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Accidental Camouflage

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Welcome to Accidental Camouflage, try and blend in, or don't?

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God's in his heaven. All's right with the world.

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MORDHAU is a multiplayer medieval slasher. Create your mercenary and fight in brutal battles where you will experience fast paced combat, castle sieges, cavalry charges, and more.

2023.05.28 05:38 pandorasapple has anyone ever seen a patient who got an injury from just putting on pants normally?

because this is literally where I am right now and I am embarrased to even go because I'm afraid they will laugh me out of the office. I'm 22 and I am in intense pain and cannot walk because I lifted up my leg. honestly should I just go to the doctors? I asked a doctors sub and they told me never to go to a chiropractor. hopefully I don't get banned for asking this... I just don't know where else to ask this. thank you!
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2023.05.28 05:38 jcspoi How long do you wait?

This afternoon, I attempted to meet up with a someone I’ve been with a few times before. He contacted me and asked if I was free to come over and top him - I was - and he said come over at 1:30. It a 30+ min drive, but we have fun and get along well, so it’s not usually a problem for me to drive to him. I arrive at 1:30 and he texts and says can we make it 2:15, since he was still getting ready. Sure, no problem. 2:30, no response, 2:45, no response 3:00, same. So, I take off at 3:15 and text him that I had to leave. No response until close to 4:00 when he asks where I’m at and then wonders why I left. I told him I hadn’t heard back and seriously wasn’t going to sit in the car park for hours waiting for him to finish getting ready.
So, my question is: how long should I have waited? Was it rude to leave? I thought it was ample time since it was well over an hour from when he said to come in the first place. I think the no contact was what bothered me the most. If he had given me a heads up to the situation, I could have come back, but radio silence on his end.
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2023.05.28 05:38 keepMyBurner To my CS pros out there…

Sorry that this will be a little long-winded… I am trying to understand what salaries look like in Customer Success because what I read on this sub about compensation packages often baffles me.
I am new to CS and came on as a CS Engineer due to my highly technical skill set. Prior to this role, my background has been in technical business analysis / project management, mostly in the manufacturing space. In my previous roles (and current one), my responsibilities have involved driving solutions using automation platforms, code in nodeJS and Python (scripts to automate tasks or gather data for reporting, building integrations, etc.), and reporting from app to dashboard. My solutions are efficient and sleek to the eye for my stakeholders who are very often not technical. I do much of this with our enterprise clients today and - just being blunt - customers love working with me and say as much because of how I communicate and lay out what’s needed. I have a lot of pre-CS experience to lean on.
To that note, I am a professional communicator and have led more projects than I could count, leading stakeholders (non-tech, C Suite, you name it) to a solution with data and/or charm. Since starting, I have been promoted to Senior CSE and speak at all of our major events on integrations, APIs, and automation (and headline to a certain extent) because I am good at breaking down those complex processes for a broad audience in a practical, short-winded way.
Feels like I’m being big-headed typing all of that out, but it’s what I do… and I make a little under 100k.
The world of CS and software in this context is still new to me… but is it time for me to jump to something higher paying? Do CSMs getting paid ~150 do some of the technical work I mentioned above? Where would your org put a person like me?
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2023.05.28 05:37 Proletlariet Mako


I'll always follow you into battle no matter how crazy things get.
Orphaned at the age of 8, Mako grew up looking out for his younger brother Bolin and scraping together whatever living they could on the streets of Republic City. After running numbers for the Triple Thread Triad, the brothers came under the wing of the legendary pro-bending player Toza. Toza housed the brothers in the pro-bending arena, trained them, and they put the life of crime behind them.
After their paths crossed with Avatar Korra and she joined their pro-bending team the Fire Ferrets, the trio took second place at the pro-bending championships. Mako moved on from professional sports after helping to save Republic City from the Equalists. Joining the police force, Mako dedicated himself to a life maintaining law and order and a valuable member of Team Avatar.
Source Key: Republic City Hustle = RCH The Legend of Korra Season & Episode = S#E# Turf Wars = TW Ruins of the Empire = RoE Art of the Animated Series, Book One = AoAS 
Scaling: 1. Ming-Hua 2. Amon 3. Unalaq 4. Ghazan 5. Desna & Eska 6 .P'Li 7. Korra 8. Kuvira






Huge thanks to PhoenixZero14 for the permission to update and for creating such a solid foundation to build off in the first place!
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2023.05.28 05:37 Delphina34 Parents not supportive of sterilization, 21/22 too young?

I have been planning to get sterilized eventually for several years now. I have an IUD since December 2020 that is good until I'm about 30. The plan was to use that for its whole lifespan and then when it expires try to find a doctor willing to take my tubes out despite being unmarried and no kids. (Or maybe by then I'd be married, who knows).
Due to certain politicization of a basic human right to decide whether or not to continue a pregnancy, I decided to accelerate my sterilization plans. I live in virginia which is a pretty liberal state in that area, and worst case scenario I could hop the border into maryland and stay there for a few days to get an abortion if necessary. The abortion pill lawsuit was definitely a motivator, the thought of a national ban scared me.
I had heard stories on here and other places of people sometimes taking several years or multiple doctors to get approved, even with legitimate medical reasons they should never get pregnant, or being told they need to get married or have a baby first. I picked a doctor from the list intending to go down all the ones nearest to me until I found someone who was willing to take my tubes out. Booked a consultation for about 2 weeks later, and went by myself. I did tell my mom that I was doing this consult because I used her insurance to pay for it and was planning to use it to pay for the surgery too. I went into the consultation cautiously optimistic but half expecting to be denied because I was young and single.
It was actually easier than I was expecting. The doctor seemed nice, and she was pretty young too, maybe late 20s. She went over the alternative birth control methods or that I could ask my partner to have a vasectomy, that the procedure was permanent and irreversible and after it was done I would be unable to get pregnant naturally. When she said "I'd be happy to take out your tubes for you" it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. After the appointment was over walking back to my car it sank in even more that I was one step closer to disabling this ability of my body that I never wanted in the first place and I couldn't help but smile.
My mom took it somewhat well but was not very supportive. Says

My dad had a lot of the same objections. I've been avoiding talking about it with them much because they aren't very supportive but I don't think I'm going to change my mind. The date for surgery is set June 26, a few days before my 22nd birthday. It's been about a month since my consult appointment and I still haven't changed my mind about doing this, I've even talked to my manager at work about getting time off to recover and lifting restrictions for a little while when I get back.
I don't ever want to be pregnant. I don't particularly like babies or little kids. I may not have a lot of my life planned out for certain but not having kids I am 1000% sure about. I want to find a man I can marry and spend the rest of our lives together and actually be able to enjoy it to the fullest because we're not stressed taking care of children. Pregnancy grosses me out and the thought of those things happening to my own body is horrifying, not to mention the pain of birth and the sleep deprivation/stress caring for a baby. If I did decide I wanted to be a parent I'm much more likely to adopt a kid or marry someone who already has kids, which both come with their own unique set of challenges. But I really don't see that happening.
It is hard to date because I automatically reject every guy who wants to have kids someday, which is a lot of them. One of the reasons me and my ex broke up was because he went from "definitely no kids" to "someday years from now when I'm making more money and living on my own I'd want to be a dad." That was not the only reason but it was the nail in the coffin.

Anyway, should I postpone the sterilization surgery for a year or something? Or just go ahead and proceed as planned? How to deal with their reaction/damage control? I could stay with a friend for a few days while recovering if I really needed to but I'd rather do it at home where I'm most comfortable. I would need a ride to and from the doctors office and someone to stay with me while I'm healing, and my mom works from home most days so she's the ideal candidate. I'd rather get this over with while I'm young and living at home so the ~2 weeks pay this surgery costs (after insurance) won't hurt my finances as much as if I was living on my own.
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2023.05.28 05:37 JoshAsdvgi STORY OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS


An Inuit (Eskimo) Legend
Auroras - or Northern Lights - are believed to be the torches held in the hands of Spirits seeking the souls of those who have just died, to lead them over the abyss terminating the edge of the world.
A narrow pathway leads across it to the land of brightness and plenty, where disease and pain are no more, and where food of all kinds is already in abundance.
To this place none but the dead and the Raven can go.
When the Spirits wish to communicate with the people of the Earth, they make a whistling noise, and the Earth people answer only in a whispering tone.
The Eskimo say that they are able to call the Aurora and converse with it.
They send messages to the dead through these Spirits.

Native Tales about the Northern Lights
We know today that the aurora borealis, commonly called the “northern lights” occurs when electrically charged particles from the sun zoom into Earth’s atmosphere.
The phenomenon is most commonly witnessed during fall and winter months at high-latitude locales, including Alaska and northern Canada.
When you witness the lights streaking across the sky, reaching a height of up to 620 miles, surely you can understand how so many cultures came to develop mystical stories about them.
The aurora, with its striking colors and dance-like movements—seems otherworldly.
The lights gave some communities feelings of comfort and happiness while others dreaded their re-appearance, considering them a bad omen.

Here are just 15 such tales:

  1. When they witnessed the lights, many Inuit, the Arctic’s indigenous peoples, believed they were spirits of the dead playing a game with a walrus skull as the “ball.”
The Inuit of Nunivak Island in the Bering Sea flipped its take on this story believing that it was walrus spirits playing with a human skull.

  1. Indigenous Greenlanders believed that the lights were dancing spirits of children who had died at birth.

  1. For Wisconsin’s Fox Indians, the aurora gave them a sense of foreboding—representing their slain enemies preparing for revenge.

  1. In Alaska, some Inuit groups saw the lights as the spirits of the animals they had hunted, namely beluga whales, seals, salmon and deer.

  1. In Norse mythology, the lights were the spears, armor and helmets of the warrior women known as the Valkyries. They rode on horseback, leading fallen soldiers to their final resting place at Valhalla.

  1. The Inuit of Hudson Bay dreaded the lights, believing they were the lanterns of demons pursuing lost souls.

  1. In Finland, a mystical fox was thought to have created the aurora, its bushy tail spraying snow and throwing sparks into the sky.

  1. Some Algonquin peoples believed their cultural hero, Nanahbozho, relocated to the far north after he finished creating the Earth. He lit large fires, which reflected back to his people in the form of the northern lights. This let them know he was thinking of them, even though they were far apart.

  1. In perhaps the best oxymoron in British folklore, Scottish legend refers to the lights as “Merry Dancers” engaged in bloody battle.

  1. Indians of the Great Plains of North America thought the light display came from northern tribes who were cooking their dead enemies in huge pots over blazing fires.

  1. Inuit in Point Barrow, Alaska’s northernmost spot, believed the aurora was evil.
They carried knives to protect themselves from it.

  1. In Estonia, one legend said the lights appeared when whales were playing games. Another said they were sleighs taking guests to a spectacular wedding feast.

  1. Wisconsin’s Menominee Indians saw the lights as torches used by benevolent giants used when they speared fish at night.

  1. Fishermen in northern Sweden took the lights as a good prophecy, believing they were reflecting large schools of herring in nearby seas.

  1. If you whistled at the aurora, some Native Americans believed it would sweep down and take you away.
Clapping your hands, however, caused the lights to retreat, keeping you safe.
Meanwhile, in northern Scandinavia, the Sami people hid indoors during the light show

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2023.05.28 05:37 metalmadien13 2001 F250 7.3

Howdy y’all, I drive a pickup stayed in the title. I have been having I thing fuel injection issues. And now there is a leak of oil under my pickup. When I accelerate around 2300 RPM my engine bogs and won’t shift unless I let off the gas. Then it will shift just fine. I check transmission fluid and we are good. Now the leak is under my passenger side behind my tire. I’m going to be looking at her this week and doing repairs. If I have things to look at to diagnose that would be much easier. My first hypothesis is my HPOP. If you have any other please let me know
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2023.05.28 05:37 Choice-Scratch-305 Uber gave out my personal info

Finished my day today then about an hour after I kept getting blown up by a local number. It's my last pax wanting to know if they left a stuffed fucking bunny in my car. A 1 star rating might I add due to them calling me a stupid fucking cracker because I wouldn't let them stay in my car outside an apartment complex we couldn't get into. I asked them what number they had and they gave me my personal number! No message from Uber support. Nothing.
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2023.05.28 05:37 PlantifulSurfHealer Thing I Love: Faking Going to School

I love that she tried to convince us that she was I'm going back to school by buying notebooks and binders and pens, and she couldn't even flesh out her Better Help Therapy enough to make that true for more than one episode of buying the binder and another one where she complains that it wasn't the right binder 😂😂😂
Since then, she has never brought up those fake classes that she supposedly was enrolled in, and she's only made it clear that this therapist is not a real thing.
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2023.05.28 05:37 GoMrYumYum 30 [M4F] San Jose, CA; Probably gonna miss Memorial Day Weekend this year, but we can ready for next year!

Hi Reddit,
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Back with another post. Same story, same me. Going into the weekend without any plans aside from doing an Oil Change. Ended up pushing this off to tomorrow if you followed my previous post lol
Single Asian Male, working in tech. Living with his dog. 5'11, body type definitely has some extra but just got back into working out again. Eating relatively clean at home after buying a sous vide machine. I would consider myself a decent cook even without it.
I would prefer someone who's local, least within the Bay Area. Gotten some inquiries in the past from folks who aren't in the general area. I've been wanting to get hot pot or kbbq, but no one to go with.
Don't need someone who is aligns exactly with my interests but some of my interest are but not limited to:
Board Games (I have a little collect, joined an online community recently to see if I could pick up some new titles)
Online Games(Comp is fixed!): Valorant, Party Games (Picked up Move or Die and Pico Park). Last MMO I played was Lost Ark, but don't know if I have enough in me to do another unless it's something you would wanna do. When Lost Ark came out I no lifed it and stopped dating / working out LOL
Shows / Movies: I watch a wide array of things, from anime (One Piece, JJK, Hell's Paradise. Mostly Shounen but occasionally other stuff too), Western Shows like The Last Kingdom, The Boys, K Drama (Vagabond hit different, like damn).
Music Taste: I used to listen to Alternative Rock back in the day, but I grew into 90s/00s RnB then shifted more into the EDM scene where I started with Trance then to House and a few years back I got into Euphoric Hardstyle when hearing it live at Escape.
Substances: I'm a social drinker, I wouldn't say I have a problem or anything. It's just when friends get together there tends to be alcohol. Recreational Drug use is present occasionally. Not something I do often or affects my life adversely, but it is a hot topic / deal breaker for some. Could elaborate some more.
In reality, I'm pretty open to doing most things as long as it's with good company.
From my experience, most responses I get do just start with a hi or hello. I'll probably respond regardless, but maybe tell me a bit about yourself (age, location, etc) and what you're into. I didn't leave any specific prompt but it definitely helps. Maybe if something about my post that piqued your interest. Definitely would want to exchange pictures and probably would prefer to text on a different app / platform, but one step at a time! Look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.05.28 05:37 anonymus-7 Is it just me or does Nate's arc feel a bit forced?

So I've been fully engrossed by the show for the past 2 months, and I feel like, nates Villain arc, or his arc where he gets angry at Ted is a little forced? Like I don't really pick up why he gets angry at him in the first place and eventually leaves Richmond? And like, his redemption arc is quite well done tbh, the first half of the character development just seems so poorly done that, I only just got to accept him as a villain/rival, and now he's going back. Idk maybe it was intended to make him such a character but the first half of his character development especially, just doesn't sit right with me.
Appreciate to hear everyone else's thoughts!
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2023.05.28 05:36 BroccoliMaleficent99 Extreme lag only on this game

My latency is usually 60-80 on halo or battlefield but ow I’m lucky to get below 90 had games where my shit goes 300 to 700 literally unplayable I feel bad for my team. On the death cam it looks like I’m shooting at walls and just standing still it barely started happening too like a week ago. My internet isn’t the problem I get 50mbps not the fastes WiFi out there but I have no problem with any other game except Overwatch shit I lag in the training mode too so annoying.
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2023.05.28 05:36 missbloombastic I'm so tired of applying for jobs. Do you guys have leads on who is hiring right now?

So, I have done at least 2000+ applications and have had around 2-3 interviews. I think a lot of effort is being wasted in applying to companies that aren't actively recruiting. The most luck I have had is when people tell me "Hey ABC is hiring, you should try there". Keeping that in mind, does anyone here have suggestions on where to focus my application efforts on? Please? I have limited visa time as a new grad.
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2023.05.28 05:36 Zamdi What is this song's time signature + how to do this myself?

So I work in 4/4 time virtually all the time (no pun intended), and I will openly admit that I am having the hardest time in the world figuring out the time signature of this song . The reason it is so tough for me is that the drum pattern appears to be a typical 4/4 pattern, but the melodic elements do not. Additionally, it is very repetitive so it's difficult to find distinguishing elements to find out where the cycle "repeats". I went into my digital audio workstation to try to hash this out practically, and I set 4/4 time just to find out what is going on, and the main melodic pattern appears to be 3 and 1/16th bars/measures in 4/4 time. However, after 3-4 repetitions, it drifts a bit. I heard rumors that it could be 17/16 and 17/8 time, and I analyzed it using some software which claims it is 3/4 time. I was able to confirm it's 128bpm but syncing my own test drums with it.
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2023.05.28 05:36 JoshAsdvgi STORY OF THE MINK


Tum-Tum had been digging for clams in the sand and catching baby crabs in the pools of water left by the outgoing tide.
He was tired and was making his way to one of the whale canoes along the beach to lie down and rest.
A long shadow from a high mountain in the west which would cool the afternoon air.
Lying down on a bear-skin blanket he soon was on his way to slumber land where his ancestors dwelt.
Tum-Tum then heard someone approaching singing a song to the rhythm of their paddle.

"Oh my paddle steer me to shore
As the times you have done before
I seek "Born-To-Be-In-The-Sun"
My boy, my boy, my only one."

He peeped from the bow of the canoe and spied a woman as she stepped on the beach and came toward where he was hiding.
As she approached Tum-Tum asked who she was, and where she came from.
"My name is Nice-to-look-at.
I am from Pleasant-places-in-the-ten-mountains.
I am the mother of Born-to-be-in-the-Sun.
"I know him, he is the mink.
Come, I will show you.
He is now waiting for the frog-woman to come down off my grand-father's Thunder Bird Totem Pole."
The pretty lady took his hand.
As they walked along she told her story.
"One morning, while I was making a sea-otter blanket, the sun came and shone on my back through a knot hole in my room.
Shortly after the mink was born, he grew up to be a man very quickly.
One day he came to me and said, "Mother, I want to marry the frog-woman."
"But you won't like her croaking."
"That is just what I like."
"Go on," I said, so they were married, and then they left in a canoe for the distant mountains far across the waters and did not come back."
Tum-Turn lead pretty lady to where the Totem Pole stood and there was the mink talking to the frog-woman.
His mother spoke gently to him.
"My boy Born-to-be-in-the-Sun".
He smiled and rolled his eyes.
"Mother, my wife and I have been resting under the protection of the Thunder Bird's spirit of goodwill.
He will be glad to meet you."
At those words, Thunder Bird flew off from the top of the Totem Pole.
Flashing his eyes like lightning and flapping his wings, making thunder.
He circled the village and came back where the visitors were standing.
He took off his feather clothing and mask and became a man.
Thunder Bird then commanded all those on the Totem to arouse themselves, come down to the ground, take off their masks and meet Mink's mother.
Some of the myth people took off their masks and became human.
Those who did not were Ho-hook.
Zoon-a-qua and Raven.
Nice-to-look-at related her story again of the sun, and she had come to seek him.
But how to get to his house in the sky no one knew .
Thunder Bird said he could fly up there.
Raven thought it best to wait for sundown then the house would not be so high in the Heavens.
Finally Tum-Tum said, "Let us make bird arrows and shoot them at his house.
If it can be hit, we can shoot another and another into their hocks, then we will have an arrow chain that will reach from earth to Skyland."
So they all got busy making arrows.
Mink made a strong yew wood bow.
When all was ready, Tum-Tum took the bow and began shooting upward making the chain like he said.
Only a blunt one was left over.
Zoon-a-qua, the Sleepy one woke up and said, "I will shoot this one to wake the sun," for a cloud had blotted out the house.
Up and up it went and was soon lost to sight.
They all stood around in wonder, waiting to see what would happen.
The sun has many tricks.
The arrow returned with such swiftness that Zoon-a-qua could not dodge and it hit him on the head leaving a big bump which amazed everyone and made them laugh.
Tum-Tum shook the arrow chain and it became a cedar rope, up which he and Pretty Lady started to climb followed by the mink with the Frog-Woman on his back.
After climbing for a long time they finally came to a big house.
From its front a great stream of light poured forth over all creation.
Standing near the doorway was a tall strong man with a broom in his hand bidding them welcome.
This was all so strange the Frog-Woman began croaking.
The Sun invited them to come inside.
He inquired of Nice-to-look-at, "I've seen you before."
The Mink spoke up and said, "This is your wife and I am your child."
To which he replied, "I remember now.
Could you loan me your feet?
I have to walk all the time, my feet get tired and if you don't keep sweeping your aunts and grandmothers (the clouds) will come and then it will get dark inside.
And all Skyland as well, if Thunder Bird knows that he will flash his lightning and roll his thunder to scare the people of the village to spill their buckets of raindrops.
You had better come in the house, the rascal may be up to some mischief right now."
The sun began sweeping again.
When the Mink and his friends went inside they saw many wondrous things.
Everything was bright and spotlessly clean.
In the four corners stood strong men holding up the beams that supported the roof.
Large cedar crests carved with the Sun's crest were piled on top of each other all around the sides of the house.
These excited the Mink's instinctive curiosity, so that he snooped around, opening and closing the boxes.
One was filled with sunrises, one had sun-beams in it, another was full of rainbows, and one had sunsets.
To open the four boxes at one time would be disastrous but the Mink did not know.
Others held the Sun's masks, rattles, dishes carved of wood and costumes for his dances. Boxes of food were stored everywhere.
In the center of the house there was a hole from which one could see the earth.
Below this was the well of life and death through which the souls from the dead departed from the earth.
Unborn souls went from here on the journey of life.
The Sun addressed the Mink again, "When are you going to lend me your feet?
My, it's getting foggy in here."
The Mink had no more than started to take them off when there was a screeching noise like a thousand owls.
The four strong men holding up the roof became frightened as the whole house trembled with a skyquake.
There was a great confusion, the Thunder Bird was outside, lightning flashed, thunder rolled—he was having fun.
The Sun's visitors slid from one end of the house to the other until they all disappeared through the Well of Life and Death.
They came floating down, down and down to the earth, landing noiselessly as a snowflake on a sandy beach, then started to make up their Totem-Pole again with the Thunder Bird on top.
Tum-Tum woke at the call of his mother. "You naughty boy, here is where you have been hiding.
Get your blanket and come in the house out of the rain."
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2023.05.28 05:36 SirFozzie Where does this rank among last second Celtics playoffs moments?

For ever, there were two Celtics last second playoff moments etched in Playoff history.
"Havlicek stole the ball! It's All over!"

Assuming the Celtics complete the comeback... Where does this rank?
Honestly? Sorry Larry Legend, Sorry DJ, and not sorry, (Bad) Isiah Thomas (not our IT4), it's gotta be the new #2. Havlicek was a title clincher.
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2023.05.28 05:36 1FileWorld Adobe InCopy 2023 v18.3.0.50 Final (x64) Multilingual

Adobe InCopy CC is a professional creation and editing program closely associated with Adobe InDesign CC to improve collaboration between design teams and editors. Adobe InCopy CC is ideal for large projects where a lot of people work on text and graphic design. Adobe InCopy CC is part of the Creative Cloud. Therefore, all the latest updates are available to its users, and access to new versions is provided from the moment they are released. Improve your skills and master new tools with a large and constantly growing collection of training videos. Thanks to the integration with Behance, you can share your designs with other users and get instant feedback on your work from designers around the world. InCopy. Collaborate with copywriters and editors. InCopy lets copywriters and editors style text, track changes, and make simple layout modifications to a document while designers work on the same document simultaneously in Adobe InDesign – all without overwriting each other’s contributions.

Adobe InCopy 2023 – Feature List:

– Endnote support – Add paragraph borders – Find similar fonts – Advanced font filtering – Footnotes that span columns – Open Type enhancements – Modern user interface – Work with glyphs easily – Place images into tables – Simple application of shading to text; includes controls for offsets and more – Place Gun for adding borders to tables – New Find Previous command – Shortcuts and preferences memory – Footnote enhancements that respect text wrap – Color swatch folders for swatch management – Drag-and-drop table editing – HiDPI and Retina display support in Windows – Adobe Typekit integration – Typekit font syncing – Quick font searching – Convenient hyperlink creation – Different page views when editing – Enhanced copyfitting – Save to Cloud command lets you access files on any device – View recently used fonts – Middle Eastern language support

System Requirements:

– Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor – Operating system: Windows 10 * (64-bit) – RAM: 4 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended) – Hard disk space: 3.6 GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices); SSD recommended – Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768 display (1920 X 1080 recommended), HiDPI display support – Video card: 32-bit video card * Not supported on Windows 10 versions 1507, 1511, 1703, and 1709.
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2023.05.28 05:36 craftysaurus Advice Micing 8+ Multi-Instrumentalists Who Also Sing

Hi there, I'm an amateur FOH guy for a local cultural club that puts on traditional Ukrainian music. I'm having trouble getting much gain before feedback micing our house musicians. They're multi-instrumental vocalists that all do a bit of everything. There can be 8 of them or even more, sometime less. It's a bit of a community spirit thing with musicians of all abilities, sometimes kids are involved, and other times elders with visual and motor impairments.
Primarily they sing, but they work hard to include tradition Ukrainian instruments like the Domra, many of them doing both at the same time, standing. Some of them switch from singing to playing recorders, the flute, or clarinet mid song. It's all highly orchestrated on their part, and they're always trying new arrangements and ideas, so every show is different.
The jewel in their crown is a pair of Bandura's, large stringed instrument that mean striking the stage, getting our chairs, and re-purposing mics and stands. Perhaps I'm going into too much detail, but suffice to say they have a lot of unique requirements and choreography, sometimes literal choreography too.
For a good while they were using some older Audio Technica dynamics I've forgotten the name of for a few key vocals, and some beat up looking AT SDCs on instruments. They never had enough to cover everyone, and really struggled to get any GBF with some beat up looking SDCs on from AT on their Bandura's etc.
We had some choir mics knocking around and a big boom arm to fly it up overhead, but although that worked out in a few professionally treated theatre stages, it was getting us nowhere in our home base venue (an untreated function hall with big flat walls), or the village halls and churches they're primarily playing in.
They're big on music stands, and with their instruments I can't get them close enough together to treat them like a choir. So my immediate thought was to close mic everything, and kit them out with (say) 58's on each vocalist and mount 57's waist height for those with string instruments such as Domra's or mandolins.
Conversely they are often cramped together on stages too small for them, so I'm worried about combing myself into an early grave with (perhaps) 16 open mics. So a bit of a nightmare all around for me, I'm more used to rock gigs. And let's not even talk monitoring :) .I don't think they'd go in-ears.
I think things would be manageable if a big part of their act didn't involve striking everything for a sit down set with the Bandura's, and then back again.
Reading the subreddit I've concluded that micing anything approaching a choir is a challenge when other instruments are nestled in between them. I'm fairly sure close micing everyone would increase their GBF, but it's a huge tech debt for them to travel with, and an investment in new gear.
So is that worth a shout, what would you do? I don't really have any experience with SDCs, shotguns, boundary mics, choir mic etc. so maybe there's an in-case-of-ermgency-break-glass tool I'm not aware of that's perfect for such acts.
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2023.05.28 05:36 InstructionFun8477 To all freelancer and working students, how is it?

It's bakasyon season na so I"m trying my best to grind and grind para makai pon for college tuition fees.
Basically, I will be the one na mag papa aral sa sarili ko (all expenses) including tuition and dorm since I plan to study sana sa manila if kakayanin
Just wanted to those college working students (in freelancing) how was it?
  1. Is it overwhelming? with the school and clients' tasks
  2. What are the things you need to sacrifice? (social life, sleep, health)
and other helpful relative information that might prepare me for what's to come.
PS: I might apply to private uni pero with scholarships naman. I passed UPCA Open University din (but their curriculum is 100% online for four years) diko alam kung kaya ko mag stay at isolate sa bahay ng ganun lol
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2023.05.28 05:36 Pesymstic M2 Macbook Pro Premiere Pro Memory Issue (Using 44Gb Memory)

M2 Macbook Pro Premiere Pro Memory Issue (Using 44Gb Memory)
I've tried everything from testing out different versions, rendering different project files and sequences and more, and I cannot find any way to render a file without the memory leaking terribly forcing me to quit the application before the sequence renders. It's simple 4k footage I'm rendering into 1080p footage.
Premiere runs really smooth during the editing process. No playblack lag, nothing. It also happened once during me editing and I noticed that if I stay on the app long enough, it just leaks out all it's memory.
I even tried running the intel version and the beta version. I tried encoding using media encoder and the same issue happens.
I have an 8gb macbook pro but I've seen countless videos of people editing in premiere just fine on them with browser tabs open too, so I'm positive it's not just a hardware issue. (it's leaking 40gb, thats not normal)

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2023.05.28 05:36 Marintey Is it possible to transfer to a different store asap?

I have been with CVS for only a couple months now, i work front store and i planned to stay with CVS as long as possible. I have no car so I carpool with my dad whose job is near my store. He ended up getting a new job and i will now have no transportation to my store and was thinking of transferring to a store near him, so i could still carpool and get more hours. I know the process to transfer but when I texted my manager right when i found out explaining my situation and if she can call me so we can discuss this, she still hasn’t replied it’s been 3 days and i called twice still no answer she only puts me down to work 1 day a week which i can barely survive off that. and i work in 2 days and don’t know how i will get to work. I have no other transportation other than my dad and i don’t live somewhere where public transportation is an option, I don’t make enough in my payroll to afford ubers after I have to get groceries and everything else. So I’m hoping when she does answer and a transfer is possible my question is if it takes a week or more or if i can go in to the new store right away. honestly just feel lost and feel horrible for my coworkers because of my situation which will affect them and leave them even more short staffed.
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2023.05.28 05:36 SalientBlue B/X Progression Table House Rule Feedback

Yesterday I asked why B/X progression tables progress in 'chunks', with THAC0 and saves remaining static for several levels at a time before jumping up by 2 or 3 at once. I wanted to know if there was a good design reason for it, and the most likely answer I got was that it was because of printing restrictions rather than design decisions, so I think I want to house rule it.
Several people suggested interpolating new tables myself or bringing in tables from other books, like AD&D. While perfectly valid, this is not what I want to do. My personal house rule philosophy is that they should be as unobtrusive as possible, and simple and memorable enough that you don't need to write them down or look them up.

House Rule Goals:
1) Smooth out the progression tables for each class as much as possible, while keeping the same overall power curve as RAW B/X.
2) The rule should use the RAW B/X tables as a base, and the player should be able to easily calculate the revised table values by looking at the original table and applying a simple, memorable algorithm.
I'd like to ask your opinions on how well I achieved these goals. After writing this out I think it will be hard to explain up front, but easy to remember once it is understood.

Improvement Point - A level in the original tables where these large progression spikes occur. For a Fighter, these are levels 4, 7, 10, and 13.
In short: Look ahead to the next improvement point and work backwards to derive the new values.
Martial Classes (Fighters and Demihumans) work backwards in one level increments.
Everyone else works backwards in two level increments.
The value for a given level (whether THAC0 or a saving throw) is calculated by looking ahead to the next improvement point and working backward in level increments, increasing the value at the improvement point by one each increment, until they reach the target level. The revised value will not be worse than the original value, and values in improvement points do not change from the original table. Values in levels after the last improvement point do not improve.
End of Algorithm
How clear was that? Probably not very. Let's look at some examples. It will likely be much easier to follow along if you have the original tables handy.
A fighter has just reached level 2. They look ahead to their next improvement point, which is level 4. Their THAC0 at level 4 is 17. Fighters are martial, so they progress in one level increments. Starting at level 4's THAC0 of 17, we move back to level 3, increasing the THAC0 by one to get 18. We then move back to level 2 increasing the THAC0 once more to get 19. This is our target level, so we stop. The fighter doesn't improve their THAC0 or saves this level, but next level they will all improve by one.
This time the fighter has reached level 5. They look ahead to their next improvement point at level 7. THAC0 at level 7 is 14. Moving back through the levels as above, we have THAC0 15 at level 6 and THAC0 16 at level 5. This time the THAC0 is one better than in RAW. Repeating the process for saving throws, however, results in the same values as RAW. They all improve by one next level, though.
Now let's look at a magic user that has just reached level 7. Their next improvement point is level 11. They are not martial, so they progress in two level increments. Starting at level 11's THAC0 of 14, level 9 and 10's THAC0 is 15, and level 7 and 8's THAC0 is 16. Level 7 is our target, so we stop. Level 7's THAC0 is 16 and its saving throw array is 10 11 10 13 10, one better than RAW, except for Spells, which is two better than RAW.

That's a lot of text for something I hope will be simple and memorable. Trying to explain it with just words makes it sound much more complicated than it is, but if you have one of the original tables in front of you (which is the idea) it should hopefully be easier to follow the examples and grok the principle.
Here are the new tables after applying the above rules. Levels with asterisks are improvement points and are the same as RAW.
Martial Classes (Fighter, Demihumans, using Fighter saves)
Level THAC0 Saving Throws
1 19 12 13 14 15 16
2 19 12 13 14 15 16
3 18 11 12 13 14 15
4* 17 10 11 12 13 14
5 16 10 11 12 12 14
6 15 9 10 11 11 13
7* 14 8 9 10 10 12
8 14 8 9 10 10 12
9 13 7 8 9 9 11
10* 12 6 7 8 8 10
11 12 6 7 8 7 10
12 11 5 6 7 6 9
13* 10 4 5 6 5 8
14 10 4 5 6 5 8
Semi-Martial Classes (Cleric, Thief, using cleric saves)
Level THAC0 Saving Throws
1 19 11 12 14 16 15
2 19 11 12 14 16 14
3 18 10 11 13 15 13
4 18 10 11 13 15 13
5* 17 9 10 12 14 12
6 16 8 9 11 13 11
7 15 7 8 10 12 10
8 15 7 8 10 12 10
9* 14 6 7 9 11 9
10 14 5 7 9 10 9
11 13 4 6 8 9 8
12 13 4 6 8 9 8
13* 12 3 5 7 8 7
14 12 3 5 7 8 7
Non-Martial Classes (Magic User)
Level THAC0 Saving Throws
1 19 13 14 13 16 15
2 19 13 14 13 16 15
3 19 13 14 13 16 14
4 18 12 13 12 15 13
5 18 12 13 12 15 13
6* 17 11 12 11 14 12
7 16 10 11 10 13 10
8 16 10 11 10 13 10
9 15 9 10 9 12 9
10 15 9 10 9 12 9
11* 14 8 9 8 11 8
12 14 8 9 8 11 8
13 14 8 9 8 11 8
14 14 8 9 8 11 8
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