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Welcome! This is a friendly place for those cringe-worthy and (maybe) funny attempts at humour that we call dad jokes. Often (but not always) a verbal or visual pun, if it elicited a snort or face palm then our community is ready to groan along with you. To be clear, dad status is not a requirement. We're all different and excellent. Some people are born with lame jokes in their heart and so here, everyone is a dad. Some dads are wholesome, some are not. It's about how the joke is delivered.

2009.06.24 17:40 allahuakbar79 Scambaiting

Welcome To /SCAMBAIT! The Largest Scambaiting Community On Reddit! Scambaiting by definition is the practice of feigning interest in a fraudulent scheme in order to waste a scammer's time and resources to keep them away from real victims. Share your scambaiting success stories, workflows, techniques, or post questions to other members of the group.

2017.03.21 23:09 _FlameWeaver_ SuicideMeme. Best Meme.

SuicideMeme. Best Meme

2023.05.28 05:38 Sosido Optimum Fantasy Farming

Hi there! I am playing a fantasy farming game where you can raise animals and each animal gives a two resources. Examples include:
There are about 40 types of animals and 9 resource types. Each animal has a 2 resource types with there being some overlap between species. I can only have 20 animals. How can I use math to find the ultimate combination of animals so that I have as equal distribution as possible for the resources I am harvesting?
This would mean I would get 4 of 5/9 of the resource types and 5 of 4/9 resource types daily. I've gotten pretty close to this via trial and error, but I know there is got to be an optimum way.
When trying to look up help online, I just found a lot of stuff explaining how to calculate the total number of combinations.
Thank you for your help!
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2023.05.28 05:38 CalicoIda Koala Forest High School: How to lose a war to a bunch of Emus.

With the Birthday of Platypus, the girls began talking about their schools birds but for Wallaby, this brings up some rather interesting memories. This features a character named Perentie. Perentie is a rather large, cushy student due to the fact that she's a big eater and is kind of fat. She has a hair color mixture of earthy brown, cream and tan with brown eyes.
"I think Platypus' birthday party has gone very well. Well since we got nothing else to do, should we talk about something else?" Darjeeling asked the gang if they had anything they wanted to talk about.
"Man that party was fun, I wouldn't believe it that Perentie would dive into the food pile. Big girl she is." Kay told them as she definitely seemed to enjoy today.
"All right settle down you two. Now since we have nothing else to talk about, who wants to talk about birds?" Wallaby asked Kay and Darjeeling if they wanted to talk about birds.
"Sure." Darjeeling told them.
"So Kay what is your school's bird?" Wallaby asked if she had an idea of what her bird was.
"Our school's national bird i s the bald eagle. It's a strong, patriotic symbol of Saunders, and a deeply valued and protected species." Kay told the group about what her bird species was.
"A friend from the Indian themed school told me that her national bird is the peafowl. It's a beautiful creature whose vivid colors represent her school, so we list it as a protected species." Darjeeling told them that her friend liked the Peafowl. Wallaby began speaking to the two of them.
"My national bird is the emu, and it's a PEST." Wallaby told them. Kay and Darjeeling paused in silence before Wallaby continue to speak. "Also, bloody delicious!"
"So Emus. Why are they considered pests if they are your school's national bird? Shouldn't it be listed as a protected species?" Darjeeling asked Wallaby.
"I'm hungry again I want to challenge Perentie to another contest with food." Kay complained that she wanted revenge.
"So Emus we have a bunch of them roaming around the school are considered pests as we had instances with them coming onto our turf when they didn't belong there." Wallaby began. "So for starters, a good chunk of the population in the school are farmers living on homesteads. Also our school's soil blows its pretty terrible for farming. On a scale from Margaret Thatcher's corpse to Octomom. Our soil is a rough Clinton in terms of fertility. Also Saunders economy after people ravaged the school for the third time in the course of three years also sucks. So we're pretty much left with little to nothing and then the Emu infestation shows up. These gangily dillholes were all over the place just walkin on crops and crappin on crops and crappin on walks and croppin on craps and crabbin on the docks and captain on the rocks you get the idea. So we decided to evaluate the situation and try to decide to weigh on what limited options we had so we could either spend even more on the welfare of our farmers, money we don't have or we can go out of our way and begin slaughtering emus." Wallaby attempted to retell the story as best as she could. Kay raised her hand as she was rather excited.
"I go with option two!" Kay shouted, she was fond of bringing out guns to fight the Emus.
"Calm down Kay, let Wallaby tell the story." Darjeeling told Kay to let Wallaby tell the story.
"So me, Platypus and Perentie along with two Lewis Machine guns along with 10,000 rounds of ammunition were tasked with hunting down the Emus. They even sent a camera crew along with us to capture some good old propoganda for the school to give the illusion to the people that were were doing something but this job proved to be much harder than it was on paper." Wallaby attempted to describe on what happened. The it flashed back to where She, Platypus and Perentie were tasked with slaughtering Emus. Platypus and Perentie had the machine guns in their hands as Platypus spotted a target.
"Target spotted!" Platypus shouted. She raised her Lewis gun and fired at the target thinking it was an Emu. She fired off a couple of shots.
"Well, was it an emu?" Wallaby asked if they managed to take out an Emu. Perentie picked up the target that Platypus shot.
"No, Wallaby. It's an emo." Perentie told Wallaby that they didn't get the target they were hoping for.
"Dammit Platypus! Learn your vowels!" Wallaby shouted at Platypus for taking out the wrong target.
"I'm surry." Platypus told Wallaby. The Emus meanwhile we're watching nearby as the mob got together to weigh the options as three teenagers were coming after them.
"Okay, it looks like the humans are coming for us. But check this out. I've come up with an amazing plan. See if you can follow me here, okay? When they approach, we run away." The Emu leader told his mob. The Emus began to think about it before one of them began to speak.
"Sir... you're a genius." Another Emu told his friend.
"So apparently we set up the Lewis guns and we began firing at Emus but the Emus split up into smaller mobs meaning we could only focus on one mob at a time meaning most of them got away. And emus are tough as hell, they can take a bullet or three and still run away at full speed. They were meat-laiden tanks and Emu warfare is something that we can't mess with. We were only able to kill "A number of birds" and I remember telling myself "If we had a military division with the bullet carrying capacity of these birds, it would face any army in the world." So the winner of the first battle had to go to the Emus." Wallaby described what happened. It looked like their bird friends were tough and taking them out was going to be a challenge.
"So what happened next? Did you try round two?" Darjeeling asked.
"Well..." Wallaby began as she tried to find the next piece to the story. "Okay, we need to get closer." Wallaby told them. Platypus and Perentie leaned into Wallaby as this annoyed the latter. "No, you idiots, not to me, to the emus!"
"Oh sorry." Perentie told Wallaby before backing away.
"No, no... I like it." Wallaby told Perentie that she liked being hugged. "So next, we tried sneaking up on a large number of emus near a local dam, and firing at short range. Maybe we were just unlucky, but my professional opinion says the emus were magic, because both guns jammed after just twelve emus were killed. And once again, the rest got away. The Emus won the second battle."
"Sounds like you three aren't doing well." Darjeeling told Wallaby.
"Well Yeah." Wallaby sighed. "We were feeling a little humiliated after losing to a pack of discount ostriches, so we decided to move further south, where the emus were said to be tamer. And this time, we had a new strategy." Wallaby explained as she had a new plan in mind. They decided to borrow a truck and mount one of the Lewis guns on the back of it. "Okay, Platypus. Here's the plan: you mount the machine gun in the back, I'll chase the emus, you shoot. Got it?"
"Got it." Platypus repilied. Wallaby began to drive while Platypus fired away, the Emus scattered in many directions meaning it was hard to whip the machine gun around. Plus with the bumpy road, it made it impossible to aim properly. Eventually, Platypus was catapulted off of the truck and landed in some soft sand face first while the truck struck an Emu and flipped upside down. Wallaby wasn't harmed while the camera crew were filming.
"I'm gonna shove that camera up your—" Wallaby angrily told the camera crew. "The operation was a fiasco, and the press had a field day. In Parliament, I was lambasted, and the opposition party members suggested that medals should be handed out to the emus, who'd won every round so far. We were feeling quite humiliated and after firing 2,500 bullets, we called the operation off, but four days later, the farmers approached again, and said: "Hey, man. The emus are still eating all our crops. Can you send the army back out here?" And we were like yeah okay. So we continued firing away and after a few days we only had 100 bullets left before calling the operation off yet again. So we fired 9,900 bullets and we only had 986 confirmed kills plus a few that died from their wounds that we didn't count so in total that still left 19,000 Emus to cause destruction to our farmers. We began a bounty system where we gave cash to the farmers for every Emu they killed which worked out pretty good but we just felt humilated for losing against a bunch of Emus."
"At least George Pearce got his feathered hat." Darjeeling told Wallaby that at least some dead person who ordered the fiasco got what he wanted.
"What?" Wallaby asked Darjeeling.
"What?" Darjeeling asked Wallaby.
"So... how did the Emu infestation go away?" Kay asked.
"Simple." Wallaby told them. "We just made some better fences." The three of them cheered as they knew Emus wouldn't be that much of a problem any more.
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2023.05.28 05:37 Proletlariet Mako


I'll always follow you into battle no matter how crazy things get.
Orphaned at the age of 8, Mako grew up looking out for his younger brother Bolin and scraping together whatever living they could on the streets of Republic City. After running numbers for the Triple Thread Triad, the brothers came under the wing of the legendary pro-bending player Toza. Toza housed the brothers in the pro-bending arena, trained them, and they put the life of crime behind them.
After their paths crossed with Avatar Korra and she joined their pro-bending team the Fire Ferrets, the trio took second place at the pro-bending championships. Mako moved on from professional sports after helping to save Republic City from the Equalists. Joining the police force, Mako dedicated himself to a life maintaining law and order and a valuable member of Team Avatar.
Source Key: Republic City Hustle = RCH The Legend of Korra Season & Episode = S#E# Turf Wars = TW Ruins of the Empire = RoE Art of the Animated Series, Book One = AoAS 
Scaling: 1. Ming-Hua 2. Amon 3. Unalaq 4. Ghazan 5. Desna & Eska 6 .P'Li 7. Korra 8. Kuvira






Huge thanks to PhoenixZero14 for the permission to update and for creating such a solid foundation to build off in the first place!
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2023.05.28 05:37 Level-Economist4045 basketball terminology?

Hey, I recently got into basketball and online i keep seeing people say stuff like "nuggets in 4" or "heat in 6" basically following the format of "(team) in (number)". what does this mean? i wanna ask but i dont wanna sound dumb.
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2023.05.28 05:37 Leera_xD Cash stuffing has literally saved me from my insane shopping addiction

I just had to talk about this because I cannot believe how much of a difference 6 months of cash stuffing has made. Basically, I take out my entire paycheck minus bills+expenses+rent. If I don’t have to pay online and it’s not a bill, I just cash the rest out and put it in envelopes. It’s actually a popular method by Dave Ramsay.
I am a true shopaholic. Always have been. I had Amazon packages delivered at least 2x a week, every single week, usually costing about $50-150 per package. My fav things to do on vacations or when I go to any city is to shop. If I don’t spend a good $400 on stuff, I don’t feel like I’ve had my fix. And I am not rich.
I have zero self control. No will power whatsoever. So I have to say that when I started cash stuffing, I had no faith that I’d change. Figured I’d just spend all the cash instead of using a card. But no! For the first time in my life, Ive saved money. Seeing the cash in my hand makes it feel more precious. I actually stopped myself from buying a bunch of stuff I actually wanted, because I hated seeing my cash disappear. It truly is psychological what credit cards do to our brains. It’s just crazy to me what such a simple switch can do. I still use my credit card btw, but because I withdraw all my cash, I now get scared to use my card because I know I don’t have cash in my account to pay myself back unless I go to a bank to do it, which is a hassle.
I still have a shopping addiction, but now instead of hoarding stupid little things I know I’ll throw away in a month, I have enough saved up for something nice. I highly recommend cash stuffing to those who are struggling with credit card debt. This has been life changing for me.
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2023.05.28 05:37 Lopsided_Scarcity_33 Abnormal ultrasound, normal numbers

Recently went to the endo to rule out thyroid issues for some health problems. The ultrasound showed many abnormalities like pitting and lots of scarring on my thyroid. I had no antibodies detected, 1.4 t4 free and 2.32 tsh.. so all normal. Before my blood was run the endo told me he suspected I have hashimotos according to the ultrasound.
Have any of you experienced abnormal ultrasound with normal numbers? I’m not sure what that means or where I can move forward to figure it out. Are there other things that can attack your thyroid, like a past illness? My lymph nodes are always swollen, and the endo also tested my ferritin which was low.
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2023.05.28 05:36 ManOfTheSea_ Dreamcatcher [Apocalypse: From Us] - Album Review

Dreamcatcher [Apocalypse: From Us] - Album Review
-- Image: Asian Junkie --
I learned about Dreamcatcher through my kpop-lover friend who stans them, Andrew. It only makes sense that his thoughts be included here as well, so we decided to co-review this album for that reason. His thoughts will be included with mine, directly below them.
I’ll listen to each song 3 times and rate them afterward. Each song will be rated on a scale of 1-10 with 5 being completely neutral, 1 being my least favorite song, and 10 being the best songs ever. My rating is the first number, Andrew’s is the second. Please take our ratings with a grain of salt, my goal is to be honest, no hate :)
Intro: From Us - 6.5, 7
The soft parts are very well done. The pianos and synths are layered very nicely. I’m rarely a fan of electric guitar in pop music so that part isn’t as much to my liking, though the vibe is really intense nonetheless. The ending with the mysterious sounding synths and chords is very well done.
Andrew: It’s very creatively done, sounding both natural/earthy and futuristic. It has a very fluid feel, with clean transitions between hope, peace and war. The delicate piano at the end, which matches the electronics of the beginning, brings it full circle.
BONVOYAGE - 5.5, 8
This track starts off quite soft but very quickly launches into a high energy guitar and slap bass beat, just to fall back into the quiet again with verse 1. The vocals here could be better admittedly. This pattern gives the song a bit of a messy and incomplete feeling unfortunately. The chorus however has a significant amount of vocal power. Very impressive. I’m certainly not in love with the song’s composition itself but the vocals and other specific elements in places are very nice.
Andrew: This one is a bit of a grower honestly. At first I wasn’t a fan of the interspersed electronics in the beginning riff, nor satisfied with the backing track during the chorus. But now I feel that the elements add a very adventurous feel to the song. The vocals are superb, out of this world superb, and I love the acoustic guitar coupled with the delicate vocals of the first pre-chorus.
DEMIAN - 5.5, 5,5
Woah, what a start! More slap bass, I certainly don’t mind as a bassist myself. Whether or not I think this guitar and bass is really suitable to this style, that’s more debatable. The anime-opening energy is quite strong with this one. That said, I think it’s a powerful and energetic track, and the vocals are relatively smooth as well.
Andrew: Honestly I feel the song has potential, but it doesn’t do it for me. I feel the backing track is too loud and frenetic, which unfortunately overpowers the already strong vocals. The muffle on the rap was a bit much as well. I loved the chorus as a whole though, and the overall composition hit hard and hit well.
Propose - 7.5, 8
Wow. The production at the beginning is so incredibly dark and smooth. The synth percussion in the verse is also very unique and sets a precedent for the rest of the song. The chorus is slightly disappointing compared to the verse and intro. Only slightly though, it still carries a certain amount of march-like power, almost like Blue Blood by IVE. The rap section is really cool and reminds me a lot of the one in Addicted by PIXY. I love her deep voice! Again, the rock vibe doesn’t really suit my taste so for that reason I’ll have to give it a 7.5, though that still means I really like this song!
My favorite song on the EP. It has a total anthem sound, with the switch between the first chorus and the rap hitting just right. The vocals are effortless and powerful, the rap is strong, and I love the instrumentals in the background. The message is clear: fight for true love.
To. You - 4, 4
Love the muffled vocals in the beginning. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately in these new releases. Not a fan of the semi-rock ballad aspect of this though. It’s unsurprising that the last song will be a ballad, but this one doesn’t really do it for me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate it or anything, it just feels somewhat cheesy and out of place.
Andrew: It is a little monotonous for me. While calming, and with very steady vocals and a lovely message, it sounds a bit held back from what it could be. Overall not too much to say, except that it’s nice to calm down from the previous songs, but a bit underwhelming.
Final Thoughts
This was a very interesting experience. I’ve never been that into Dreamcatcher because their rock sound just isn’t exactly for me, though I actually really enjoyed Propose. I certainly find it to be the most interesting song on the album. I would give this album an overall score of 5.5, and Andrew gave it a 6.5. The two of us had generally very similar thoughts about many of the songs, which surprised me but I also appreciate the external confirmation of my thoughts. I’m fairly neutral on basically every song besides Propose, but I didn't hate anything. Above all, I’m glad to get to know Dreamcatcher a bit better! Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!
- Maya and Andrew
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2023.05.28 05:35 thegarmeyo69420 Weirdest shop

Hello welcome to weirdest shop What ya want (LIKES=COINS)
Nothing-1 coin
Idc-2 coin
Brb-3 coin
Fuck-4 coin (censor this word if you wanna copy this to YouTube)
Milky-7 coin
The .950 JDJ is a large-caliber rifle cartridge developed by J.D. Jones of SSK Industries. It is known for being one of the most powerful rifle cartridges in existence. The "JDJ" stands for J.D. Jones, the developer's initials.
The .950 JDJ cartridge is designed for use in single-shot rifles. It features a bullet diameter of .950 inches (24.13 mm) and a case length of 3.8 inches (96.5 mm). The cartridge fires a variety of bullet weights, ranging from 2,400 grains (155 grams) to 3,600 grains (234 grams).
Due to its massive size and power, the .950 JDJ is primarily used for specialty purposes such as long-range target shooting, big game hunting, and as a novelty or collectors' item. The recoil generated by this cartridge is extremely powerful, and it requires a strong and well-built rifle to handle it safely.
The term "Fat Mac" is often used to refer to a custom-made rifle chambered in .950 JDJ, typically based on a modified Mac-10 submachine gun. These firearms are incredibly rare and are often considered more of a collector's item or a novelty piece rather than practical firearms.
It's worth noting that the .950 JDJ cartridge and the rifles chambered for it are highly specialized and not commonly found. They are typically custom-made and not widely available for purchase-100 coin
Rainbow atom-10 coin Desc: Give you 10+ speed
Seizure apple-15 coin Desc: Well give seizure +20 coin
Blue phone-20 coin USE 1 TIME Desc: Choose amount of coin you wanted 0-100 COIN
Cash-30 coin Desc: Give cash to you 1 cash=10 coin Cash buying amount 1-10 cash
Ring of lazer-40 coin Desc: Shoot it to someone you hate
Watermelon-50 coin Desc: Watermelon
Legendary meme-60 coin Desc: Unlock death meme except ohio Oklahoma Romania and oreland meme
Become coolest person-69420 coin Desc: Everyone like you
Speed up time-10 coin
Slow down time-10 coin
Dingle-20 coin
Cummy bizzard-30 coin
Cummy lazer-30 coin
Cummy pills-40 coin
Hate on anime girls-Free standard perk
Jumpscare-30 coin
2 inches penis-30 coin
Hating on furry-20 coin
Contact god himself-99999 coin
Hack-60 coin
Song lyrics:
oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh oh oh-30 coin
My day will come, I gave too much I sold my soul, I'm waiting for my pay in full I only want your dying love, I've seen enough I tried, but I don't think so Maybe it was me who was (F word) up I gave all I could give, but It seems like it never really was enough I feel left out, I don't see how My whole life can change in one week I don't mind my own reflection I don't see how you've been let down Don't speak unless you have to Why you always seem in a bad mood? Your whole life you had an attitude One day, is that so bad for you? I'm sorry if I hurt you I'm sorry if it got that bad I'm sorry I can't help you Somebody should've had your back I tried, but I don't think so Maybe it was me who was fucking up I gave all I could give, but It seems like it never really was enough-40 like
Paranoia is in bloom The PR transmissions will resume They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down And hope that we will never see the truth around (So come on) Another promise, another scene Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed And all the green belts wrapped around our minds And endless red tape to keep the truth confined (So come on) They will not force us They will stop degrading us They will not control us We will be victorious (So come on) Interchanging mind control Come, let the revolution take its toll If you could flick the switch and open your third eye You'd see that we should never be afraid to die (So come on) Rise up and take the power back It's time the fat cats had a heart attack You know that their time's coming to an end We have to unify and watch our flag ascend (So come on) They will not force us They will stop degrading us They will not control us We will be victorious (So come on) They will not force us They will stop degrading us They will not control us We will be victorious (So come on)-50 coin
How ba-a-a-ad can I be? I'm just doing what comes naturally How ba-a-a-ad can I be? I'm just following my destiny How ba-a-a-ad can I be? I'm just doing what comes naturally How ba-a-a-ad can I be? How bad can I possibly be? Well there's a principle of nature (Principle of nature) That almost every creature knows Called survival of the fittest (Survival of the fittest) And check it this is how it goes The animal that eats gotta scratch And fight and claw and bite and punch And the animal that doesn't Well the animal that doesn't Winds up someone else's lu-lu-lu-lu-lunch (Munch, munch, munch, munch, munch) I'm just sayin' How ba-a-a-ad can I be? I'm just doing what comes naturally How ba-a-a-ad can I be? I'm just following my destiny How ba-a-a-ad can I be? I'm just doing what comes naturally How ba-a-a-ad can I be? How bad can I possibly be? There's a principle in business (Principle in business) That everybody knows is sound It says the people with the money (People with the money) Make this ever-loving world go 'round So I'm biggering my company I'm biggering my factory I'm biggering my corporate sign Everybody out there, take care of yours And me? I'll take care of Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine (Shake that bottom line) Let me hear you say Smogulous smoke (Smogulous smoke) Schloppity schlop (Schloppity schlop) Complain all you want, it's never ever, ever, ever gonna stop Come on how bad can I possibly be? How ba-a-a-ad can I be? I'm just building an economy How ba-a-a-ad can I be? Just look at me pettin' this puppy How ba-a-a-ad can I be? A portion of proceeds goes to charity How ba-a-a-ad can I be? How bad can I possibly be? Let's see (How ba-a-a-ad can I be?) All the customers are buying (How ba-a-a-ad can I be?) And the money's multiplying (How ba-a-a-ad can I be?) And the PR people are lying (How ba-a-a-ad can I be?) And the lawyers are denying (How ba-a-a-ad can I be?) Who cares if a few trees are dying? (How ba-a-a-ad can I be?) This is all so gratifying How bad... How bad can this possibly be?-50 coin
Bazangka-30 coin
Funny gun-59 coin
Bozo-10 coin
Roasted gun-40 coin
Chicken Mcnuggets-Chicken nugget coin
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2023.05.28 05:35 Gambit1138 Had the opportunity to collect a ton of old and new favorites at Texas Frightmare! Bonus add’l item wrapped in plastic.

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2023.05.28 05:34 stormborn1776 3 years sitting

(Casual conversation) Don’t have a lot of car friends that would understand, figured I’d post here since this really blew my mind.
I have an 03 S10 LS 4x4 4.3l with 130k miles that’s been sitting for 3 1/2 years now. Long story short, I parked it due to it needing various things that I didn’t have the time to address. Life got in the way and I’m finally getting around to it.
Today, I put a battery in it, checked the oil, checked the air filter housing for mice, filled the tires up, and put a battery in it. Turned the key and after 3 seconds it started right up, died, started again and it ran just like it did when it was parked. I waited a few minutes, put it in drive and it pulled right out of its grave.
Honestly, I’m still shocked. I figured the distributer cap would need replaced and I’d have to run down shorts in the wiring. Anyways, it’s been a great truck and I’m glad to have the time to finally get around to working on it. Plan to rebuild the front suspension, brake/fuel lines, exhaust, and hopefully the interior bench seat for something better.
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2023.05.28 05:34 beancuwurds why am I gaining again? (rant)

Over the last...maybe 4 or 5 days I've been seeing the number on the scale go all over. Started at 92kg, then jumped up to 92.1 after a night out with friends, which I expected.
The next day however, it shot up to 92.5kg. After what I ate, I didn't expect such a gain. A single bowl of noodles at dinner at home couldn't possibly have been anywhere over 1000 calories.
The next day, lost 100g. 92.4. Okay, not as much as I would've liked to lose. But it's still something. (Typically I'd lose a little more per day but I might need to slow down anyways)
The day after, 92.2kg. Great, I'm back on track. Maybe slower than usual, but it's not a gain.
Today, however? Shot right up to 92.6kg. And considering I burned 500+ calories at work alone, I couldn't have eaten the amount needed to suddenly gain back another 400g.
I don't get it, what else is putting the pounds on me? Did I miscalculate something? After that night out with friends I've been eating at my usual deficit (at least that's what I thought). Is it water weight again? I've been logging literally everything I've been eating thus far. This can't be happening so soon
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2023.05.28 05:33 xzombiezdingusx I dont have any friends anymore

I cant exactly pinpoint when it happened. A little over 4 years ago my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and I spent ALL of my time caring for her until her eventual death one year later. The next year was spent organizing her estate and taking care of all that stuff. During all of this the covid 19 pandemic was in full swing so everybody was supposed to be socially distancing. A lot of people I knew just completely ignored all that and grew closer to each other as my life fell apart. There were no check ins, no supportive texts or phone calls and no offers of help from anyone. Once the pandemic era kinda slowed down and things sort of normalized I looked around and realized that my old group no longer exists. Old friends are married and in relationships, some are still single but have completely fallen into new groups without so much as a simple invite out. It's rough out here man. I don't know I might be done soon.
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2023.05.28 05:33 Grateful_Doom Wife spoiled a diamond with a 600g arrow

Wife spoiled a diamond with a 600g arrow
The result of her panicking because she thought wolves were attacking
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2023.05.28 05:32 Erwinblackthorn What Kind Of Writer Are You? (Test Questions and Answer Explanation included)

I have devised a test that will challenge nearly all writers now and hold them to their values as a writer. The purpose of the test is to both allow you, as the writer, to determine what kind of aesthetic you're going for, as well as for us to understand if we can relate to your aesthetic. This part of your writing mentality will determine everything you do as a writer, down to what you write and why. The test is simple, a series of 22 multiple choice questions where you write down your answers on your own, and then once you're done, you scroll down to the next section where each answer is explained.
If you score over 16 answers into a particular category, you are highly likely to be part of that category. Anything further mixed will cause you to instantly be a postmodernist, but in a way where your aesthetic is incoherent rather than beneficial. If there is a question that you don't really believe the answer to, just go with whatever is closest to your thought. Also if you find multiple answers that you believe are correct in a single question, just go with whatever you think is the MOST important.
How accurate is this test exactly? Well, we're going to find out!

  1. When I am inspired by an older work, I try to:
A. Copy it
B. Subvert it
C. Expand upon it
D. Make it inclusive

  1. I write to:
A. Entertain
B. Guide others
C. Represent
D. Learn about myself

  1. Compared to everything else in a story, I think people should be more interested in:
A. Originality
B. The theme
C. Equity
D. Having fun

  1. My style of writing can closely be compared to:
A. Activism
B. Pulp
C. Exploitation
D. Fables

  1. When analyzing a story, the correct basepoint is:
A. Author's intent
B. Reader's interpretation
C. Objective symbolism
D. Sensitivity reading

  1. It's important for my characters to:
A. Present a part of me
B. Represent minorities
C. Have fun
D. Fit an archetype

  1. The classics of the past are:
A. Superior
B. A good jumping point
C. Something that needs to be subverted
D. Patriarchal, racist, sexist, and homophobic

  1. I firmly believe that characters:
A. Have a mind of their own
B. Are there to represent real groups of people
C. Are archetypes in a collective unconscious
D. Can be whatever the reader thinks they are

  1. It is important that my writing:
A. Tells the truth
B. Is creative
C. Gives a voice to minorities, especially BIPOC and LGBT
D. Is open for interpretation

  1. To understand my work, my readers are intended to be:
A. Anyone, but mostly myself
B. Highly spiritual and simple
C. Fellow advocates of equity and marginalized representation
D. Well versed in art and language

  1. Traditional forms of writing are to be:
A. Deconstructed
B. Used as a loose guide combined with experimentation
C. Labeled as oppressive and elitist, because they are
D. Closely followed because they work

  1. My aesthetic:
A. Fits a particular, essential, form
B. Is known to me, but changes with the times
C. Can’t be labeled, and don’t you dare try to
D. Is part of my identity; sexually, racially, and as my gender

  1. Everything is:
A. Subjective
B. Political
C. Objective
D. Relative

  1. The theme of my story will:
A. Be determined before I write it
B. Be learned as I go
C. Help the marginalized be seen in a better light
D. Never matter in the scheme of things

  1. The most important step in my writing is:
A. Sensitivity reading
B. Editing
C. Outlining
D. Act of writing

  1. Storytelling is most important for representing:
A. Truthful aspects of life
B. Marginalized groups
C. Whatever the reader wants
D. The individual

  1. Knowledge is gained from:
A. Divinity
B. Lived experience
C. Nothing
D. Pragmatic action

  1. We can make the world better by focusing on:
A. Whatever you want
B. Scientific advancements
C. Equity
D. The truth

  1. Genre is there to:
A. Tell the reader exactly what they’re getting into
B. Expand as you create your own
C. Juxtapose to play with
D. Add women, LGBT, and BIPOC to it for inclusivity

  1. The moral of the story will resonate best with the audience when it’s:
A. Based on evolutionary principles
B. In line with the divine
C. Advocating for equity
D. Open for interpretation

  1. The future of storytelling needs to:
A. Stop caring about quality
B. Go back to how things were
C. Have more marginalized representation
D. Experiment more for originality

  1. The first thing to mention from a character, before anything else, is/are:
A. Their race, gender, and sexual orientation
B. A theme that ties to their purpose in the story
C. Descriptions that let us know who the character is
D. Whatever the writer wants

Answer Key and Explanation

There you go, test is over. How did you do? Are you still sweating? Just like in those nightmares where you are tested on something and you didn't study, huh? Well, the hard part is done and now we get to see the results. In the words of Filmbrain, I'm so excited.

Question 1

A. Pre-modernist
B. Postmodernist
C. Modernist
D. Woke
This question goes over how you view works that helped you get to where you are now as a writer. Where most people will make an homage to their inspirations, the postmodernist and the woke will try to use that inspiration to create their own content that is a rejection of the past. Pre-modernists don’t dare to change something that works because if it isn’t broken then there’s no reason to fix it. The modernist will find something broken and try to enhance it, usually with a dialectic(synthesize two ends to make a different idea from the base component), but they will still respect the past and things that work.

Question 2

A. postmodernist
B. pre-modernist
C. woke
D. modernist
This question goes over why they would write in the first place, meaning the purpose of their writing. This question of telos reveals one of the most vulnerable areas of a writer, because learning why you want to even begin writing might spoil the fun of it for the postmodernist and also the modernist. The pre-modernist and woke will appear more preachy and confident with this answer, but they will have entirely different intentions since the pre-modernist wants to stick to a truth and the woke wants to stick to a narrative. The difference is that the woke advocate while the pre-modernist accepts and teaches. The modernist can be seen as selfish for trying to understand themselves through an author’s journey, but the postmodernist is the most selfish with this one due to their personal conceptualization of the word “entertainment”.

Question 3

A. Modernist
B. Pre-modernist
C. Woke
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over what the entire story is based around, meaning the intended reason a reader would even bother partaking in interacting with the work. A key word for the woke is the word “equity”, meaning they want equal outcome, no matter what. This goes into media where the goal of woke media is to simply have a big name title include a person that happens to be with a group they feel is marginalized, meaning socially excluded or of minor importance. The postmodernist and modernist don't care about any of this, which is why they will appear similar, but the difference is that the modernist cares about originality like no other, especially at the cost of relatability. The pre-modernist will care about the theme because a good message causes a good argument to be had from your work, which is how a pre-modernist interacts with their readers.

Question 4

A. Woke
B. Modernist
C. Postmodernist
D. Pre-modernist
This question goes over style, which causes the writer to relate themselves to others and their inspirations. The woke is a political activist, so activism is always on their mind, and in their work, even when they claim it’s not. The modernist and pre-modernist appear similar in this department, but the key difference is that the pre-modernist will write easily repeatable stories that dwindle down into idioms over time(ex. The tortoise and the hare), while the modernist will draw out a story to have many adventures involving one single character. This question will also cause the postmodernist to become defensive because for some reason they are always insulted by the idea of their style being called “exploitation”, even though the goal of it is to exploit and contain sensationalism.

Question 5

A. Modernist
B. Postmodernist
C. Pre-modernist
D. Woke
This Question goes over what a writer uses to determine the most valid interpretation, which is now a hot topic due to people unable to agree. This is due to different mentalities determining who has the correct basepoint, and this is another area where the postmodernist and woke merge. The author is most important to the modernist because it is an individualistic position to hold and the individual author is meant to know the most about their writing, since it came from their mind. However, the pre-modernist believes that there’s something beyond the personal interpretation that is correct, so their goal is to get closer to that objective position to increase their cogency and relatability.

Question 6

A. Modernist
B. Woke
C. Postmodernist
D. Pre-modernist
This question goes over what the characters are standing for in a story. It may have caused the woke to think they are modernist, because self representation and marginalized representation are similar when the author believes they are marginalized. However this is different because the modernist form allows non-marginalized people to still represent themselves, which is why classic works have a lot of elitism from the 1800s and 1900s. Postmodernists will focus on playfulness. The pre-modernist will want their story to represent larger aspects of the human experience, as well as the things that go beyond human, such as the divine.

Question 7

A. Pre-modernist
B. Modernist
C. Postmodernist
D. Woke
This question goes over how the writer views the things people say they like and have liked for generations. When something goes beyond a trend, it presents itself as tried and true, with the postmodernists and woke determining that these things must be destroyed. Subversion is an attempt to change something entirely to then have people focus on the change, very much like a sex change. This is why the postmodernist and woke answer will appear similar, but so would the modernist answer. The difference is that the modernist answer will still show respect to the classics, just that the modernist will expand upon it, usually in a pulp form that has a single protagonist engage with a collection of multiple adventures from prior, like how sitcoms share a catalog of episode types.

Question 8

A. Modernist
B. Woke
C. Pre-modernist
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over what a character is as a form of symbolism and representation. This is where the woke and pre-modernist seem similar in their answer, but the big difference is that the pre-modernist is far more open on how something is symbolically relevant. The postmodernist will throw all of the responsibility onto the reader, whether it's due to a sort of nihilism or the absence of integrity. Modernist writers like to claim their characters are "alive", which is a first step into demanding realism that isn't really realistic.

Question 9

A. Pre-modernist
B. Modernist
C. Woke
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over what the writer puts in a hierarchy of dependency and focus, which then translates into their reasoning for why they write in the first place. The pre-modernist is the only one who will try to tell the truth in this aspect, because there is a focus on truth and objectivity. The modernist can easily set that aside in order to be creative, but will see creativity as truth, which might make their answers seem similar. This question also is where the postmodernists split away from woke, because the postmodernist will leave it to the reader, while the woke demands the reader to listen to the author’s intent.

Question 10

A. Postmodernist
B. Pre-modernist
C. Woke
D. Modernist
This question goes over the requirements a reader must meet in order to enjoy a woke, which is a barrier, not a bridge. The postmodernist doesn’t believe in a barrier, so they will believe anyone will love their work, but the work is written to themselves, for themselves, by themselves. The woke only intends to appeal to fellow allies, meaning a political barrier is created, and intentionally created. The modernist will create a sort of “elitist” barrier, which relates to the hipster movement. Pre-modernists intend on making their works accessible to anyone, since most of these works were intended to have word of mouth(memes) transfer the ideas between groups and cultures, making it the most approachable.

Question 11

A. Postmodernist
B. Modernist
C. Woke
D. Pre-modernist
This question goes over how the writer views the past, which is another question about how they treat homage and works around them. The postmodernist firmly demands deconstruction of the past because the past is there to mess with rather than respect. Modernists seem similar in their way of changing things, but they will still respect the past and instead use experimentation, which is to retain the bulk of an idea and add a few things to see what happens, like a spice being added to a dish. The woke will determine the past is offensive and this is why they want already established IPs to be changed, as well as the previous installments to be hidden from the masses.

Question 12

A. Pre-modernist
B. Modernist
C. Postmodernist
D. Woke
This question goes over how a writer views themselves. The postmodernist is highly allergic to labels, because the label presents an objective idea, where they demand everything to be subjective. This is where the woke completely contradicts the postmodernist, because the label is to be the most important thing possible to the woke, but only as self-identity, making it the most selfish of the choices. Modernists are confident in who they are, but they are easily changed, especially if they believe in a dialectic. The pre-modernist and modernist can both believe in an essential form, but modernists change with time which is why trends are constantly changing, due to the “originality” factor.

Question 13

A. Postmodernist
B. Woke
C. Pre-modernist
D. Modernist
This question goes over ontology, the nature of being. The second someone believes everything is a particular thing, they will apply that particular thing to their work. This is why woke people now say “everything is political” and then apply their politics to the work. The postmodernist is allergic to this idea, because they don’t like the label of political, so this is where the postmodernist will try to blend in with the other two. Pre-modernists will apply an objective idea to their works, which brings up their idea of truth, which brings in form, which reduces originality. This is where the relativity of the modernist will try to fill in the gap, by focusing on “originality” to counter the pre-modernist.

Question 14

A. Pre-modernist
B. Modernist
C. Woke
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over the message of a story, which relates to the telos(purpose) of a work. The woke will focus on political messaging and advocacy, with their advocacy focusing on making the groups they like feel better about themselves. The postmodernist doesn’t really care about the theme, because the message will be determined by the reader, so they don’t put a focus on that, which eventually hinders their works and prevents them from being deep. The modernist is focused on self discovery, which includes what they are saying with a work, and this is part of stream of consciousness. The pre-modernist and woke will appear similar with this answer, but the main difference is that the pre-modernist doesn’t make political or group advocacy and is higher resolution than that, which is where a lot of religious and spiritual aspects come in.

Question 15

A. Woke
B. Modernist
C. Pre-modernist
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over how a writer views the process, which relates to telos(purpose). The answer for pre-modernists results in outlining since the outline of a story matters more when you’re making sure your story both makes sense and gives a proper theme. The modernist usually gets confused between the act of writing and editing, which will make it hard for them to answer this one, but the postmodernist doesn’t care about editing since a lot of it is meant to look haggard anyway. Editing is usually related to dialectic thinking, because you take a base component and try to enhance it. The woke are the only ones who peddle sensitivity reading, because they aren’t looking for a truth, but rather something that prevents offending the groups they cater to. Although, this is a question the woke will tend to lie about because sensitivity reading isn’t as popular as they hoped it would be.

Question 16

A. Pre-modernist
B. Woke
C. Postmodernist
D. Modernist
This question goes over how a writer views their own writing in how things are symbolically represented. Part of it is symbolism and the other part is how they view the audience. Postmodernists don’t care, making them the outcasts of this question. A woke writer will confuse truth with their advocacy, depending on how sure of themselves they are, but they tend to catch themselves once they see the more specific choice, even though they will say the opposite in public. Modernists like to focus on the individual, because they view everyone as an island, which relates to this special snowflake idea that sparked with hipsters. Postmodernists can be confused for modernists with this aspect, due to that slight merge under the hipster mentality.

Question 17

A. Pre-modernist
B. Woke
C. Postmodernist
D. Modernist
This question goes over epistemology, the theory of how we gain our knowledge, with knowledge relating to what the author knows and what the reader knows. The postmodernist will try to throw all of the weight onto culture(social constructs), which is why they focus so much on mixing and appropriating media. The woke will convince people that a “lived experience” is the most important thing, which is how they convince others that only a black writer can write a black character, or only a gay writer can be trusted with gay characters. Although the woke now will contradict themselves to blend in with the postmodernist, which is where they can get confused. The modernist demands for things to be practiced, which can confuse them for a pre-modernist, since pre-modernism is about things that are tried and true. The difference is that modernists will expand their concept of knowledge to things that are practiced as an individual, which can cause forms of exclusivity and remove the essentialism that pre-modernists hold.

Question 18

A. Postmodernist
B. Modernist
C. Woke
D. Pre-modernist
This question goes over advocacy and demands for the market. The pre-modernist will sometimes be confused for a modernist here because the modernist will determine science as truth, even though science is limited and always changing(this ties back to relativism). The postmodernist is excluded from the rest as the only one placing all the burden on the individual(again), but here it is where they claim everyone is an island, which is maybe the only thing modernists and postmodernists agree with, when convenient. The difference is that modernists have faith in science while the postmodernist doesn’t, due to their hyper-subjectivity. This is how, for example, a postmodernist can believe in flat earth and a modernist doesn’t, even if both are praising individualism.

Question 19

A. Pre-modernist
B. modernist
C. postmodernist
D. woke
This question goes into aesthetics, specifically how the writer feels about the way we tell readers what’s in the book. The woke will add things to a genre that speaks to the groups they want to uplift, such as afro futurism and LGBT fantasy. This is where a pre-modernist and woke writer will get mixed, but the key difference is that pre-modernists still retain the definition of the genre and the woke will follow the postmodernist concept of stretching and subverting to be an interloper of a genre. Meanwhile, the modernist will take genres and combine them to expand upon them, like how modernist filmmakers combined German expressionism, crime dramas, and poetic realism to make noir.

Question 20

A. Modernist
B. Pre-modernist
C. Woke
D. postmodernist
This question goes over the ethics of a work, in how writers view the ethics of their readers(aka sympathy). This is the most important for the pre-modernist and the woke, but for different reasons. The woke demands for their readers to follow the same political narrative while the pre-modernist demands for the reader to be open for spirituality and religious meaning. In a way, the secular choices are postmodernist and modernist, but the modernist goes for a scientific approach while the postmodernist throws all of the burden on the reader(again).

Question 21

A. Postmodernist
B. Pre-modernist
C. Woke
D. Modernist
This question goes over the writer’s path and goal for following generations. Whichever one the majority follows will cause the trend to go along with it, which is what is later called a movement. Pre-modernists beg for a renaissance, a return to the classics, while the modernist doesn’t mind going further into new territory as long as they find it creative. The postmodernist doesn’t care about much, because they demand the highest quality to be on par with the lowest, which leaves the door open for any advocacy, which right now is the woke. The woke don’t care what the future holds in the same way the postmodernist does, but the one thing the woke add to it is the need for representation of groups they want in the media.

Question 22

A. Woke
B. Pre-modernist
C. Modernist
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over how the writer views their characters in the way they want the reader to view them as well. This is a priority of aesthetics, with the postmodernist throwing all of the aesthetic burden on the reader(again). Modernists demand the character to be very visual and “realistic” to where they can be seen as a real person, because the modernist views their character as “living” and “with a mind of their own”. The woke only cares about what group gets represented by a character, with anything else up for interpretation, which is where they merge with the postmodernist. The pre-modernist will focus mainly on themes and symbolism to have their characters make sense, which falls back to the idea of form and essentialism.


This test is to be used by anyone trying to figure out who they are and what kind of readers they will appeal to. Feel free to share it around, ask questions from it, expand upon it. Hell, make up your own test that is way better than this one. Again, I’m positive that if someone refuses to take the test, they are woke or postmodernist. Woke if they are too offended to take it and postmodernist if they are afraid of being labeled. I find that weird since the modernist proudly wears the badge with honor, the pre-modernist is happy to finally realize there is a label for them, but the postmodernist and woke are afraid of being found out about their intentions, as if their intentions are a bad thing when revealed.
To me, that is rather sinister, which is why the woke and the postmodernists are causing trouble in basically every forum, server, group, stream, wherever you interact with them. This wasn’t always the case. Before the postmodernists just wanted to have fun, but now they are dedicated to making sure others follow their agenda, and only their agenda, which is why postmodernists easily get mixed with the woke. There must be another name for that type of person, which isn’t woke but more like one who is egotistical to where they think it’s their way or the highway, even though they think everything is subjective. Woke is a branch of postmodernism, for sure, but the postmodernist is not supposed to take their subjectivity as objectivity, which seems to have started happening thanks to the critical theories that sparked wokeness to spread in the late 2010s.
Feel free to ask questions, let me know what you got as a score, suggest any further questions or fixes to the current ones. Remember, if you score over 16 on any category, you’re certainly of that mentality. I am also considering having it where if you score 1 on any woke question, then that means you’re instantly woke. So if you score 1 on woke but end up in another category, let me know as well to see how likely that is.
Next test I’m working on will go over your knowledge of writing, which will be 56 questions long with both multiple choice and written answers that will challenge writers on how worthy they are of being called good. I would like to have this one as a test to tell who knows what they’re doing and who doesn’t, with the questions going over:
  1. Marketing
  2. Theme
  3. Narrative
  4. Tone
I believe these 4 categories are what determine how willing a writer is to both sell a book and relate to the reader. If they get something like 80% or above, they know their stuff enough, but anything below that and they are unaware of how to sell something a person will buy.
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2023.05.28 05:32 rookie9494 Which wedding band goes with this style ring?

Which wedding band goes with this style ring?
I've got a few options. My favourite individual ring is number 2 but it does take away from the half halo so I feel like I have to let that go. I'm leaning towards 3 and 4 but I'd love some other opinions. Ignore the metal colours, it will be rose gold same as e-ring.
E-Ring specs - 1 carat parti sapphire with half halo of diamonds.
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2023.05.28 05:32 WideLoquat Tarot, Yes/no and Lenormand Readings

My name is Medi, a reader for more than 4 years, I specialize in love readings for everyone but can do most topics except for health and legal matters ; providing quality insight and clarity to those who need it. In almost any aspect of life.
Hit me up any time, all I need is your name and question so that we could have a lovely time together! Currently offering one question and one follow up reading for a donation.
I will only read for you after being sent a donation due to incidents of ghosting
Comment LUCKYSTAR before sending a private message
This is my reviews page
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2023.05.28 05:31 WideLoquat Tarot, Yes/no and Lenormand Readings

My name is Medi, a reader for more than 4 years, I specialize in love readings for everyone but can do most topics except for health and legal matters ; providing quality insight and clarity to those who need it. In almost any aspect of life.
Hit me up any time, all I need is your name and question so that we could have a lovely time together! Currently offering one question and one follow up reading for a donation.
I will only read for you after being sent a donation due to incidents of ghosting
Comment LUCKYSTAR before sending a private message
This is my reviews page
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2023.05.28 05:31 WideLoquat Tarot, Yes/no and Lenormand Readings

My name is Medi, a reader for more than 4 years, I specialize in love readings for everyone but can do most topics except for health and legal matters ; providing quality insight and clarity to those who need it. In almost any aspect of life.
Hit me up any time, all I need is your name and question so that we could have a lovely time together! Currently offering one question and one follow up reading for a donation.
I will only read for you after being sent a donation due to incidents of ghosting
Comment LUCKYSTAR before sending a private message
This is my reviews page
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2023.05.28 05:31 WideLoquat Tarot, Yes/no and Lenormand Readings

My name is Medi, a reader for more than 4 years, I specialize in love readings for everyone but can do most topics except for health and legal matters ; providing quality insight and clarity to those who need it. In almost any aspect of life.
Hit me up any time, all I need is your name and question so that we could have a lovely time together! Currently offering one question and one follow up reading for a donation.
I will only read for you after being sent a donation due to incidents of ghosting
Comment LUCKYSTAR before sending a private message
This is my reviews page
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2023.05.28 05:31 lawpancake It’s the small conversations that change minds.

I met an older guy through a running group (for context he’s gay from a small town and now in Austin and I am a lesbian) and we were chatting about all the bullshit that is going on in Texas right now and he listened but didn’t volunteer too much of his opinion except to sort of vaguely agree. We had a big group of queer women and the conversation went from the attacks on our trans brothers, sisters, and thothers, to the attacks on our bodily autonomy as people who are able to get pregnant. I genuinely didn’t think about that conversation again except that he was a fun guy to hang out with so we exchanged numbers and made those after beers promises to hang out again. A week or so later he sends me a message asking if I want to go to a 5K supporting trans rights(of course I do) so we met up this morning for that. After the run, we went for brunch and he told me he has had that conversation in his heart since we met and he had spent the last 3 or 4 weeks unpacking his internal prejudices against trans folks and has stopped thinking about access to reproductive healthcare is an issue for women. He said he felt like his eyes have been opened and he has gone from a small “c” conservative to wanting to smash the fucking patriarchy. Just a reminder that these little conversations with people along the way are what pushes the arc of justice forward.
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2023.05.28 05:31 Omselini Life goals accomplished after attending Seventeens LOVE fan meeting in Tokyo! (i-Carat perspective)

Hi Carats 💎
I always found it interesting and very helpful reading about other people’s experiences seeing SVT live. I was super lucky to get to see our boys in Tokyo / Japan for their LOVE Fan Meeting (May 27)! I am an international Carat, European to be precise - and as Hybe keeps ignoring our continent I had to go all in to see our boys (I was lucky to see them in Chicago for BeTS last year as well)🥺 I’ll share my personal experiences and how I managed to get tickets to a Japanese show - upfront: it wasn’t easy and hella expensive!
The following text will be super detailed (and quite personal - as I texted this to my friends as well) so just jump to whatever section you find interesting 😊 disclaimer: this all is my personal subjective view, other people might have had other experiences.
Be aware there will be spoilers ahead (e.g. setlist, outfits, games) for the final LOVE show in Tokyo today!

Short summary

Only regretful things (this is me whining for no reason 🥲): Coups being out sick (get well soon leader, we missed you - but the boys covered you well ♥️), no never-ending encore song, no Super performances (but little dance challenges) and although I had an amazing view of the full stage from the upper tiers the boys were still little and hard to distinguish. I once even mixed up Woozi and Mingyu - only Dino was easy spotable with his pink head 😂 and oh… I forgot that they would sing Japanese versions of their song!


S.Coups: I missed him so much! And I didn’t understand a word but I think Jeonghan said something about filling up the empty spot - cause everyone started cheering 😂 at the game section every member had a pillar that they had to fill up with hearts by winning games and it was so cute seeing Coups had all hearts right away!
Jeonghan: his hair is so curly and he really is part of the iron deficiency line - he was teamed up with Vernon, and oh boy, this guy was on fire 😂 Jeonghan was his cute usual, I’m not sure if he gave Carats sweets again for the encore but I saw him carrying around a bag!
Joshua: he was the usual cheeky, gentle sexy!! Manifesting SeokSoon as one of the funniest pairs - they were paired up for the games and just showed again that they’re hilarious together! 💯 Shua was cheeky and cheating while playing games and charming while talking to the MC! I mentioned they collected hearts to win the games - and every time the MC counted the numner of hearts, Shua popped up in front of the MC forming a heart over his head to be counted as heart as well 😂
Jun: gosh - he’s so handsome I can’t take it! 😖 And just as I perceived him in Chicago, he proved again that he’s my concert bias wrecker and he loves fooling around with Carats. Always doing hearts, winking, waving to us! He also danced a bit of limbo cause one challenge was a limbo game! 🔥 He paired up with Mingyu for the games - my personal visual death! When he changed to his 2nd outfit (the low cut silky black shirt with black pants) I nearly fainted! And he did the Cat move that Jeonghan teaches him, it was so cute 🐱 he truly is the cutest cat boyyyy
Hoshi: our tiger, our prince, our pure hypeness! Of course his introduction lasted 20 minutes again 🐯 loved his vocals in _World, Fighting was so fun and he truly is the biggest Woozidan! I’ll talk about the games section later but that was so much fun, the variety god really does Carats well 😂 besides: the way he looked into the crowed, soaking in the atmosphere and realizing that they made it into Tokyo Dome for a fanmeeting (!) - you can truly see the stars in his eyes!
Wonwoo: he is just so handsome! He was paired up with Boo for the games and they were so cute and fun together 🥹 he was in the spotlight a lot - I can’t even pinpoint a certain memory. It was just lovely seeing him!
Woozi: dudeee, he is so hot with that dark eye make up and the wet long hair! 🔥 he was paired up with Hoshi and he hated it hahahah I love how you can see, how much he loves and lives each of their songs. He sings every line with all his heart.
THE8: His hair looks great with the mullet and bright streaks in the front. He was paired up with Dino and in one game they pulled a dinosaur figure and he played around with the toy, making it sit on Dinos shoulder and biting him 🦕
Mingyu: he looked really young, the hair and face/make up make him look like his version of 2019? Boy is SO aware of the camera, it’s insane… every other minute he is looking into one camera, running towards another camera, sending kisses, winking… 😂 And of course the members teased him again and asked him to do the sexy version of that one challenge they’re all into right now! And his vocals in the beginning of FML - right after Coups intro? I got damn chills and teary eyes. He is one of the members, that I personally underestimated the most regarding vocals and rap but he is stunning live - he truly is not just a pretty face but the full package ♥️
DK: our sunshine! All of them did this challenge which sounds like a children’s song? - and DK did nothing special just his beautiful, gorgeous wide smile and wholesome eye smile and radiated pure happy sunshine and every Carat just melted - he always lighten up the place ☀️ his vocals in Campfire are insane, this boy is amazing - I can’t even put in words!
Seungkwan: uri lovely, handsome, beautiful, funny, witty, variety king BOO! He’s just so funny, he knows exactly what to do to make Carats laugh 😂 I love him so much and I hope then world treats him better and better every day.
Vernon: I’m not sure if I like the black short hair, but he looks amazing nonetheless. He was soooo hyped when playing games! 🔥 Especially paired up with Jeonghan, his hyung had no chance. Vernon was always running towards the games on the extended stages, but had to wait for Jeonghan to play, but that boy walked sooo slowly hahaha Vernons raps and vocals are so raw - it’s incredible how real this boy is! 💯 and ofc seeing him rapping in Fighting - my life is complete!
Dino: our pink Maknae! The hair is so crispy - I’m wondering why it doesn’t break and falls off. And he turned into Usain Bolt at the end! ⚡️ when they said their goodbyes, some members just went back to the main stage, sitting down - others went to each extend stage and waved to us. But Dino took it to the next level and was just running from one side to the other endlessly♥️


It was truly a fan meeting with lesser performances and more focus on games and the members themselves!
No Super stage… but it didn’t fit the vibe anyway. This was all flower boys Seventeen 🌸
They had 3 outfit changes, started with blue/white jeans, switching over to hoooot all-black black satin/lace shirts and jackets UGH I barely survived. Juns and DKs shirt was sooo low cut and Boos inner shirt was lace 🔥 and then the merch clothes as encore outfit!
My My was soo lovely! The Caratbongs were synced and for Bout You it was a lovely ocean of rose quartz/pink/lavendel light.
FML made me tear up and then they sealed the deal with Fallin Flower right after!! Woah, absolutely stunning and gorgeous 🥹 I couldn’t even see the members clearly as they performed on the main stage (not the extended one) and wore the dark outfit, plus the stage lights were pointing towards the crowd 😖 but nonetheless - I can now die in peace.
I really got teary eyes at that stage as it’s one of my absolute fav Kpop song and the most anticipated performance ever - and during the song I just continuously shaked my head in awe. I realized once again that (… Hoshis voice please hahaha) J and K Carats are soooo lucky to be able to experience this absolute master piece in real life. ♥️
All the other songs were just perfect choices of sweet SVT music (World, Oh My, All My Love and Campfire or a bit more energetic like Run To You and Fighting). Loved the setlist!


I have to tell this part in all it’s lengthiness and amazingness!
So it started with solo games first. They had to answer questions with A or B and the other members could bet if they’ll be right or wrong. Every right answer gave them hearts. ♥️ the absolute highlight: the questions (mostly around GoSe) and member order is random, I believe, and Wonwoo happen to got asked what his famous word from the Insomnia GoSe was - and variety god must love us cause I freaking heard TASTY live 👅 I - and around 55k other Carats - are the luckiest people alive!!
The top 3 winner after these 12 questions got to chose the member they’ll pair up for the duo games first! For selecting there was a pot with random pickets of all members in it and Boo started and picked two out of fun, not looking at them, teasing Carats and members by playing around with his eyes closed which one he should take and blindly chose Wonwoo 😎
Then it was Juns turn and Mingyu was behind him acting all cute for the cameras while Jun draw the picket - and it happen to be Mingyu 🤞 destiny!
And then was Woozi and 55k Carats screamed “Hoshi Hoshi Hoshi” and I realized, holy shit, shipping is BIG in Japan. And then… omg… Woozi also pulled out two just for fun and he turned the faces towards the crowd and you wouldn’t believe it HE PULLED HOSHI AND HIMSELF?! like WHAT THE HELL. Whats the chance of this happening? Him picking two for fun, everyone screaming Hoshi and then he didn’t pull Hoshi next to another member but NEXT TO HIMSELF🤩 brave carats filmed and uploaded it
Remaining pairings: Funniest duo - DK Shua Hype vs non hype - Vernon Shua And Dino Minghao last, they called themselves “THE-D” (you know how the pronunciation sounds the same hahha) 😂
Trying to keep it short but there were 3 extended stages, each of them with a different game (they had to find hidden hearts - which were either hidden in balloons, wrapped gift boxes or locked cases. They had to break those cases/boxes open and find the hearts)
And it was always 3 teams against each other and DK/Shua chose first and ofc they made it fun, Shua (I think) covered DKs eye with his hand and pointed his finger in one direction (meaning to one of the extended stage with a certain game) and asked “this one?” until DK said yes.
And Hoshi Woozi were second and did the same and holy shit the crowd went feral when Hoshi covered Woozis eyes with his hand 😂 and then he pointed in one direction and as Woozi said yes the whole crowd collapsed. Cause Woozi accidentally chose the game where the members have to burst a balloon in between them 😂 he hated it so much!
Actually after the last round SoonHoon were on the last place, therefore they got an extra game and won the chance to steal points from other members. They ripped Shua apart and took all his points making them the overall winners. 😂 And they got crowned as LOVE KINGS - Hoshi living his dream! And after a lot of unwillingness Woozi completed Hoshis hand heart and the crowd went crazy again!!!
The games section was sooo fun and holy shit I didn’t know where to look, there was just SO MUCH GOING ON! I was so thankful the games were self explanatory and no language skills needed! 💯 The MC was lovely (I believe it’s the one accompanying them since their debut in Japan!) and soo humble. While they were playing games and seated on the extended stage he just sat on the floor instead of grabbing a chair. So cute 🤩


It’s probably well known that it’s nearly impossible for foreigners to get tickets to a Japanese concert, as it requires a Japanese address and phone number. So after checking some websites I decided to try out several proxies and only got a positive reply from this one: Tickets Galore. Filling up the form is the easy part and they replied to me within a day.
I started requesting ticket support right after LOVE was announced end of February and only got confirmation at midnight the day of the concert and got the physical ticket 2h before the show started. Midway through I already gave up several times😭
My proxy was not able to get tickets for the Lawson lottery (not a fanclub lottery but of the ticket provider which is open to public) and also not for general sales. 😭
At 8pm the day before the show they released seats with restricted view for general public but again she didn’t manage to get a ticket for me. In the end they texted me at midnight saying she found a reseller who would meet up before the concert and that’s how I got the ticket for a seat in the restricted view area.
Things to consider:
  1. time zone differences and email communication only was tricky as sometimes I/her missed a mail or replied hours too late
  2. resale fanclub tickets were available in a lot of cases but ID check is guaranteed so no chance of getting in
  3. trusting in the reseller to be legit and hoping for no random ID check of general seats (organizer announced to check ALL fanclub seats and random general seats)
  4. paying more and more fees for the additional effort the proxy put it 💸
  5. uncertainty about the ticket handover (for me the reseller told the proxy where and when to meet and what they would be wearing, luckily I was wearing something bright yellow and the reseller recognized me)
  6. lots of back and forth mails asking about updates, available tickets for higher prices, etc. - my inbox is full of her mails. ✉️
  7. You can request a maximum budget or preferred seats with the proxy and they’ll let you know what the market offers
But personally all was more than worth it in the end!! Original price of the ticket was around 12.000¥ and I paid around 51.000¥ incl fees (I assume I end up at around 10.000¥ in fees for the proxy - as it was not super clear how much the ticket price was in the end).
Experience with Ticket Galore: very responsive, a bit intransparent about the actual fees and sometimes doesn’t reply to all the questions. But still highly recommendable!
Thanks for reading ♥️ I'll probably come back later and add links if I come across videos or tweets. If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts or own experience feel free to share. Horanghae!! 🐯
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2023.05.28 05:30 JohnnyArlo Ronnie Theories over the years...A deal or jail cell?

Since it had its last episode in 2008, people keep suggesting Ronnie "cut a deal" or he "got a lighter sentence", while going on to suggest some of the ways such as I feel like he would have gotten a deal of some kind. And He gets a plea deal for sure.
How could Ronnie avoid execution? which Was used in California until 2019 ... Or a VERY long prison sentence, stretching decades like Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito
These explanations try to link Vic, Wyms, Aceveda , and others to crimes that Gardocki was involved in. During season 4, the final episode with Captain Rawling, she was ready to send the entire strike team to jail, and put an IAD agent on them even after she was fired.
There is a belief that Ronnie will testify against high ranking officials.. Like who? Most were mainly Vic's contacts, while I don't remember Ronnie meeting with anyone else with clout.
Aceveda was untouchable once he beat down Cruz Pezuela , and it showed that he defeated the entire Strike Team by allowing them to implode while he steadily gained political power. Aceveda knew nobody would believe a cop who covered up the murder of another cop, to avoid his own murders being exposed. As well as his biggest crimes...
Ronnie helped kidnap a suspect in Mexico and brought him back to the US hidden in the car trunk.
Ronnie is the only living member (besides the immunized Mackey) of The Armenian money train robbery, a job where 2 bodies were left.
Ronnie arranged for marked money, that he help steal from the Mafia, to be found by a small time crook. The crook finds the money, spends it, and is busted by the IRS. He is then killed by the Armenian mafia because they think he was involved in the robbery, through their moles in the IRS.
Ronnie, after helping kidnap the Armenian hitman, blasted him down in cold blood at a hotel. You may think, 'so what?, he was a fucking hitman who tried to kill Vic's family'...
So, instead of bringing in an Armenian hitman into custody, they decided to kill him to prevent exposure of the original sin, the robbery itself.
Finally, Ronnie even admits he's finished... in the last few minutes of Season 7 Ep 3...
Ronnie returns from a job explaining that a dog took a bite out of his arm
Vic: I'm sorry I wasn't there to back you up, I had no choice..

Ronnie: We all had choices once, and we made 'em, and now we gotta live with 'em.

Vic: Ronnie, we're gonna get outta this quicksand....
Ronnie: No ......we're not.. Everything we do to get out of this shit just drags us down deeper...

As he was burning the Armenian cash to ashes, Lem said something similar.... and look what happened to him..
Lem (burning the cash) - talking to Vic: I have always gone along with everything you ever wanted, and all its done is get us deeper and deeper into shit!
Who would want Ronnie's testimony on anything, especially after Vic's confession tape? If the city was, as Aceveda said, on a campaign to go after crooked cops and get them out the job, why would they then go easy on the only guy they have left to prosecute?
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