can make you feel sick, dizzy, cause panic, and even nightmares after you’ve moved from the space.
Needless to say no one wants to experience that so its good to set wards against it.
Each of the sections build up to the final step of protection workings, the how. Just how do you go about protecting yourself? How do you know what qualities are best against certain threats? How do you go about putting it all together?
I am going to answer these questions but I hope not to lead away from the theory that I like to stress. I adore writing rituals and giving instructions but what I mainly like to use these posts as is basic theory. The idea behind the rituals and complex structures that are found within grimoires. The base formula that magic is set up on and that makes it work. I will go on about basic visualization but this how section is not a ritual instruction! This is not a herb recommendation list, or me giving invocations out. This is the base formula of how to use energetic protection. There will always be more complexities then I have time to write for. There will always be more ways to shape, twist, form, and mold energy in creative, efficient, and effective ways to strengthen the effect of a working.
With that out of the way the “how” is the most complicated and vast part of these types of workings. There are so many ways to mold energy, so many ways to call on herbs, gods, use planets, ect. There are so many rituals out there for people to find uncrossings, protection charms, and other protective items. This how section will focus on the black and white of “my energy” and “not my energy.” After you’ve identified what you’re protecting and what you’re protecting it from the how comes down to you.
It comes down to what you have available and what types of vetting you did in the other steps.
Most importantly of all, keep it simple. More does not always mean better. I can slap 50 herbs together in a jar but that doesn’t mean its stronger. The main action of the “How” is *How*ever you plan to weave the above steps together. You will need to raise the energy needed to activate the protection. You get to form your own puzzle of ideas and simple shapes to create as many walls around you as you want.
There are various mediums in which you can toss your herbs, stones, sigils, chants, and visualization together.
You can use candles
You can use jars
You can use waters
You can use oils
When putting everything together don't focus too much on how strong something is or how complex it is. Follow what feels right and practice. The occult is a grand place with many secrets and many voices. The best way to stretch yourself out and explore small steps into it is by practicing.
As said before I am no master. My words are never law and people will think differently then I do. Protection magic as a whole is a huge and in-depth study that I didn’t even scratch the surface of. This write up went past what my old one used to be and im kinda happy about that. I might post the old one if I ever feel called to but right now thats all I have! I’d love to hear other’s ideas about protection magic.
and ofc I didn't proof read this nor will I.
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